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  1. Hi, Mate I wasn't aware of APR pulling the stage 2 remap....? just looked on line and it's still showing available. Why have they pulled it do you know
  2. Oryx White, 3 Door R DSG Prets, DCC, Nav Pro, APR Stage 2 High Torque Map / APR DSG Map APR carbon intake APR inter-cooler GFB diverter valve, APR cast bend, res delete, VWR lowered springs, full stainless milltek exhaust system with sports cat, carbon customized wheel, Mk 7.5 rear lights.
  3. Nice, same as mine, you'll be not dissappointed
  4. holdk2

    VagCom for £55?

    If it bricks your ECU then I'd say it 100% matters.
  5. holdk2

    Vcds - where buy?

    Hi guys I have a 2014 Mk 7 R and a 2008 Mk5 GT TDi "what i use for a work car" what the best fault diagnostic system to buy that will cover both vehicles pls. On my Mk 5 i have a wheel speed sensor playing up and i want to find out which wheel it is, and i want to clear a glow plug engine management light any advice would be great.
  6. Hi, Anyone struggling to fit APR parts. Head over to manuals.goapr.com regards Kev
  7. All this is not happening if you have a Autowatch ghost fitted best £400 you'll ever spend.
  8. So to have your MK 7 identical to the 7.5 would you have to buy the 7.5 light fittings ie from VW, does anyone know if the MK 7.5 off the shelf would fit and plug and play....? Kev
  9. Just a quick question these are the same sweeping action as the MK 7.5 as I've seen the wiring connectors advertised that just make them flash at different times. These are the ones are there the same.....? Cheers Kev
  10. Hi, I want front and rear and wing mirror sweeping did you find out where to get these items please. Kev
  11. You will kick yourself if you buy a manual DSG is the way
  12. Hi, Read this and this will confirm my above comments....! Guys, This Has just been posted on Audi desktop today. Protect your business by identifying chip-tuned vehicles 05 March 2015 Updated - Make sure your service advisors and technicians check for modifications AU0173-12 Feedback from DISS reports indicates that our networks are seeing more vehicles that have had non-approved power-enhancing modifications made to them by customers (often called ‘chip tuningâ€). Make sure your service advisors and technicians check for modifications b
  13. Hi all, VW main dealers will defo check if it has been remapped FACT, and there is no getting around this FACT. I know this as a friend of mine works for main dealer VW and he said it’s the first thing we check when there is a warranty claim. I waited until my R was warranty had ran out then I took mine to APR stage 2 400+bhp.
  14. So to clarify 12mm on the rear nothing on the front is looking the favourite has anyone got any pictures of the 12’s on the rear. Kev
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