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  1. No - I was going to book it in after lockdown as I’ve not used it a lot and I hadn’t really pinpointed the issue, wether it was me, or possibly bends it was slowing for etc and I couldn’t recreate it easily. Weirdly it was worse In acc mode but then in travel assist mode it wouldn’t do it. 150 miles across country yesterday and it was brilliant , 150 back today and the bug came back and it was a nightmare. I had 110 limit signs on the dash, every time it saw a speed sign it broke down to the mph equivalent. As soon as I restarted it it was fine. Will be booking it In to
  2. On a security note, just decided to try and test the ‘go to sleep’ security on the car keys. Rest it on the door handle and lock and unlock using the handle is fine, try every minute or so and after a few minutes the key sleeps and it won’t work. Seems to work fine - I don’t think faraday pouches are required on the 8r as once the key is asleep there is no signal to bounce. Of course unless anybody has the kit no easy way to test this 😂 Anybody know for definite that when the key is asleep it can’t be repeated? That’s what the Vw info seems to give away but ther
  3. Given they are lower offset so will stick out further, and be fit those little arch protection things to models with 19’s - I’d be worried they’d catch the arch in some situations.
  4. 22mpg. if I include the delivery miles in the average it’s 25mpg bang on. But that’s cheating I suppose 😂
  5. Yep - I wrapped it with black tape just to have a look how it would go with the blue in the headlights as I wasn’t sure - but it looks really good. The only thing stopping me doing it myself properly is taking the blue bit off requires removal of the front badge and I don’t want to set errors off so I’m going to try and have someone wrap it in situ if possible.
  6. Lots of gloss black sets the white off nicely. Wouldn’t black the skirts though. Wheels next 🤔
  7. I’ve put them up in the loft now but basically if you imagine the hole the blind spot light goes Into, it has a tab left and right you release but it also has like teeth (5 I think) which just grip which aren’t on a tab. So you can’t squeeze them In - they leave a mark. You can just see it if you look in the gap between the light and the mirror cover. link is above from wrex. Edit: if you look at my first picture zoom in on the silver cap and you can see the 2 holes left behind. Not a massive issue I just thought they might be vizible in the eye line.
  8. Received the black mirror caps today, VW China stamped so not sure on them actually being vw - all the right numbers etc on them but didn’t look quite as well made as the originals stamped Vw Hungary. fitting was easy enough , old caps came off easily, blind spot lights are a kind of destructive fit, leaves a little mark when you remove them but wouldn’t be that visible if you returned to standard. getting them back on was trickier - now I’ve sussed it would only be a 10 minute job. Look good.
  9. On a similar topic and back to the quick questions.. a post on fb earlier about the golf having some kind of signal blocking aerials built in to prevent against keyless theft had me doing a bit of Googling. I think that’s nonsense , but there’s talk of the VW fobs shutting down after a couple of minutes of no motion. Anybody know if this is the case? My key flashes red whilst I move around with it but goes off soon as I put it down - is this the keyless theft solution so we don’t need faraday pouches?
  10. Tongue in cheek - i do leave it in quiet driving around the residential bits normally especially at night , these cars get enough unwanted attention as it is!! 😂
  11. Try pushing the buttons with the car off and you realise they’re not even buttons.. mind blown. It’s like on my iPhone, my brain can still not compute how it’s pushing a button but it’s not actually a button when you turn the phone off... 🤯 wizardry I actually have sound in pure I think now you mention it - basically I wanted the exhaust valves opening but no soundaktor. Comfort steering just lightens it off nicely then I can flick into sports for ‘race’ or D for just driving through town. Another little tip for the sound is if I leave late or early I push start with my
  12. no idea on drain hole, exhaust tips are better on 7 IMO, they were a full sleeve and nice whereas now it’s like a half lip almost and quite chunky. The inner is the actual tailpipe you can see the line between the 2. Also means you can’t change tips as easily. You are correct on brakes and bonnet, tyres are a lottery of a few types, I got potenzas, and you are under the 40k with a base spec, you can get about £1500 of options before you pony up for the tax.
  13. It bugs me too. I typically I use the one just before the R view, so I have to roll all the way back to the big Rev counter. Now I’ve got individual mode set up to put everything in loud mode apart from steering in comfort, I just soft press the r button twice to put it in individual and everything is correct then and my view is the right one. Hands up if you’d worked out hard press on the R put it in R mode and soft press cycles the driving modes 🤣
  14. Yeah I have that used it last time - the trim clips aren’t the same though. I’ve managed to get it up behind the airbag and out - I really wanted it up well into the headlining to avoid any noise but I’ve given up for now 😂
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