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  1. Rear seat delete and Alcantara wheel fitted over the last few days.
  2. Fitted my Alcantara wheel last night, I think I've done this to every performance car that I have ever owned, makes such a difference to the driving experience.
  3. Part Numbers for anyone else that needs them: 5G0853665H041 5G0853666H041 Center Grille: 5G0853667G041
  4. Thank you, got sorted off of that part number, ended up buying full set off eBay because I'm too fussy 😂. Does the bumper have to come off to fit them?
  5. Does anyone know the part numbers for the vents in the front bumper circled in red below please?
  6. Special socket and then they need to be torqued to 440 ft/lb. 😮
  7. Moar pics and Stern Motorsport rear seat delete fitted, with carbon fibre bar and carpet.
  8. Kilbeggan Frank, are you heading to VAGE show in Fermoy, July? Thanks man, it's getting there now!! Thanks again Shane, yeah it's perfect. I owe you a pint, I had some Coke and bits for ya and then seen you driving out 😂🙈.
  9. Entered my first show in like 6 years and managed to unbelievably come away with Car of the Show. The 40+ hours of machine polishing I done the previous week must have paid off. I was amazed at the attention it got all day. I didn't get many pics at all, and should have got more of the wheels, seats, engine bay etc. I swear it's lower in person too.
  10. While the wheels were away and car up on axle stands I detailed under the arches. Degrease, detar, etc etc Sealed with Carbon Collective Platinum Trim amd Oracle. Lighting was very poor so finished snaps aren't that great but a massive difference. And finished, pre coatings...
  11. Centerlocks back from refurb, went for anthracite grey, and got the anodized rings changed to black. Decontaminated and sealed up.
  12. Can't believe they were never an option on the Mk7. Moar pics soon 😂. The Valet at the hotel on my honeymoon hopped it off the kerb parking it unfortunately. Confirmed to me why I never let anyone drive my car. Stage 3 is great, I went straight from Stage 1, so I don't know about Stage 2 tbh. It's useable for about 5 seconds until you are at license loosing speeds already 🤣🙈. Like a standard Golf R under 3k revs, and then ballistic. 🤣🤣 I've gone a bit nuts lately tbf 🤣🙈. Thanks George, I had a red Mk5 Gti with a K04. 👍
  13. Do you have the colour code for them or pic of the sticker man? PS. They look absolutely mint!! 😎
  14. There is a little sticker that says S3 Sportback!!. Yours are the light grey ones too and not the black right?
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