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  1. I think the interior looks great (although the gear shifter seems tiny - I'd have preferred it to be like the Jag/Land Rover wheel gear selector sized, so you hold it with your hand and not just a finger) Exterior just now I'm not that keen on the front, but sure it'll be like every other car and go through the cycle of; - I prefer the old one, - Then see more around and gradually think it looks ok, - To eventually thinking the old one looks dated and how much better then new one looks (hopelly not too soon as I've only had mine 6 months)
  2. I like the chrome, think it'd go well with the wing mirrors on the R.
  3. Since you've been waiting a year and had trouble trying to find an R your happy with have you considered ordering new? Drive the deal are under £32,500 for the same spec as that car, means an extra year and half warranty, 3.9% finance from VW if you need it - if not can take the deposit contribution and then pay off the finance straight away (rate varies every quarter so has been lower) can pick and choose what spec you'd like and avoid any hassle. I got a local dealer to match the price from drive the deal and ordered new, as nearly new ones weren't that much cheaper, and with 15k miles that car will potentially need some new tyres soon if the dealer isn't already replacing them, and a 2nd service in 6 months, so begins to close the price gap more. About 9 weeks later you could be driving out in your perfect spec R 👍
  4. It looks like these lights... But why? 🤔
  5. Congratulations, sure you will love the car and lapiz is a great colour
  6. The normal GTI trim is just black plastic rather than being painted gloss black like the bits on the R (bumper, side skirts, diffuser etc). I don't like the non gloss black ones as the never look as clean - the TCR looks like it has a mix of both which would annoy me even more!
  7. That R will be under the £40k as the list price is before the 1st year road tax, so list for that is actually £39,920 - on the road price is £40,450 - so that will save you the higher road tax if that sways you at all. Looking at drive the deal there is probably a bit more discount to be haggled out of the dealer - about £2k cheaper but no idea how many weeks wait it is for a new build just now. R owners will say pick the R, TCR owners will say pick the TCR - have a play with both and see what suits best! (PS pick the R!)
  8. Cheers, loving the stealth look of your R
  9. Ferrari 458, it's not the 0-60 time in a car like that, it's the feeling of it still accelerating just as fast even when you get to over double that speed
  10. How are the carbon R badges looking and can I ask where you got them from? I bought some sunvisors warning stickers from EZM and they are great quality. I fancy the carbon R's but just worried the pressure washer would rip them off
  11. For me the GTi felt like you had to get up the revs before it felt fast and work the car harder to make it feel like it was really pulling. The R just pulls as soon as you put the foot down. I'd say if you went with the GTi then you'd always end up wanting the R. 7 v 7.5 just comes down to how much you want to spend. I think it's worth the extra for the 7.5, looks better, nicer interior with digital dash etc
  12. I can only compare a DCC R to a non DCC GTi - both on 18's. A lot smoother ride with DCC and I'll spec it again whenever ordering a new car.
  13. Collected Thursday night, Ceramic Pro coating applied yesterday.
  14. Cb543

    Ceramic Coat

    Looks perfect. I picked mine up on Thursday and goes in tomorrow for ceramic coating, same colour so this is almost like a preview for me!
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