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  1. Lovely car!! I would have loved to have found the right estate. I will make do with the hatch in the meantime!!
  2. Nice car!! Worth waiting to get the spec you want!!
  3. I reckon "Each to their own!!" I test drove a 170 diesel one of these years ago and it didn't do anything for me!! But As a sleeper I think this is amazing!! Imagine being annihilated off the lights by a Yeti!!🤣🤣🤣
  4. I considered the less powerful options Octavia VRS (previous car) Golf GTi etc. but realised that the extra power and traction would be worth the premium!! The reviews for the R sold it to me!! I did consider a Focus RS for a couple of seconds until I realised I was not 21 anymore!!🤣
  5. What an amazing build!! The fact that you are trying to keep it as close to stock looking regarding width etc. makes it even better!! Wolf in sheeps clothing!!
  6. I don't think I could live with the look of the BMW!! Someone already mentioned the grille!! Not a pretty car!!
  7. NIXR2

    Q5<Golf R

    I am lucky enough I haven't ended up in this situation, but I was close when I considered trading my VRS Octavia in against a few different SUVs. Luckily after driving a couple I realise that they weren't for me!! I like that sporting edge you get from a performance based car!! I am now in a different situation - trying to get used to the difference in fuel economy from my sporting diesel to my new Golf R. I love the car but it loves the petrol stations!!🤣
  8. NIXR2

    Fast Ford

  9. Dream car for me when I was racing about in my first car!! A 950cc Fiesta 🤣
  10. NIXR2

    Skoda VRS

    I have gone the opposite way!! I have changed my Octavia VRS hatch for the Golf 5 door. I miss the space but the new car makes up for it.
  11. NIXR2

    Fast Ford

    Nothing like a nice Capri!! The European Mustang!!
  12. I wanted a Lapiz Blue estate. The right car came along and I ended up with a red 5 door!! I still think Lapiz blue is my favourite colour!! Maybe next time!!
  13. NIXR2

    Battery Charger

    I have had issues over the years regarding keeping battery levels maintained especially as I have a couple of old classic cars as well as my daily. I have used basic battery chargers before to great effect but the best and fairly inexpensive item I have ever bought is a basic solar charger which plugs onto the cigarette lighter in the car. Once the battery is charged fully I link up one and this usually keeps the battery level maintained with little hassle!!😀
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