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  1. GT4 [emoji106] [emoji106] Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  2. I had 3 small but noticeable dents in it, been trying to get a dent man out to sort it out but he was a no show (x2). I pointed them out to the young (ish) lad who came to pick it up and he just said they were minor and didn't bother noting them. He checked over the car for about 10mins, mainly Sat in it. But he just took a load of photos, the small dents and chips don't really show up on it. They inspect it further at the auction house apparently, haven't heard anything back (over 24hrs now). Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  3. Yes but they said they couldn't sell it directly. Have heard that some people have been able too, guess it depends on which leasing company.Would potentially bought it if it had been a good deal. There's quite a few going through auction, so I guess that prices will be pretty low now. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  4. A throughly enjoyable 2 yrs of ownership and well recommended as a DD. Car picked up yesterday and straight to an auction house : https://www.astonbarclay.net/vehicle-search/vehicle-details/ Looking on there and there's quite a few R's being returned now and up for auction. Would be really interested to see how much it goes for - anyone have access to prices? Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  5. Do you think if you had kept your side of the deal it would be a different outcome? "don't tell anyone else about this price"??? You put it on www for everyone to see. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  6. The Golf R just needed a manual switch to shift power to the rear or front then it would be a winner. The R understeers way too much to be a proper drivers car. Don't even thing you could dial the understeer out with the 4wd system shifting the power around. Looks like Ford have sorted that issue to a certain extent. RS Still available to order, 12 month waiting list I was told, expect order book to be full once these reviews get out. I also think depreciation on them will be low due to limited availability. Could be tempted with a Cosworth RS if that's on the books
  7. You'll see some <£20k by May. Biggest impact is the first of the 2yr leases will be rattling through the used markets in the next couple of months.
  8. On all the time, turn TC off and enjoy the real feel of the car. The TC light might not be coming on but it is still using ESP to keep you on the road, brakes etc
  9. Difficult to prove on a manual whether you're at fault or the car.
  10. Played around with different settings in Individual mode, everything in sport except the engine in eco. Start car, into Sport on the gearbox and no soundaktor but valves open and everything else in Sport. Feels and sounds really good, and then back in eco mode it doesn't do the free wheeling bit.
  11. Running the car in eco mode but pull back to Dsg sport, and across to manual gears. Turns the sound actuator off. And is just as fast as race and valves open.
  12. You're going to wear the clutch out if you keep slipping it and it will get worse #obvious. Sounds fairly obvious to me, chip had generated too much torque for your clutch and made it slip. The problem with a manual is driver style can shorten the life of a clutch. With TC off the tyres are potentially now the slipping point.
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