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  1. Oh snap!! Those look great man. Not for the moment, would love to do them alcantara over winter, but that's mega bucks and I need to calm down before I am divorced πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Have you figured what to do with the wiring?
  2. Centerlocks on. Just need to dial in stance a bit and get them away for paint. i.e. Just get it lower. Pretty happy tbh. Flow Designs Front Splitter on soon.
  3. Airbag sunvisors warnings annoyed me more than I would like to admit. And shined up my nuts.... The Gt3 centerlock nuts are notorious for going to shit, I looked into buying new ones but apparently the same thing just happens again. So, operation clean up then began.. And after:
  4. Any time you are up this way give a shout 😎
  5. I still think the Golf R in general doesn't sound great, but the Milltek adds a deeper bellow which is nice, loads of burble on the overrun too. A lot less 'tinny' sounding than with just the res delete. Still enjoying your car?
  6. I love this car 😍
  7. Milltek fitted. Unsure if I like these tips or not πŸ€”. Full Racingline Billet engine dress up kit fitted. (What a crazy price these are but quality is fantastic)
  8. Milltek non res. Full Racingline billet engine dress up package.
  9. The car was also away for paint. Work done: Both front and rear bumpers were fully stripped and painted and had the number plate holes filled and smoothed. Side skirts and drivers side A pillar were also painted. Quick crap pic on the way home from picking it up. Then I wrapped the R front grill badge (which I had removed) gloss black and added a carbon VW emblem.
  10. Picked up a used Milltek exhaust. Valved, Non resonated system with gt100 tips. Came in a bit of a state and couldn't have it going on the car like that so cleaned it up. Degreased, 3 passes of tar remover, polished with Mothers metal polish and sealed with Gyeon Rim then.
  11. To add to this lot: Just need to get my machine polisher sorted out this month and I'll be set up for a while....
  12. Been gathering a huge array of parts, car is currently having paint and can't wait to get it all together. Wheels will be refurbed to anthracite and seats need to be trimmed eventually. Oz Ultaraleggera Centerlocks. Recaro CS Flow Designs Rear Diffuser with fins and front splitter with side fins. Clutch Stop.
  13. Last time it will be seen like this....
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