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  1. NIXR2

    Battery Charger

    I have had issues over the years regarding keeping battery levels maintained especially as I have a couple of old classic cars as well as my daily. I have used basic battery chargers before to great effect but the best and fairly inexpensive item I have ever bought is a basic solar charger which plugs onto the cigarette lighter in the car. Once the battery is charged fully I link up one and this usually keeps the battery level maintained with little hassle!!😀
  2. A read of the jokes thread will improve any day!! I'm new on here and had a quick read the other day!! I laughed for hours!!! I find keeping yourself occupied if you are having a bad day always helps. Always remember tomorrow is a new day!!
  3. I wanted an estate for practicality reasons (family etc.) but the right hatchback came up for sale and I couldn't resist!!😀
  4. I am thinking of getting my Tornado Red R Ceramic coated professionally. It seems to be quite expensive. Quotes are in and around £400. I've been reassured by others that it is worth the money and protects the car well. As above I think it is essential that your paint has hardened correctly after any resprays etc. before any products are used.
  5. NIXR2

    New R owner

    I wasn't keen on the black wheels originally but they have grown on me. Real pain trying to keep them clean!!
  6. NIXR2

    New R owner

    The car is a 2019 in Red with DSG. The original owner added a host of options. Leather interior, Panoramic Roof, 19" Black Pretorias, ACC, but best of all the Akrapovic exhaust option. Only mods I've made so far are a change to extended black paddle shifters, gel number plates and I managed to add a set of GTI mudflaps. Hoping to add spacers and a TCR spoiler in the future. Maybe a panel filter.
  7. NIXR2

    New R owner

    New Golf 7.5 R owner Based in N.Ireland. Glad to be onboard!!
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