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  1. With my first service on the R, I haggled with my local and got it done for £130. The car should have been set for long life servicing (hence 1 service in 2 years, or at roughtly 14-15k), but for whatever reason it wasn't. I got that changed at the service too. Probably should have just got the change done, but there's no harm in changing the oil, I guess...
  2. Yeah, it's a DIY job - there's a full write up on the forum if you'd like to do it! If you've ever tried a quick gear shift and found the clutch pedal really slow to return, sticking halfway or generally feeling slow and spongy, stopping you from actually using it - this mod will remove all of that. Well worth doing, imo.
  3. Owned a manual Golf R, loved it. Now own a DSG equipped Audi -it's excellent and very capable.. but it's a bit dull. If you enjoy driving, buy the manual - if you commute in stop start traffic, buy the DSG.
  4. I think our definition of 'nice' Golfs might be a little ways apart.. 😋
  5. 21k and nope. But you should remove the clutch delay valve if you're into doing "sporting" gear shifts..
  6. VW Dealerships, learning from the Clarkson school of mechanics.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xsVX6029rU
  7. Tried that! I've turned the setting for mirror dip on and off a couple of times, moved the toggle about and gone for a drive.. nothing. Guessing it might need a visit to VW soon, then..
  8. First time for this one! My left hand wing mirror is no longer dipping when the car is put into reverse. The dial is in the L position, the Setup box for mirror dip is definitely selected too. All electrics are working fine, mirrors move and close when parking. Flummoxed! Anyone got any advice?
  9. The wheels look like something from those Hot Wheels boxed cars you could buy for a quid. Safe to say, they look sh*t.
  10. Just stipulating what VWFS told me. In any case, it's not like I'd be driving the car with a budget brand of tyre on it, so the point is slightly moot. I guess, technically, you could be charged with fitting oem spec tyres if they chose to - but as you said, they'd have to check that first..
  11. Christ, where's the mute button when you need it, eh?
  12. Bit too busy for me. Get yourself along to Skye - the roads up and around Portree? Yeah, they're terrific.
  13. Turns out VWFS are bothered, though. I asked about this - and I was told VWFS expect the car to be returned with "premium" tyres - such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear or Pirelli. I decided to put on two part worns to take me through till my return - would be stupid to put new ones on!
  14. What were you doing in the outside lane, anyway?
  15. If you had 2 i'd take it off you! Looking for 2 part worns to last me a couple of months until return. Alas.. OP - the top option, 92 Y XL rated tyres. They're the same ones you have fitted now.
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