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  1. GolfRWag Wedge Range on the Gordon Rd, great twisty drive into the Tasmanian wilderness.
  2. As delivered, thinking about wheels and mirror caps
  3. While discussing the driver assist package, is there an easy way of disabling the overtaking on the left restriction. This is legal in Australia and the assist should not try to prevent it by slowing the car down. Also a problem when turning left into a slip lane with a slow car continuing straight.
  4. QuietQuackers, lane assist can be easily turned of in the settings, I did it the other day as its a pest when driving though road works with multiple line markings.
  5. Thanks MonsterWalker and gregozedobe for the replies, I'll do some experimenting in a quite street and not at the busy intersection
  6. Quick Question. Has anyone had the experience of enabling the stop/start when stationery at traffic lights, resulting in the engine stopping and not starting again until you shift to Park, foot on the Brakes and push the start button. i.e. it does not simply auto restart when you take your foot off the break. Happened to me today when stuck at some long cycle lights. I'll remember not to do it in future.
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