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Found 16 results

  1. Hi there I am a new member and picking up my Lapiz Blue 2015 R today. Its a private sale and needs a goo clean inside and out. Whats a reasonable price/ package to pay, and any companies people can recommend, that ideally do a home visit to Epsom, Surrey? Also the car as some scuffs to the bumper and a few very tiny dings in the body work that need rectifying. Any recommendations for this too? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi All, Just bought my Lapiz R before Christmas and I've been told to avoid using normal car washes as many places double dip and use the same cloths etc on cars and it can scratch the paintwork. Does anyone know of any decent detailing/polishing places in or near London that won't charge an arm and a leg? Or how much i am looking at paying as I have no idea here. What do you all do with regards to washing your car? It would be good to know if I'm being overly protective of my R (as my brother likes to think). Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I've owned my Mk7 R for around a month now and one of the things that has been bugging me is how blackened the two central in particular exhaust tips are, the outer ones are quite shiny still which only highlights this. I've tried cleaning them while cleaning the car but have had very little success. One of my concerns is that the previous owners never cleaned them and they are blackened beyond the point of return. Can any of you recommend any products or techniques that will get them nice and shiny again? TIA
  4. Just had an email in my inbox from a company called https://www.perfectlycleaned.co.uk/ with two discount codes (I have bought from before no issues) VP20 for 20% off Valetpro products 10DISC for 10% off everything else ends midnight tonight. Also spend over £40 free parcelforce 24 hour delivery. Nice to have 20% off the snowfoam, bilberry wheel cleaner and tar/glue remover. (just ordered - last two not tried before). I am not affilihated in anyway with them, before any bins my post, I just thought you might like some cheaper detailing kit
  5. Evening guys, hope you’re all well! I got around to machine polishing and waxing my beloved R the other weekend with some great hydrophobic results ready for this winter!
  6. Collected my 7.5 from FX Detailing on Sunday. It was in for new car detail, PPF front end to A pillars and ceramic coating on the rest. Interior was also protected and when my winters go on the Spielberg’s will be getting a clean and seal. Im very happy with the work and results. If anyone in the Midlands is interested in getting their investment protected please google FX Detailing and give Miles a call
  7. Thinking of investing in a Polish Buffer Machine for my R but don't have much experience in detailing! Anyone got any good brand/model recommendations? Thanks
  8. I'm fairly new here but looks like i'll finally be picking up an R in a weeks time after looking around for nearly 2 months! I've been reading up on a few things and wondered if anyone could help out with a few questions below please? I've always been into servicing things around the car myself e.g. brake pads etc but understand you need to hook up vcds to allow this on the rear pads? What cable do most people here use as there seems to be a few versions of the cables on eBay such as VCDS lite, VCDS full and OBD11. I probably wouldn't need to tinker too much but would be grat
  9. I have told my dealer thgat I don't want my new R prepping but he has asked whether I want the wraps on or off? I need advice here as I can see that you cannot check the paintwork with the wraps on but I am almost certainly going to be driving from London to Derbyshire as soon as I pick it up. What do all you experienced people reckon?
  10. New car detail - Recommendations around Milton Keynes Hi Guys When I get my new R, I don't want the dealer touching it or cleaning it for obvious reasons. I do however, want a new car detail with some paint protection etc. Does any one have any recommendations around the Milton Keynes area? I found these guys http://www.detailr.com/new-car-protection who have quoted a pretty good price for what they do ... I'm just not sure if what they use is good quality, decent products etc. Any advice or help would be most appreciated Cheers Tom
  11. Hi Everyone I've searched for this but nothing came up. First of all thanks for the really useful forum. Hope to participate further as time goes on. I have a Golf R 5dr DSG to pick up from the dealer on Friday and am extremely excited. I've booked it in with Wharfside at Canary Wharf for a "Single Stage" paint protection on Saturday. I've spoken to them and it'll get a pre-wash, wash, clay and wax. It's £180 for about 6 hours. If I upgrade to the Gtechniq EXO V2 Protection it goes up to over £300. I can't remember what the basic protection is but I think they use Autoglym. http://www
  12. WoWo, our friendly detailing forum sponsor, have got 10 of their 'Please do not clean my car' hangers to giveaway to discerning VWROC members. But just giving them away would be no fun at all, so how about a little mini competition for you to get your detailing mitts (no pun intended) on one of these precious little signs. As anyone familiar with WoWo detailing accessories will know that their products are a detailer's delight and this welcome little hanger is another sure winner. So, girls and boys get your WoWo gear and your cameras out and snap a shot of your lovely clean R alongsid
  13. Know that feeling when your R is in at the dealers - the dread of them washing it even though you’ve asked them not to touch it? The detailers among us know that feeling all too well. Cue the ‘Please do not wash’ hanging sign – the saviour of many a dealer swirled R! WoWo, our friendly detailing forum sponsor, have got 10 of their 'Please do not clean my car' hangers to giveaway to discerning VWROC members. But just giving them away would be no fun at all, so how about a little mini competition for you to get your detailing mitts (no pun intended) on one of these precious little si
  14. Fellow detailers! Fancy trying to get your detailing mitts on one of these little WoWo beauties? For full details, please step this way...... Don't forget to check WoWo out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  15. Having just had a full ceramic detail by Wow Factors I thought I would render my opinion on the forum in the form of a semi-literate mini review. So, to start our story... Prologue I collected my brand spanking new Lapiz Golf R at the end of December. The showroom prepared it for me and on inspection it looked pretty damn good. I had to go to Wales (they did the best deal) some 200 miles from where live and the drive home was in torrential rain through salt road, muck and mud. Upon arriving home and seeing my new beauty looking like I had just done a rally, in light of the fact I hav
  16. BFM1

    New boy

    Hi all, Finally joined now my R has been built week this week, was ordered 9th Jan!! I am now thinking of detailing, does anyone recommend Gtechniq Crystal Serum and Exo or is this too much and overkill? Thanks in advance ðŸ‘
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