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  1. Unfortunately not i was shown around under the car after it was fitted and it does look beautifully made, its a shame it cant be seen once fitted really. I didn't take any pics, i was too keen to get going and hear it. A lot of my driving is on smaller enclosed roads and in town, so 1st and 2nd gear manual race mode letting the revs build and drop sounds awesome! If driven normally its only marginally different but pop a window and give it some and its quite a lot louder but not intrusive. I would say it should have come from factory like that
  2. Just a big thanks to Nige at BCS! Excellent service! Went down today and had the Res Delete fitted. Fantastic mod for the money. I was always under the impression that any pipe will do, however even with the BCS drone free solution on the motorway around 80 in S, Race mode, there is a hum. Not too much to bother me at all, and i wouldn't say drone. But without the drone free pipe, i imagine it would be annoying! Definitely a big improvement in sound over stock, without sport mode, not too dissimilar from standard, but with a louder fart on gear change. In Race / S mode more throaty and deeper. Sounds really good! Oh and plenty more overrun noise, sounds great letting off from 4k down narrow, enclosed streets If you haven't got one, or are undecided whether a straight pipe or the BCS solution. I would go for BCS, the extra money you might spend is worth it in service and quality of product easily! And no i didn't get a discount for doing this review, but i will ask for one when i go for a power valve and downpipe in the future! 😂
  3. Oh im always at a safe distance. The biker in me makes sure of that! Its funny how when you leave a gap in motorway traffic, you will always find someone has to pull into it!
  4. This will be my a definite on my next car, for now it seems a front end respray will likely do before i hand back in a couple of years i think
  5. Hi all, Ive had the car from new, almost a year now, and one thing i have noticed is the amount of stone chips it picks up. Its a Pure White 3dr R I dont necessarily hammer it over 100 down the motorway every day, nor do i ever really use gravel, rough, loose surface roads. I use the same routes i did in my previous white merc and and daytona RS3, both of which hardly had any chips after several years of usage. The Golf is peppered with them, every time i wash it theres more and more appearing and i cant help but think is it thin/ weak/ inferior paint? I even find one of two on the rear quarters and on i found one above the windscreen on the roof as well! I wonder if others are finding this at all? Also i use Sonax BSD sealant after every wash, which i know is nothing compared to some others but you would think there might be slight more stonechip protection with the like. Thoughts appreciated
  6. Dunno what the C43 driver was doing because they are fast cars, my mate had a coupe for a few months and on a long straight A road/ motorway both cars stock it pulled away quite easily every time. Is yours tuned? narrow twistys i could easily lose him in the rear view mirror, but then again that might be driver ability and confidence
  7. It was a several year old macbook pro? no idea how good the card reader is? as mentioned i extracted all, the softwarer completed the backup and completed the download. When it began installing this was where the error happened. And now discovercare software does not recognise the VW SD card so i cannot do anything further now.
  8. Yeah i did do all of this correctly, downloaded and extracted, then once all up and running followed the on screen instructions. It asked me to insert the VW SD card and then automatically started to creat backup then download, all went ok although took 10 hours, then when it was at the final stage installing it showed an error at 2% which kicked me out. tried to start again from scratch however when it asks for the VW SD Card now, and i insert it. It does do anything so it clearly wont read the card as the VW SD Card any longer. Called Local dealer told them what happened and they asked me to call VW UK and i have left it with them, they said they would get back to me by Monday We shall see what happens from then on
  9. Hey all, Anyone a bit of a computer whizz? i downloaded discovercare onto my mac today to update my nav software, follwed instructions all looked very simple, selected Europe region 1, and Gen2 discover media. Asked me to put my VW sd card in so i did. It has then took 10 hours to create backup and download the file. Began to install, reached 2% then kicked me out with an error. I went to open discovercare again and this time it asked me to install update 1.0.4, not sure why it didnt download the latest version earlier today? anyway downloaded and tried to start again, however now it does not register the SD card as the VW SD card. The computer registers it when i plug it in etc, just the discovercare app doesnt see it when asking for the VW card. Any idea how ive made a royal cock up by following on screen instructions, i have no Nav now, apart from the apple car play which i dont like Cheers,
  10. I had a Mercedes C250 prior to my R, basically i bought the wrong car when i got that. I had an RS3 prior and had problems with it so it went back and at the time the new R wasn't out there were no TTRS or RS3s left to buy and the new S3 was a few months away. I intended to buy a C63, however couldn't justify the fuel costs after borrowing one, and i know the novelty of noise and speed wears away after a few months. I ended up getting the C250 diesel coupe with all the trimmings including the AMG handling pack with sports exhaust, gearbox software and bigger brakes... Literally the worst car ive ever owned. The gearbox in that era of Merc was awful, never found the right gear in time, even with the different modes etc, it was a nightmare, and in manual there was always a delay before it changed up or down, the downshifts were the worst. However that all being said, i come from a background of hot hatches and Japanese super saloons, so if your not a performance orientated driver, then i can see why the R would seem different to the Merc previously. and in your opinion not be quite as suitable Also noting you were interested in a GTi, i imagine you would have found that worse, because it feels even more frisky than the R and actually further in the opposite direction than the Merc? Also stop putting it in ECO mode, its the worst thing ever, completely numb and the coasting thing is horrible, kicks the engine back in every time you come on and off the throttle. Stick it in individual mode, set it up to be mostly comfort with a bit of sport and its a great car, or just put it in race and then click down the gear shift to put it in D Stop being a fanny and enjoy it!
  11. Im gonna guess you know exactly what i meant. apologies for making a mistake, i dont mean to offend you
  12. I had the 8V RS3, found it a bit of a boat, to be honest and pretty quiet compared to the later model. Definitely wouldn't suggest it compares to the R in any way other the straight line speed. also it broke down 3 times within 3 months so it ended up going back Broken Driveshafts after 2 launches Then the haldex stopped working Then it started randomly going into limp mode At this point i told them to keep it and took a good chunk of what i had paid back I just realised i just hijacked my own thread! BTW Atlantic Blue looks great!
  13. Cheers guys, so the video above, i presume when you say normal then this means the valves are in closed position? Im thinking that any res delete is going to give pretty much the same noise, pops bangs etc as they are all pretty much the same thing, aside from BCS which is developed with anti drone willy attached. I will probably just buy the Ebay jobbie Do they come with clamps so fitting can be done simply enough?
  14. Was there plenty of pops and bangs though? I have the valves permanently open so im assuming i will get a bit more noise and drone not that its an issue for me anyway
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