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  1. Don’t know your mileage but as a 2014 perhaps time for a carbon cleaning?
  2. I wouldn’t say anything as then VW can blame damage versus warranty work. Just a guess, run your hand along the back of the lower front black grill work and feel for cracks.
  3. If you are sacrilegious like me and run All Seasons year round, the Continental DWS06’s are great in snow and rain (but you do sacrifice the handling inherent in a Summer tyre).
  4. Clean the ends of your lightning cable and/or try a different cable. Make sure the lightning port on your phone is clean. Use a toothpick with rubbing alcohol and gently clean the port and try some canned air.
  5. I have had this experience on a previous car. The problem typically is that a tune will bring out a fault that under stock just wasn’t significant enough to result in a CEL. You will need to address your cylinder misfires or else your just going to keep going into limp mode. Sometimes it won’t happen unless you are giving it the beans but when you do it sucks. If you are handy, here is a great video (and buy an OBD Eleven if you haven’t already): https://youtu.be/2ptRqXlPMhI
  6. The residue from posts 2 and 5 eliminates the need for any discussion. The coolant drips down from the thermostat/water pump housing down on to the oil pan indicating a need to replace them. “My thermostat housing is leaking and this is a well documented issue” should be enough. Any garage that hesitates is a sign to go elsewhere. I put my car on a lift before my powertrain warranty expired for a thorough inspection and was able to get this photo as well right above the oil pan but that isn’t necessary:
  7. I assume there is still plenty of treadwear on your tyres? If yes, the easiest test is launch control. If the wheels spin quite a bit, then yes, you probably have an issue. If you are lucky, it will be the haldex controller that needs replacement. Worst case scenario is the haldex itself. This has happened to people when the pump became clogged and starved the haldex unit itself. The cynic in me feels the seller knew this. Hopefully someone can recommend a good local garage for you as haldex issues are sometimes not that easy to diagnose starting with the fact that sometimes no CEL appears. Did the traction control light come on when slipping?
  8. You need to take it somewhere else. The fact they told you there was no leak and it looks like that is a cause to run. You probably have what a lot of us did; a failure at the thermostat and water pump which will be replaced. Good Luck.
  9. I think unrelated. For the coolant, start by crawling underneath the car and looking for dry coolant on the bottom of the oil pan like this and report back. For the stuttering, rule out bad gas by getting near empty and filling up with top tier fuel and add a bottle of VW OEM fuel additive. Also, if you don’t have an OBD Eleven, get one and scan for codes. Best investment you can make for this car.
  10. I should have thought of that before selling mine! 30+ years of driving and first car I ever bent a wheel. [emoji23]
  11. Yep. If this was posted on one of the US forums it would have gotten very ugly very quickly. One of the reasons I participate on this forum is for that very reason.
  12. Again, my post at #3. If the car has new tires in front which provide the most traction and you have tires with significantly more treadwear in the rear then the haldex can detect slippage and the traction control light will come on. Not sure in the UK but some places will shave down new tires to match treadwear. Hopefully this is all it is. If it is a haldex issue, one of the biggest hassles is that it doesn’t generate fault codes as specific as most other components in the car. When I asked my mechanic how can you tell if there is a fault with the haldex, he said “use launch control”. A fun way to diagnose!
  13. How much of a difference is there in the treadwear between the old and new tires? If they are significantly mismatched I could see how that could confuse the traction control.
  14. Actually for me it was getting my tires road force balanced with Hunter that made a big difference. It was the first time in a long time that I didn’t have to get at least one of the wheels re-balanced immediately afterwards.
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