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  1. dannyv24

    My Bittersweet 7R

    looks really nice mate
  2. dannyv24

    Happy New Year..!!

    Happy New Year everyone , hope your all have a great 2019.
  3. dannyv24

    How old are we all?

  4. dannyv24


    19 inch Prets on my R and i love them .
  5. dannyv24

    R moments that made you smile or cry

    SMILE: when cleaning it is over and its spotless , and everyday i start it up. CRY: when cleaning it and hearing my rear door squeaking for the first time.
  6. dannyv24

    What did you do to your R today?

    Got to be careful with the wires attached to the mirrors but after that it wasn't to bad .
  7. dannyv24

    What did you do to your R today?

    cleaned car , fitted wing mirrors and removed clutch assist spring .
  8. dannyv24

    new member

    thanks Rebecca , the r is so much fun but it does require a lot of cleaning in dbp
  9. dannyv24

    new member

    thanks guys always liked dark colours
  10. dannyv24

    new member

    hello everyone after having my car for 3 months or so now i thought i should join the site . i have been looking at a few posts since i got my car and thought i should join i have always loved vw golfs and have had a few,my first car was a mk3 golf gti 8v great car but wanted a bit more power/noise so i got a mk3 vr6 then after about five years i got a mk6 gti and have now got myself a 2015 golf r manual ( not got many pictures yet ) will start taking a few more pics soon. loving the car though.