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  1. kett

    Private plates

    I am waiting for the CEO of Emitter Industries Corp to wrestle it off me, but until then it’s a bit of harmless fun and memorable. This certainly helps with car parks where there is a need to type your reg. Owning five cars and a having fading memory doesn’t help matters.
  2. kett

    Private plates

    I use private plates to make my vehicles ageless - I figure it saves money as they distract from wanting a new replacement. I also hate committing a REG plate to memory, as life is too short. As my R was a 17 REG, I used an anagram solver to chose an easy memorable plate. After some searching I chose: EM17TER I don’t think the VW garage we’re impressed though, because they wouldn’t update their database with my new reg. I suspect the emissions scandal is still raw...
  3. Thank you for the review. I’ve fitted a few M52 parts and this is on my ‘to do’ list. I would like to hear from any manual gear folks...
  4. Maybe mine were fitted erroneously? I pulled it up as a warranty issue (as I had no idea they were aftermarket) and got promptly shot down in flames... : D
  5. These items look very pretty in chrome but have inadvertently damaged (rubbing) an adjacent door bolt causing it corrode on my R. I didn’t realise these were non-OE (already fitted) when I bought the car. My advice is to avoid!
  6. I’ve found some of these ‘so called’ cash back deals difficult to navigate. Camskill seemed to exclude the Michelin tyre sizes that I needed. Instead, I’ve stuck with: Continental ContiSportContact[emoji769] 5 P 235/35R19 91Y AO FR XL £127.32 per corner delivered. from http://alltyres365.co.uk I’m expecting to pay £15 per tyre fitting using my favourite wheel specialist. VW dealer wanted £198.54 per tyre fitted. Very difficult to justify the additional expense at times of financial uncertainty. The AO nomenclature relates to Audi (which were currently sitting on my Prets) whereas the same tyre with MO Mercedes stamp was £5 less. Dunno why? I chickened out of ordering the cheaper tyre. Did think about a jump to Michelin Pilot Sports (great tyre, use it on my Clio V6) but I think the ContiSport side wall looks better!!! Both brands were awarded similar ratings on the 2019 Evo magazine tyre test.
  7. I’ve just treated myself to some more M52 goodliness... will be fitted Friday!
  8. I would say ‘no’. The discs arrived and were fully anodised - it’s up to the pads to scuff the contact surface away. This can take a long time without several spirited drives. During this period there was noise... but that has all resolved. I’ve got to say that the OEM brakes concerned me that they weren’t quite up to OEM R performance, but M52 set up is great. Certainly, good for stage 1 power upgrade.
  9. I bought M52 anodised black disc and pads for aesthetic reasons due to OEM discs looking rusty on 11k miles. I have been very impressed because the breaking ability of my R is much better. I found the communication from the firm excellent through e-mail.
  10. Definitely something wrong. Alignment is prime suspect. Haldex and tyres next. I’m always surprised when folk baulk at changing tyres - they are difference between finding the road and finding the ditch. It’s a false economy not to go for fresh / best rubber. Good luck with the problem solving. I promise that a ‘sorted’ R is a good steer! : )
  11. Have a look at d-docks.com (follow on Facebook). It’s not wireless but the phone just slots in to allow charging plus CarPlay to come alive. I was exploring wireless charging but found this to be a better option.
  12. ‘Hearse R’ is a bit of a niche product (albeit a good ‘un). It reminds me of the M5 Touring (which once existed and now doesn’t). SUVs seem to rein at the mo. So you’ll probably be looking at ‘hearse on stilts’ options or else continue to keep yours in tip-top condition.
  13. Rear door handle on the rear wheel arch is a design faux pas that I can’t unsee...
  14. I think we should revere the fact that the R is available in both derivatives. Hats off to VW for trying to appease both mindsets...
  15. I’ve got Black Prets and the discoloured OE disc hubs annoyed. Bought some black anodised Mountune52 items in lieu.
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