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  1. Little update. Custom Covers tailored boot liner fitted. Travall dog guard and rubber boot mat also fitted. Couldn't stand the yellow reverse lights so Osram LEDs have now replaced them. Car has been spot on, no issues what so ever. Like it a lot.
  2. Out of interest what product did you use? I want to do this one at some point. I have used Carbon Collectives Platinum on a white Leon. Hated applying it, but the guy was well happy well after a year later.
  3. PS, this was prior to the rest of the car getting it's correction. Still has all the marring on there from the previous owner and claying.
  4. Managed to correct the scrape on the front bumper. 1200, 1500, 2000 then 3m fast cut followed by fine cut. Jayswax extreme professional wax doing it for protection and beading.
  5. That must of been a manic rush of a day. Good work getting it done in that time.
  6. They do the job well. I had a cheap eBay one for years but it took ages to put up these are a doodle, even on your own.
  7. Good spot, I have a Rock awnings Explorer 3m x 6m. Great bit of kit.
  8. Made a start on the correction yesterday. Hoping to finish it off today, but it's way hot. 1st stage done and a couple of panels have had 2nd stage. Took it easy with the weather being what it is. Think it will be much the same story today. Meant to be even hotter today so progress may be even slower.
  9. Couldn't agree more. Looking forward to running the Flex rotary over it with some 3m. Will be looking at a great deep shine on it then. As you can see, it's a bit of a swirl monster atm.
  10. Made a start on it yesterday. Bilt Hamber Snow foam 2 bucket wash Rubbers badges, door shuts etc cleaned with detailing brush and Bilt Hamber surfex HD. EZ clay cloth used next. Another wash. Jayswax ceramic quick detailer applied. Autobright class cleaner. Wheels also got a quick clean they need to come off to be done properly. Left it there, but it looks loads better already.
  11. Picked up our 30k miles Lapiz blue estate last week. Dealership hadn't prepared the car but I asked them to leave it like that so I could see how it had been treated and also so they didn't do any more damage to the paint than was already on it. Found a few scrapes on it but should be able to correct them out. So car will be getting a fair bit of detailing done to it in the coming weeks as and when I'm off and the wife isn't using it.
  12. Cheers guys. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into cleaning it. Bit difficult as my wife and myself are still working shifts. It's a very straight and honest car from what I have seen of it. Like you say just needs a bit of TLC in the cleaning department. Need to get a boot liner with a rubber bumper protector and a dog guard for the back seat. Any tips on them at all?
  13. To be fair to the dealer they wanted to clean it before I looked at it. I just said they will do more damage to the paint so please just leave it as is. It looks like previous owner wasn't a car person though for sure.
  14. I like viewing cars like this, you can get a feel for how they have been used. Was also good to see Michelin PS4 all the way round. Need to work out how to use the stereo. This is our first VW so its alm new. Will get a post up as I work my way through the cleaning and polishing.
  15. Well it came home with us. Lots of cleaning to do. I did tell them not to touch it.
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