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  1. Hi, Anyone struggling to fit APR parts. Head over to manuals.goapr.com regards Kev
  2. All this is not happening if you have a Autowatch ghost fitted best £400 you'll ever spend.
  3. So to have your MK 7 identical to the 7.5 would you have to buy the 7.5 light fittings ie from VW, does anyone know if the MK 7.5 off the shelf would fit and plug and play....? Kev
  4. Just a quick question these are the same sweeping action as the MK 7.5 as I've seen the wiring connectors advertised that just make them flash at different times. These are the ones are there the same.....? Cheers Kev
  5. Hi, I want front and rear and wing mirror sweeping did you find out where to get these items please. Kev
  6. You will kick yourself if you buy a manual DSG is the way
  7. Hi, Read this and this will confirm my above comments....! Guys, This Has just been posted on Audi desktop today. Protect your business by identifying chip-tuned vehicles 05 March 2015 Updated - Make sure your service advisors and technicians check for modifications AU0173-12 Feedback from DISS reports indicates that our networks are seeing more vehicles that have had non-approved power-enhancing modifications made to them by customers (often called ‘chip tuningâ€). Make sure your service advisors and technicians check for modifications before starting any work or repairs. Warranty policy The warranty policy guide states that vehicle modifications are not condoned and may result in the vehicleâ€s warranty on parts related to these enhancements being compromised or revoked. Section one of the warranty policy guide states: Our products are sometimes subjected to modifications by their owners. When assessing a warranty claim, it must be carefully ascertained whether, from the technical viewpoint, a connection exists between the modification and the damage. For example, a claim regarding the paintwork cannot be rejected because the vehicle concerned has been fitted with a more powerful engine. Warranty code indicates if vehicle has been modified The Group Factories have programmed their service systems to indicate if a vehicle has been tuned or modified. Warranty code ‘TD1†will appear against the vehicle if it has been modified. This code is identified whenever a request is sent to the software version management database from the vehicle, encrypted data from the engine ECU is sent in with the request which can be used to determine if the engine control unit mapping has been modified – TD1 is displayed in the Elsa system within 10 seconds. When you should check for this code When booking a service: We recommend service advisors check for code TD1 in ElsaPro when booking vehicles in for services (part of the Service Core Process) so your business does not submit warranty or goodwill claims that are later rejected. Before starting any repairs: We recommend that, when the vehicle is connected to diagnostic equipment, the technician also checks ElsaPro for this code before carrying out any repairs, in case the code hasnâ€t been identified by the service reception. To do this, you can: Complete initial GFF with online connection established. Check the software level online via the specified/actual comparison function to identify possible engine chip tuning (TD1) and make sure the online auto upload correctly concludes The service systems are updated within 10 seconds of the VAS machine communicating with the Factory servers, so there will be a short delay in the checking process. What to do if the code appears against a vehicle If code TD1 appears in the vehicleâ€s records, you must ask the customer what modifications have been made to the vehicle. You should also warn the customer that any repairs required might not be covered by the manufacturer if the diagnosed defect is related to the modification. How to use service systems to check for code TD1 Guided fault finding (GFF) – checking vehicle software: Specified/actual comparison Problem-related update Code for vehicle modification You only need to check current software for the TD1 code to log, if applicable. How to identify code TD1 in ElsaPro: How to identify the TD1 code in SAGA/2: How to identify the TD1 code in DISS: Q&A Q. The TD1 code is displayed, but the customer says that no performance enhancements have been made to his/her vehicle. How can you check what has been modified? A. Only the manufacturer can check if the car has been modified. To do this, the control unit would have to be removed and sent to the manufacturer for testing. This process could take several weeks, and the customer would be charged for the cost of the testing. This cost could not be claimed under warranty or as goodwill. Q. Can the TD1 code be reversed? A. Yes. If an approved software update is detected and applied during the diagnosis process, the TD1 code will be removed from our service systems. Q. If the vehicle has not been online to the SVM database before but an online log has been sent, will this be enough to initiate the TD1 code? A. No. The encrypted data can only be sent to SVM using the process stated above. The online diagnostic protocol is not part of this identification process. Q. Is the TD1 code sent to the 5051 tester? A. No. Currently, there is no message on the diagnostic machine to indicate that the ECU mapping has been altered. It must be checked as stated in the bulletin (Elsa/SAGA2). Q. Will the data be sent as part of an online key adaption, or other immobiliser work, related to the engine ECU? A. No. The FAZIT database for online immobiliser adaption has no affect on this process. Only the software version management database can decrypt the data sent by the ECU. I don't want to spark off a debate about maps vs tuning boxes, as like many others I am sick to death of the subject, I just thought this bulletin contained a lot of good information and should be shared. Interesting to know that TD1 can be reversed. But just a heads up, as of today they are really cracking down on this. I presume VW dealers also recieved the same bulletin
  8. Hi all, VW main dealers will defo check if it has been remapped FACT, and there is no getting around this FACT. I know this as a friend of mine works for main dealer VW and he said it’s the first thing we check when there is a warranty claim. I waited until my R was warranty had ran out then I took mine to APR stage 2 400+bhp.
  9. So to clarify 12mm on the rear nothing on the front is looking the favourite has anyone got any pictures of the 12’s on the rear. Kev
  10. Sorry not going to happen my R went into hibernation in November, Only took it out for the picture see what the weather brings when he will wake up. Hopefully sooner rather that later.😀😀😀😀
  11. Thank for that Lou your correct no need TBH, lets hope he never asked for help eh. So then if I wanted sweeping it’s new light units as I’m lost with pace car coding etc. Could you explain it better please. kev
  12. Hi all, I’ve looked through loads of threads and still no joy. Is it possible to have the rear sweeping indicators on mk7 2014...? Can you buy a wiring loom or do you have to buy the full light units as this could end up being very expensive. Can anyone give us and advise. Kev
  13. I'm in Hull and wouldn't mind tagging along. Not on FB
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