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  1. Fitted these to mine last week and i like then (posted a couple of pictures)
  2. yes they are Penguin, i did have the triplercomposites on at first but i think the maxton look better
  3. Fitted my bitts to diffuser and put on my new plates , i think it finnishs the rear end nicely
  4. Tinted rear reflectors to try and match the rear lights . not a perfect match but looks better than it was .
  5. i have had water in the rear door seals , was coming in through the door speakers .
  6. i keep getting told anything that isn't standard needs to be declaired and is a mod
  7. The work ihave just had done was the r600 intake system,r600 intake pipe ,r600 turbo inlet pie , apr short shifer kit, new bake disc and pads ,braided lines ,ecs bleeder bock and Dogbone/subframe mount insert
  8. yes i think they have all asked that and i explained why it was cancelled
  9. i rang a few today lv,aviva,post office all crap waiting on chris knot and sky insurance.it was lv who quoted £1600
  10. i thought i read something about adrian flux not being very good when it comes to paying out, might be wrong but i got a quote from admiral online for about a grand. thanks though sequence i might give them a bell tomorrow.
  11. thanks gavras i will try them in the morning
  12. Just had my insurance cancelled after having some work done to my car and have now been quoted £1600 for the year . who are you guys insured with who have modded cars.
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