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  1. They are two different plans. You can purchase the VW service plan which is a set price of £467 in which you can service your car at any VW dealer. This will be through VWFS. Most dealers will have there own service plans which are specific to that dealership and can cost whatever they wish to charge. They will tend to sell you this for obvious reasons.
  2. The VW service plan at £287 for the first two services at any VW dealer seems a no brainer to me if you didn't get a service plan at purchase http://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/servicing/service-plan-cars-under-1-year-old
  3. http://en.volkswagen.com/en/innovation-and-technology/discovercare.html
  4. If you've got a confirmed build week (stage 3 on the tracker) it's too late to change spec. If you do change spec before stage 3 it could delay your build week (check with dealer)
  5. Just noticed sites like Carwow and Orangewheels are now listing the Tech Pack as an option. The Tech Pack is Discover Pro Nav and Dynaudio for the price of the Pro Nav alone. VW have done this in the past, maybe a BW45 change? It's not appearing on the VW configurator yet (no surprise there) but it may be worth inquiring about if you're about to place an order or have an order in the system for with these two options separately.
  6. Coding exactly the same. Just change the default value from "manual" to "Europe"
  7. The "Automatic Summertime" setting needs to be activated via VCDS. For some reason it's not displayed as default.
  8. I have an old iPod Nano permanently left plugged into the USB without issue. The head unit recognises and lists all my playlists, albums, etc. and the artwork is also displayed. I have a 7R with Discover Pro Nav, but I doubt that makes a difference
  9. Changes can occur at bw22 and bw45. They can range from minor spec changes, additional options available to order, or (if you're lucky) free options applied to standard spec
  10. The only must have option for me would be DSG. Anything else is a 'nice to have' option and that's from someone who has over £8K of options on my car. Keyless for me is just a novelty. The standard Nav on the facelift if more than adequate, I don't see the benefit of spending extra on the Discover Pro. On the pre-facelift cars this was a harder choice due to the size and poor screen resolution of the standard media in the earlier cars. Not now. The rear view camera is good, but the golf's a small car and not really a necessity. It was £165 when I ordered (one of the better price options), I wouldn't spec it again at the current price. The Golf has 65% tints at the back as a standard. Do you need to go darker? DCC is very subjective. It depends on what your current rides like and what you're familiar with. I've come from an Civic Type R EP3 with hard suspension. I have the 19" Pretoria alloys and still find the ride harsh over pot ridden surfaces with DCC in comfort. I also find the Comfort mode a bit "wallowy" over smoother surfaces. I actually prefer the sport setting in DCC. If you don't tend to have passengers most of the time I wouldn't bother with DCC. In any case if you go with the standard 18" Cadiz alloys I don't think you'll need DCC. I have the standard sound system. It's decent, however if Dynaudio was available when I ordered I'd have gone for this over any of the other options you've listed.
  11. The best place to get accurate information on options is the price list not the configurator. The R performance pack is both listed for the hatch and estate for £2300. As you say, the estate doesn't get the spoiler although the price is the same. It's noted on the price list that the performance pack won't be available to order until late August. Only the hatch has the option of the performance exhaust at £2975. This can be ordered now.
  12. I have the oryx white Chipex kit. It's a two stage process. Along with the applicators and other bits you get two containers, one with Pure White, to build up the layers and another with the finishing pearl and clear coat mix. I can't fault the colour match.
  13. I'd show the dealer the latest price list from here http://www.volkswagen.co.uk/assets/common/pdf/pricelists/golf-vii-pa-pricelist.pdf It states that Active Info Display is standard on the R but Removal of Active Info Display is a no cost option
  14. I can't see any 90% tints option for the estate on the configurator or the price list
  15. The official price list is the place to look for options http://www.volkswagen.co.uk/assets/common/pdf/pricelists/golf-vii-pa-pricelist.pdf The configurator is unreliable. It doesn't look like there is a tech pack though.
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