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  1. Just saw this and thought you might be interested. http://www.silverstone.co.uk/news/volkswagen-golf-r-powers-passenger-ride-experience-speedmachine/
  2. Sounds good. Only slight reservation..”there’s a space where customers are willing to pay a significant amount of money”. Once you have a 7.5 to get to 380 I’m assuming a very cheap way (comparatively speaking) would be to go Revo or similar if all that matters is increasing power as opposed to whatever other goodies the mk8 might have.
  3. Does sandy rain mean at least it’s come from somewhere warmer? 🤞🏻 Making most of the day, so this was powerwash, snowfoam, rinse, 3 buckets (one just for wheels), and full wax... might look a bit grubby in photo as this was after a 20 mile trip.
  4. When you’ve just spent 3 hours cleaning the car....
  5. WhiteREstate


    Is this any good?
  6. Just noticed these on mine every door is like it two days after rain. Is this a common problem then?
  7. VWauditec looked after my TT and were great.
  8. Its only a matter of time before the alloys take a scrape 😕 didn’t have time to do the wheels.. will sort them out soon. In my 20’s never thought I’d buy an estate but can’t believe how VW have made something so practical yet fun. Wife even enjoys being able to keep up with Porsche’s after a trip to Tesco on the dual carriage way.
  9. Struggling for time today gave the car their first pressue wash, snow foam, wash and finally bilt hamber wax. Shame weather was overcast but happy with result. I’m used to spray on wax, forgot about the effort required for buffing “old skool” (the best lol) wax though white car not best colour to spot missed bits
  10. Hello all, Posted a couple of times in the delivery thread but received my new White estate (no options) a week or so ago. Weather has been terrible but managed to do 200 miles mainly night driving or in the snow. So looking forward to a warm spring day (and have covered the obligatory 1,000 mile run in period). Car seems to have a lot of potential. Estate chosen to fit family & dog though hoping for some solo trips in race mode. Heres an dodgy photo as it seems to have been dark and miserable for an age... already getting dirty but on the bright side will mean I’m checking the detailing / cleaning pages in the coming days (if not hours). There’s nothing like giving your car a good clean for the first time to get to know it better... maybe thats just me!.. anyway hi all.
  11. Hi @gazza5 did you get this sorted in the end?
  12. Tesco last night. I’m sure people thought I was mad and certainly embarrassed the wife taking a photo of our car in a dark car park but hey ho... end of day 1 filling up with 99.
  13. Just for info. Mine was delivered yesterday with 3 books and I nav dvd. Service schedule not included. When I enquired was informed that it’s all done electronically now and customers do not receive paper service books.
  14. This really is the final stage of delivery 😬
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