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  1. Thanks. I bought an Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport:
  2. Unfortunately my beautiful R was totaled a few weeks ago and so it is time for me to move on. I have never spent as much time as I did on this car modifying and maintaining. I will miss her dearly. Of the three Golf forums I belonged to, this was my favorite. So much more civil and supportive. Thanks to everyone across the pond!
  3. Replace your cabin air filter if they didn’t.
  4. Did you go to the link on post #18? The pucks have come in white, pink and blue. Did you try and turn it around to see if it is a shipping pick that has a slotted groove on it so it can be removed? My R doesn’t have a white sleeve like that and the schematic I posted earlier doesn’t show one either. If others can confirm they have such a white sleeve on their suspension that would put this theory to rest.
  5. I don’t think so as their is nothing like that on this schematic: https://www.vwpartscenter.net/v-2017-volkswagen-golf-r--base--2-0l-l4-gas/front-suspension--struts-and-suspension-components No harm in following my earlier link to see if it will pull out and is a puck.
  6. Actually that looks like a transport puck. The shaft is black. See my link posted on the earlier reply I made.
  7. While it would be ideal to remove the tyres, at least start by posting pictures of the front and rear wheel wells with a focus on the strut and spring assemblies. Just the color alone of the springs can be a giveaway. Many aftermarket suppliers use blue, orange and red springs. VW does not.
  8. I would hate to think that after 10,000+ miles but: https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41815
  9. As a (used I assume) 2017 you may have aftermarket springs, struts or coilovers installed. Confirm what you have first. Also, all season tyres typically provide a more comfortable ride than Summer. There are some ultra high performance options available in the all season category.
  10. If I recall correctly, they need to reset the G85 steering angle sensor.
  11. Being on the other side of the pond we didn’t get the option at all and my last two cars were a TSX Wagon and Saab 9-3 Aero Wagon. I would have killed for the R Estate. Perfect capacity and performance.
  12. You might want to start a new thread as this title will dissuade people from reading aboit your new toys/mods.
  13. This. Ask around and find out what garages are well reviewed in your area. Even better, find one that specializes in the VW Auto Group lineup. Obviously you have official VW do warranty work but otherwise use a specialist or do it yourself. Since our cars have a topside oil filter I bought an oil extractor and can change my oil in less than 30 minutes. VERY convenient and peace of mind knowing I used a reputable oil and filter.
  14. Not sure if they are offered on your side of the pond but I had Continental DWS 06’s which handled snow like a champ when I went on a few ski trips. I wouldn’t use them for regular mountain use over winter tyres but otherwise was very happy with them. I currently have Toyo Proxes 4 Plus but haven’t had the opportunity to drive with them in snow yet. I also carry snow chains when I am on trips in the mountains during Winter.
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