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  1. Why would you get WD40 everywhere or potentially spend money unnecessarily? A couple of small, directed squirts of WD40, wipe away any excess and the jobs potentially done. Sanding and replacing solenoids at this stage is illogical.
  2. Spray both parts of the mechanism with WD40. Mine did the same 2 weeks ago and is now perfect. Don’t start sanding bits..!
  3. Spray all mechanisms with WD40 first. It’s the time of year when things tend to stick.
  4. I used WD40 on the areas shown above. Seems to have worked as no creaking in over 2 months since I did it. On a previous Golf I had the lower control arms dropped and greased as part of a VW TPI bulletin which worked also but maybe try the WD40 first to save yourself expense and/ or inconvenience. Hope this helps as the creaks and rattles are the only things that let these cars down and are very frustrating.
  5. I sprayed my lower wishbone bushes with WD40 a couple of months ago. There’s x 2 on each side where the wishbone connects to the subframe/ chassis as far as I can hear and see it’s worked a treat. I had the greasing TPI carried out on a previous car and whilst that worked also, its worth trying the WD40 first. Hope it gets sorted for you as the freaks and rattles are the only things that lets these great cars down.
  6. Mine did this randomly a couple of times a few weeks ago. Hasnt done it since and I'd forgotten about it until I saw this thread tbh.. Just forget about it and enjoy ur xmas the best you can 🙂
  7. Heated & Folding mirrors have been standard on the Performance golfs ever since the mk7 launched in 2013, even in Ireland.
  8. Evening all, can anyone recommend a trusted tyrefitter or tyre centre in Dublin or Kildare area please?
  9. Wow! 10-15ps is a big drop in power.! Not only are our cars lower spec in Ireland their slower! 😬 Im fairly sure higher octane fuel is available in NI as part of the UK so same market but ROI is not.
  10. 98 Ron fuel not available in Ireland I believe so what would that mean for Irish R's then?
  11. Tech Pack is an optional extra in Ireland @ €699 on R/GTD/GTI Includes Discover Nav, HBA, RVC & Winter Pack. 19’ wheels standard on R also and strangely no choice of 18’ option afaik..
  12. This has nothing to do with Resale value IMO as these and other Variants are all ‘offered’ to UK & NI customers not to mention all across Europe.! From a sales perspective I wud imagine that VWI must commit to Wolfsburg to sell a certain number of each model for it to be built to ROI spec. What would work is if the ROI shared a common model with the UK and cud simply draw from that pool of cars. However VRT prevents that as higher specced UK cars would mean even higher prices in ROI. It baffles me though why VW Ireland range the Passat Alltrack and the 240 & 280 bhp versions
  13. Which is fine for Seat enthusiasts..... Seat obviously see a market for performance estates and therefore currently have this section of the market to themselves.. Fair play to Seat.!
  14. Am I the only ROI driver utterly frustrated, perplexed and disillusioned when I drive to Belfast and delight in the diversity and choice available to our Northern Brethern.? Anyone been to Boucher Road? All models, all varients. yet the north is a disproportionate reperesentation of this Ireland Choice... It’s all about Choice..! Something denied us for too long and is more relevant than ever! I Love you all, but let’s tell VW Ireland we demand 18’ wheels, Varients, AND THE THE TO CHOOSE. X Life.
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