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  1. MDLBC

    What “ Senslble “ Mods To Do.

    Wouldn’t know. Live on the other side of the pond. [emoji16] Many on here switch to 18” wheels. I bent one Pretoria at the hub and due the high replacement cost, sold them and bought a set of Neuspeed RSe10’s. First car I ever bent a wheel. [emoji35]
  2. MDLBC

    What “ Senslble “ Mods To Do.

    Just an FYI, the 19” Pretoria’s are a bit on the fragile side if you live in an area with poor roads.
  3. For regular service I would leave it on and set it to stock mode. For warranty service involving engine or transmission issues, I would spend the few minutes that it takes to remove it and avoid any possible hassle.
  4. MDLBC

    De-ice, de-frost, de-snow

  5. MDLBC

    lowering springs

    I have the MSS Standard Sport kit. I’ve been very happy with them.
  6. Certain items are covered longer with a separate emissions warranty (at least here in the US) with up to 8 years and 80,000 miles (look in your booklet) It may be worth putting the CAI back to stock and having the dealership take a look at it. Agree that the res delete should have no impact at all.
  7. MDLBC

    Clutch slipping at 23,000

    It has been well documented (6 visits) from the very beginning. I’m sure it will be covered 100%. Just call VW corporate.
  8. MDLBC

    Battery life Golf R

    If you have an OBD Eleven it is very easy to do and an AGM battery (if the OP’s car wasn’t already fitted with one) is far superior. VW is using AGM batteries as replacements for those still under warranty. Here is a how-to (post #11): https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36677
  9. MDLBC

    Painting your Brake Calipers

  10. MDLBC

    Battery life Golf R

    Replace it with an AGM type battery. No point trying to resurrect your existing one. It won’t hold a charge long enough.
  11. TMD Friction owns Pagid, Textar and Mintex among others. Is there a hierarchy of quality among these three?
  12. I bought it from e-acca over a year ago but here is a place in the UK that has it for 240£: https://vdsshop.co.uk/collections/mk7-golf-r/products/vw-performance-pack-rear-spoiler It is crazy expensive for what it is but I prefer the subtlety of this lip spoiler over any others I’ve come across.
  13. MDLBC

    Res delete

    Spend the extra money and get the BCS Powervalve res delete. No drone.
  14. MDLBC

    Clubsport brakes.

    The Clubsport and R performance package brake pads and rotors are the same.