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  1. Okay I can’t resist, my baby was shining in the morning sun today
  2. LOL how do you know I didn’t cause that damage while trying to park this beast? Turning circle + lack of park assist I had on my last Golf = ship [emoji568]
  3. I want to laugh, but is this an actual feature? (Nothing surprises me with this car lol)
  4. They’re great wheels aren’t they! The only good thing about getting out of the car is getting to look at it as I walk away [emoji23]
  5. My god that’s the best looking R I’ve seen! What a colour!!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Haha thanks mate! No choice with wheels down under, Spielbergs or Spielbergs! Sometimes you can get Pretorias if you get a special edition and want to pay through the nose for the privilege lol. Personally, I love the Spielbergs (I know they’re not too popular in these parts, but I think they’re stunning).
  7. Hey guys, thought you’d all enjoy seeing my new ride: Pure White 7.5 R Grid manual
  8. Hahaha! That was quite a sassy reply, Charles, I like it. Especially the BTW. My folks have a first gen i30 diesel TC auto and a facelift first gen Tiguan diesel DSG. Both excellent vehicles to drive, but prefer the beaten up i30 to drive. The 4spd auto really likes to rev, whereas the DSG prefers to upshift (they’ve probably got it in eco mode haha). But enough of the TC vs DSG argument, it’s really not worth engaging. Manuals are gone, it’s reality. Get one while you can, that’s what I did. My next “this’ll be the last” will be a DSG petrol engine in a few years, before it’s all electric [emoji28]
  9. That’s an Australian spec sheet. Lane Assist (in Australia it’s part of a “driver assistance package” alongside adaptive cruise and blind spot and parallel parking etc) comes with adaptive lane guidance on models built from calendar week 45. Not sure if lane assist is standard or an extra option in the UK. Over here, the local VW group like to package up the options, can’t get anything individually. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I was very impressed with the DSG during my test drives. It felt more civilised than the manual. But ultimately, I just love the third pedal and changing gears. It’s a weekender, so the more work the better. Plus, I’m sure it was my last opportunity to buy one.
  11. This may be due to me living in one of your more backward colonies, but I still prefer the old technology of a manual? even in the intensely stop-start environment that Melbourne’s trams seem to induce. Having said that, I take the tram to work, so I don’t deal with gridlock on a daily basis. Being early 30s, I’m certainly not over the thrill and excitement of driving a manual, even if it’s slower and more thirsty. Thrill isn’t all about speed [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16].
  12. I absolutely love driving a manual. Even with new technology, like adaptive cruise, the feeling of the acceleration pausing as you clog through the gears (both downshifts and up shifts depending on the car in front) just feels lovely. The DSG is great, and my next car will have it due to lack of any other option, but I prefer to shift my own gears for this reason and this reason alone: it’s fun [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Stick to Pretoria silver, your car will look superb. Cadiz are truly awful, seriously cheap-looking rims. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Oops make that calendar week 45 (can’t figure out how to edit!) Reference:
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