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  1. What this thread confirms for me is how right VW got the R on Pretoria’s. To my taste no aftermarket wheel comes close to a nice R lowered onPrerorias
  2. Guys I have my R Estate powered on VWRs and Prets with 8mm spacers. Really like the VWR’s but Emmanuel Design seem to be a wee bit lower than VWR. Anyone got any experience of both springs and some pics of both preferably on estate
  3. From experience having leased three car storage on PCH, it only really makes sense if you are happy with spec provided and don't add any extras, you effectively are paying the extras off over the term, which I believe is madness on a PCH. To qualify that, I leased my R Estate as spec provided so heated seats and nav, for £215 a month, I really wanted prets but they wanted an exta £85 a month for prets which would mean I don't pay £2800 over the term just to have prets, picked up a mint barely used set for £1500 and went with spec provided Cadiz.
  4. I was quoted to buy my R Estate at £22k last year, cheapest on open market was £24k at the the time. my Mrs had a Skoda Superb Sportline which they offered us to buy at end of lease for £16k, a quick look way n open market shows cheapest car to be £18.5k. Seems to be a great option and well below market value, seems they do take into account auction costs, getting them there and prepping ready for sale.
  5. I got one of the crazy Estate lease deals on a 66 plate, original deal was £215 per month for 10k miles. Thanks extended for another 12 months at £170 per month for 12k miles. my question is does anybody know if you can extend for 48 months or is 36 months the max term.
  6. It’s stock. I am def doing dsg and filter thanks for recommendation
  7. My car is on 20,500 and I’m looking to do some regular and preventative maintenance. I plan on using a vw/Audi specialist local to me but I’d like to source the best quality items myself and get them to carry work out. can you guys offer recommendations on the best parts in each category: Oil engine and dsg spark plugs filters oil/fuel/pollen any suggestions on other preventative maintenance I should have carried out as I like to go over and above recommended routines
  8. I put 8mm spacers on rear 5mm on front, got terrible wobble with front so removed and swapped into rear so currently standardin front with 5mm rear which looks perfect I reckon
  9. Nik

    Hi Gavin, thanks again for responding to my post. Did you complain to Forge about the vibration for just suck it up and swallow the cost etc? Don’t worry about sending me some pics of the car, i’ve seen them on your profile! 

    Csr looks great - what drop did you go for - 20mm??

    thanks again for your help - this modding lark is a mindfield! 




    1. UES


      Hi Nik


      No I didn’t complain but H&R are much higher quality. I was dead against lowering or spacers but it’s how it should have come from factory in my opinion. VWR are 25mm I think but perfect drop and ride is honestly brilliant. I genuinely think it’s better than standard 

    2. Nik


      That’s great to know, thank you again for your reply to my post. 


  10. Having just lowered my estate and fitted spacers it always amazes me the spacing people go for on here. Mine is 5mm front and 8mm rear and that’s more than enough. I can’t get over people going 16mm sometimes 20mm at rear surely that protrudes and has a negative effect on the car? For info I’d recommend H&R spacers, I had some forge ones but got vibration around 50-70moh swapped for H&R smooth as you like
  11. Spooky mate I live 0.5 miles from CMB autos. Also north east motors is my mrs best mates brothers place used them a few times and Marc is excellent but I just assumed dsg Haldex would be main dealer territory
  12. Any good Golf R specialist in or around Aberdeen? I’ve used Hawco Peterhead for mrs old Golf bluemotion in past but just wondered if any recommendations out there in the city
  13. Yeah specifically made for the estate. Really pleased with them I would actually say the ride is better than standard I found the oe springs very crashy
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