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  1. I'm sure SKODA have had heated windscreens in earlier models, they are a good idea, much better than a heated steering wheel IMHO. Mike
  2. The wait does depends to a large extent on the availability of semi conductor devices. The devices go into just about everything, my wife's car's build was put back 3 times and when it started it remained In-Build for 8+ weeks. I think parts for the rear camera was the main culprit. There are also reductions in the shifts at the factory. I believe some chips are being used to complete the higher margin cars, which makes economic sense but exasperates all lower customers. There is no way of knowing when the car will be ready to ship, only thing you can do is keep in touch with your retailer. M
  3. In my recent experience my wife's car was in build for 8+ weeks, due I believe to chip shortages involving in particular the rear camera. It is "normal" now for such delays, many other manufacturers are in the same boat. The car was ordered in early Feb and delivered 28th Sep delivery now seems to be being extended. One concillation, you should recieve the latest s/w hopefully elimanating some of the known bugs, fingers crossed. Mike
  4. Hi Artee, Just read your post. I see that Arnold Clark holds a VW franchise in Stirling, I trust you understand enough about them to give them a wide berth. On the other hand I have dealt quite a bit with Cameron's of Perth who I can say quite truthfully were good, I never had any issues with them. Before I moved up to the NW Highlands I lived in FK for 17 years and only first and last visit to AC convinced me of what other owners told me. Mike
  5. I can see an application in your wife's case, but in general I would have welcomed a spec choice. IMHO no need for it even in the 'frozen' North. Mike
  6. It may prove to be the case, but, we waited 33 weeks; the car was In Build for 8 weeks most certainly due to the ongoing chip shortage. I think a build week notification is not a guide to expected delivery. In our case the hold up pointed to the rear camera components, otherwise it might have been quicker. I sincerely hope VW is not approaching a 52 week delay. Good Luck. Mike
  7. Had the car less than a week and the accidental turning on of the heated 'wheel is becoming an irritant. Who needs one anyway, ity's a fad to go wrong in my view. Mike
  8. If I read the article correctly, it makes more sense to continue making ICE cars as their device requiremnts are around 10% of EVs and there is no real end in sight for the shortage. It will probably change next week when another analyst gets a chance to air his tuppence worth. Mike
  9. If it helps, my wife took delivery of her 'R' on Thu, in the boot was a litre of VW branded 0 W 30, 504 507. The H'book says this is the correct oil, the sticker under the bonnet says the same. So that's what we will be sticking with. Any subsequent oil related issues cannot then be held against us. Mike
  10. Sorry for the finger trouble in previous. As I was about to say the delay was put down to the rear view camera, which I've got to say is superb. A '45' was delivered today as well, looked quite sharp but the real star was the 'R'. Hope everyone's moves along a bit quicker. Mike
  11. It transpires the delay in delivery in this particular was mostly down to the rear vi
  12. Took delivery to-day, very pleased, dealer was delighted too. Tyres, Bridgestone Potenzas. Smells nice, drives nice, altogether a nice car. Happy wife = happy life. Mike
  13. Thank you evereyone for your encouraging comments. Mike
  14. Just got a call, car arr to-day in Inverness, collecting car on Mon/Tue. Mike
  15. My wife was in the same position as you, ordered 12 Feb and NO info from either stealer or main VW throughout the extended wait. After looking around other suitable vehicles all were in the same sorry state; no indication of BW or delivery. She stuck with it and now car is on its way from Tyneside. I know the disappointment you are feeling and we came close to cancelling, the only thing that prevented us is every other car maker is in the same damned position . I doubt if you gain anything by jumping ship. ( I personally wanted her to have a RS3). Mike
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