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  1. I do this every evening on my polo GTI+ just as a precaution! Only takes a few seconds.
  2. I would say the RSR's probably are something to do with the increased weight as well. Guarantee they weigh more than the PZero's do.
  3. I used to own a 7R but now have a 2018 Polo GTI which has the same (albiet detuned) 2.0 engine as the R. The Polo is a lot louder than my Golf ever was and pops and bangs in sport mode much more that my Golf did. So maybe VW are going towards the more fruity sounding exhausts these days! Could also just be that the Polo has less sound deadening and I presume a shorter exhaust so probably smaller silencers on it than a golf would have.
  4. B16's ride better than the stock suspension on the road I found in their softest setting.
  5. I know you said your alignment was fine but worth getting it checked again for peace of mind. Its easy for it to get knocked out and can make a huge difference.
  6. No doubt its great to drive but the looks are one only a mother could love! Shame they can't make it a little bit more understated like the days of the DC2/5. Great excuse to share a picture of my old DC5 😝
  7. I think you're right, ESC and the XDS and two separate things entirely. Be good to know if change ESC does alter the XDS, I have a feeling it doesn't.
  8. No DSG slippage here, probably had mine on about 10k miles now.
  9. I'm running B16's, rate them highly. Yet to run them on track but on the road they're great, I think with the dampening tweaked correctly they'll perform well on track.
  10. I've got a private pension that I pay into each month, have been since I started working properly out of uni and also a company one where they match payments. I was quite lucky and bought a house last year (I was 25) and have never rented. Only annoying thing is my Student loan which takes a fair chunk of my salary each month nowadays! But without it I doubt I would be in the job I am earning what I am so swings and roundabouts.
  11. If i'm honest the Halfords concentrated screenwash is pretty good. Also just started using the New AutoGlym Tyre Gel, only been out a few weeks or so and seems to work pretty well!
  12. JB4 Bilstein B16 coilovers Tarox Corsa Pads Tarox Braided brake lines 16mm front and 20mm rear forge spacers 034 mount insert No real plans to change the power of the car at the moment has more than enough with the JB4. I've gone a slightly different direction to most and focusing on the handling of the car rather than power. Up next I think i'm going to install the powerflex camber adjustable front arm bush and also need new tyres! After that i'm not entirely sure yet. May go down the up-rated anti-roll bar route and also might try out a res delete as its pretty cheap.
  13. I've had problems with DS2500 in the past on my old Honda Integra Type R (cracking and crumbling on track), so moved to Hawk HP+ which were much better, however they were noisy as hell on the road, low speed screeching was almost unbearable! Luckily it wasn't a daily driver.
  14. I'm tempted to give these a go to gain a little bit more camber, wont be anywhere as near as much as camber plates but every little helps! https://www.powerflex.co.uk/road-series/product-details/Front+Wishbone+Front+Bush+Camber+Adjustable/11414.html
  15. As a starting point I'd get adjustable front camber plates to get more camber up front and also better tyres. You'll be surprised the difference that makes. After that I'd consider a better front diff.
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