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  1. Scorpion exhaust is very low key but sporty tone - I did a review of it compared to the BCS PowerValve exhaust I had. Also look into Remus w/ silencer and SuperSprint as both of those are EEC approved.
  2. So after owning the BCS PowerValve Exhaust for the past year, I decided it was time for a change and to try something different. I know many of you asked why the change, and my answer is for a variety of reasons. The primary factor is that I'm simply not one to keep my car the same and I enjoy just trying different hardware. Some would say I have a problem -- I wouldn't disagree A couple other reasons involved comments from the wife about the car sounding too loud sometimes, this was more true in the colder winter months than the summer. The boost actuated valve was great as I could keep the car quiet most of the time when she was in it, but it wasn't always possible going up hills, etc.. Thirdly, while I loved the sound of the BCS with the valve open under WOT, the un-muffled sound reminded me of my old B18 civic and I'm not sure that was the sound I was really after.. there were times where I loved the sound of the DSG fart and it's pops and bangs - but other times the 'maturing' side of me thought it somewhat childish. I think this winter my wife actually called my call a ricer, to which I couldn't really deny. It's not that the BCS wasn't a great hybrid of an exhaust, it's just that I decided to get a different note out of the car than what the BCS had to offer. I had thought about going back to the stock exhaust with a resonator delete, especially since BCS had a full 3" resonator delete available that they could make 3" coming off my Unitronic down-pipe but then I thought the stock exhaust would still simply be too quiet for me... albeit I'm sure my wife would have loved it. So I went back to the drawing board to figure out which exhaust could possibly be that perfect match for my car - something louder than stock, but not the 'ricer' sound that my wife called it under load. Now, previously, I was really into the Cobra exhaust and was set on ordering one that was resonated and valved - however, I had a really hard time sourcing one that would ship to the US. So my alternative option was the Scorpion exhaust - from the videos I saw online it seemed to be even quieter than the Cobra exhaust, but since it's really impossible to really know how an exhaust sounds until you hear it in person - I went ahead and ordered the resonated/valved Scorpion exhaust from AwesomeGTI.com as they ship to the USA and take PayPal. The Scorpion exhaust is also one of the few who actually have dyno proven results of making power even with the stock down pipe! The exhaust arrived in less than a week, which surprised me as I remember the BCS taking 4-5 weeks from the day I placed the order. UPS hit me with a large package surcharge fee which I wasn't expecting, but it ended up being around $40 extra dollars and COD via check. I also decided to purchase the AWE remote so I can control the exhaust valves from inside the car with the push of a button. This turned out to be one of the greatest investments I ever made! So install day was here! I went back to James over at CSP in Norwood, NJ - this guy seriously makes this stuff look easy. I felt bad for him because he was sick that day, but he still did an amazing job with the install. I picked up an APR Universal DP kit, so I would have a full 3" going into the Scorpion. The BCS was left with the stock Unitronic DP to stock CB piping, so this time I was going to have a full 3" - James did some quick welding and mated up the DP to the exhaust perfectly. IMG_0973 by soulrider4ever, on Flickr IMG_0974 by soulrider4ever, on Flickr IMG_0975 by soulrider4ever, on Flickr We decided to turn the tips sideways to match the direction of the bumper--- I like it! IMG_0976 by soulrider4ever, on Flickr The Scorpion exhaust doesn't ship with it's own valves as it uses the OE valves from the stock exhaust. I removed those very easily as it's just 3 8mm nuts on each side, then they just drop into the Scorpion exhaust. Installing the AWE remote was insanely easy. Plug the driver side wiring into the control box, plug 1 wire into the driver side valve, then run the cable to the other valve. They also provide a plug for the passenger side harness so it's capped off. Zip tie the cabling and mount the control box and you are done! Pushing the On button will open the valves and off will close the valves, it's that easy. The valves are closed by default and we could tell that the Scorpion exhaust was quieter than the BCS during free revving. So far so good, but was it going to be too quiet? Valves closed video IMG_0978 by soulrider4ever, on Flickr After the install we went out for a quick spin and heard a nasty rattling sound - turns out the resonator was slightly rubbing against the driveshaft. Back onto the lift we went and James made the necessary adjustments to get the resonator to properly clear it and prevent further rubbing. Back on the road again! The Sound So there is a sound that a Porsche makes that I've always just loved - it's this muffled exhaust note that you can tell is just moving a ton of air - it's as though the engineers were just holding back to make the exhaust noise compliant to federal laws, but they get as close to that limit as possible. It's not a loud obnoxious sound, but a distinguished yet muffled sound. This is where I find the Scorpion sound signature lands with the valves open but breaks through those legal limits, all the while maintaining a 'muffled sound'. It's definitely louder than stock, but the sound signature is all together different and unique, it has this howl to it that's not obnoxious or ricer at all and could probably pass as a stock exhaust on a performance car even if you were going WOT passed a police station. Sound clip - valves Open My Movie by soulrider4ever, on Flickr So what about Drone? The real test with our cars is highway drone. If you go to about 70mph and just let off the throttle and let the car decelerate in 6th gear down to 60mph is for me the ultimate 'test' of drone. With the valves open - to me, it's unbearable. If I didn't have the valved version of this exhaust - I would have driven right back to James and have him put the BCS exhaust back on immediately. The BCS handled drone beautifully off boost and going to the Scorpion I realized I was spoiled from how well the BCS dealt with it on these cars. But then enters the AWE remote. I push the off button and immediately the car just settles down and the drone is almost entirely removed - I mean within 1-2db of what the BCS was capable of - which is no small feat! SPL readings I used an app on my iPhone to measure the differences in db between the BCS and Scorpion - see the notes below. BCS idle - 57db 6th gear at 60mph 0% throttle - 78db (this is even quieter in the warmer climates - fyi) 6th gear at 75mph 0% throttle - 69db WOT - force valve closed 82db normal open under boost - 92db Scorpion idle - 57db 6th gear at 60mph 0% throttle - 79db (valves closed) 83db with valves open (yikes!) 6th gear at 75mph 0% throttle - 71db (valves closed) 75db with valves open WOT - valves closed - 84db, open - 89db In conclusion - this exhaust may be way to quiet for a lot of people, but for me - it's just right and I love having 3" all the way through with proven power gains. The added flexibility of having a 'wife mode' with the AWE remote really just sold me on this exhaust. I'm really in love with that Jekyl & Hyde feature - and even in valve open mode at WOT it's not obnoxiously loud by any means. The DSG fart is almost eliminated with the Scorpion exhaust, which is bitter sweet for me.. however, I'm not unhappy with how this exhaust sounds under WOT with the valves open. The wife simply stated when I opened the valves and went WOT - it just sounds like it's moving a lot of air.. well she's not wrong Here are a couple YouTube videos of the exhaust (not from me FYI) - , , on an S3 - And the Dyno (stock tune) Dynograph - Volkswagen Golf 7R (1) by soulrider4ever, on Flickr
  3. So safe to say that the HPFP is recommend for the MPI cars but not for DI - would make sense.
  4. It's odd because I posted the exact same question here - http://www.golfmk7.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27486 and they state the opposite... so odd - is there a major difference in fueling between US market MK7 and UK?
  5. So I bought the Autotech HPFP for the MK7 .:R and I'm going back and forth on whether or not I need it, or if their would be any benefit to install it. Seen here - https://autotech.com/index.php/new-p...-tsi-tfsi.html I'm contemplating just returning it.. I called Autotech and they said it's just a better design than OEM and will be safer for the car if you continue to mod, etc. Once my warranty expires I was thinking of going TTE525.. Thoughts? Worth the upgrade?
  6. CTS just launched it's BOSS turbo line.. 600hp anyone http://www.ctsturbo.com/cart/products/CTS_Turbo_MQB_BOSS_MK7_GTI_Golf_R_8V_S3_8V_A3-4956-704.html
  7. Any feedback as far as dyno whp, or 1/4 mile times? How's the turbo lag? I'm looking into stage 3 kits
  8. I would check out Cobra Sport exhausts if you want the popping
  9. I feel dumb I had to google who that was
  10. I just read about the RS3.. I've got to hear the 5 cylinder in this thing!! Can't wait until she ships to US!
  11. How are you enjoying the APR Stage3+ ??
  12. You can't go wrong with those guys.. One of the best Tuners for the MK7..
  13. Yeah.. every now and then I'll get a pop.. but that valve closes and it's back to quiet.. which to be fair I'd prefer that over the occasional pop - keeps the car more discrete around town
  14. I use Flickr and just copy BB code, works well.. nice .:R!
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