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  1. I will do i might even post it in the photo of the month competition.
  2. Yes you are correct DBP Mk7 , like i said i am torn because i would be happy with any of them. I really think they suit the car so much.
  3. Im torn between the matt anthracite and the gloss anthracite
  4. Im with Rebecca on this one , I have just paid a deposit on a set of . Revo RVO19s
  5. lol guys , nothing wrong with the numbers
  6. All very nice knobs lol ,but i do like mine
  7. Your welcome rebecca , thought it might help
  8. Nice reminder lou must check mine . already replaced mine once (65 plate)
  9. Fitted these to mine last week and i like then (posted a couple of pictures)
  10. yes they are Penguin, i did have the triplercomposites on at first but i think the maxton look better
  11. Fitted my bitts to diffuser and put on my new plates , i think it finnishs the rear end nicely
  12. Tinted rear reflectors to try and match the rear lights . not a perfect match but looks better than it was .
  13. i have had water in the rear door seals , was coming in through the door speakers .
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