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  1. Well, what I CAN mention is that after 2 years and 8 months my warranty IS gone! [emoji23]
  2. You are but there is still a module under the passenger seat the impedes installation. There is a slew of items you get that the North American market doesn’t to cut costs but I guess us Yanks still needed one of our creature comforts. Not offering a sunroof has been a deal killer for many people looking at the R but that is one thing I didn’t mind not having.
  3. Just the driver’s side, but if it makes you feel better, the North American R’s get way fewer options than Europe or ROW; from no folding mirrors to no sun roofs.
  4. I live in the States and tried retrofitting a drawer under the passenger side seat on my 17 R (couldn’t for sure under driver’s seat because of power seat components) but it wouldn’t fit as well because of an air bag module that I wasn’t too keen on removing from its fixed position as it would then just hang loose or zip tied at best. Just a word of caution. If I can find the thread with the part numbers I’ll update this post. [update] The part numbers I would have wouldn’t work. Left hand driver’s side seat!
  5. I honestly don’t know
  6. MDLBC

    Seat wear

    You could try using a hairdryer on high (but at a safe distance) to try and warm up the foam underneath and then “massage” the area to work out the creases you see. Make the material a little damp as well beforehand.
  7. I agree about the contrasting colors. I have the OEM performance pack spoiler which would be a complete waste of money on a dark colored car as it is just a tiny sliver of black plastic you wouldn’t even see. If you zoom in my photo you can see that they line up better than the one from the stock photo but certainly not perfect. There is a gap of sorts on the upper outer tip edge. They could have done a better job but I never really notice now. Just dry fit them first before actually installing them to confirm placement. I have certainly wasted more money on mods than these.
  8. Looks the same and the headlights in the photo are identical (MK7 R and not 7.5)
  9. https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31600
  10. I think it would be worth reaching out to VW UK directly and see if they will repair it again under goodwill. I would hazard a guess that they will pay for parts and you will pay for labor.
  11. https://parts.vw.com/accessories/Volkswagen__Golf-R/Comfort-and-Protection---Air-Deflector.html
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