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  1. delticdave

    BMW M140i or GOLF R

    I'm a bit older than you lot, so I learnt to drive (& owned for a good few years) on RWD cars. Mostly live axles too so sliding through corners on wet roads & narrow tyres was far too easy. Rear engined cars, 3 x Imps, + Simca 1000, SEAT 600 as holiday rentals were part of the learning curve, as was a Ford Mk 4 Zephyr 6 with it's odd semi-swing axle independent suspension. FWD for me was somewhat later, small Fords, Cavaliers, Mondeos, various Skodas & VW's, all safe & some good fun too. Now that we own an R each, (after testing a few 3 & 4 series BMW's) we appreciate the abilities of part-time FWD & don't feel the need to own tail-happy cars. FWIW, it seems that on my late (66 plate) Mk7 R, VCDS can find an option for the %age of power fed to the Haldex unit, I've gone for the little bit extra to the rear option, but when compared with her R wagon it's not very noticable. Cheers, DC.
  2. delticdave

    Why did you buy a Golf R?

    That's pretty much the same logic that SWMBO used when she decided that an R estate was a good replacement for her Octavia vRS Hatch, apart from the CarPlay feature........ DC
  3. delticdave

    What do you dislike about your R?

    Her R estate, on 18" Cadiz has a smaller turning circle than my hatch R on 19" prets. Wider tyre = different lock-stops? FWIW, my Mk 2 Superb has a smaller turning circle than either Golf, & it's on 225 / 40 18" rims too....
  4. I've got Pretz on my R Hatch, but it's a used car, so not my choice. The "look" might be better but the ride / road noise is awful (Conti Sport Contact 5's) & that's with DCC. When we ordered SWMBO's estate we decided that the 18" Cadiz looked fine & selecting DCC was a better value option than a set of Pretz. I have the use of both car's & apart from a bit of exhaust noise, her car is the prefered choice for long trips, it's much less fatiguing .
  5. delticdave

    Factory options

    Tried VW UK yet? They often have previous price & spec. info available.
  6. delticdave

    What did you do to your R today?

    Yesterday, I drove home via a Mercedes dealer, (to peek at a new A class, probably not for me.) for some essential gardening. Later in the evening, looked outside & realized that I had a very wet car & therefore drove back in ECO mode. Not much fun, (37.5 mpg is good ) but 'tis a very strange feeling to find the car coasting, added about 3/4 minutes to the 19 mile trip. Today, not even seen the car (locked away in garage) but might use it properly tomorrow, unless I wash it. Boring or what?
  7. delticdave

    First ECO drive

    IMVHO, high 30ish is quite economical. Not easy to achieve in this location, but possible on longer journeys.........
  8. delticdave

    Fuel prices

    Interesting, it was 133.9 in Tesco Pitsea (Essex) yesterday, about 5p per litre more than a Tesco in Nottingham last week.
  9. delticdave

    Do you like the sound of a stock Golf R?

    I have to agree with you, if I'm indoors when SWMBO comes home in her R I can hear it even though the windows are closed. 'Twas the same when she was driving her vRS Octy. Both cars reasonably quiet inside, but noticeable outside. When I'm driving my Skoda, she doesn't know I'm home until I walk through the door, & that's with it's (std) 2 x 2 tips exhaust. (No fakery, they're all dirty.....)
  10. delticdave

    Do you like the sound of a stock Golf R?

    I'm still in the "Q Car" camp, unwanted pops & farts are way too embarrassing for me, especially when in the estate. It's all about the understatement......
  11. delticdave

    Do you like the sound of a stock Golf R?

    I think that the R's handling & driveability are both a big part of it's charms & equally important, as is it's very usable performance. Even more important, it's still a Golf, therefore good ergonomics, reasonable build quality & easy to live with.
  12. delticdave

    Do you like the sound of a stock Golf R?

    SWMBO & I both agree, we are leaving her R estate bog standard. We've just had a short vacation in her car & have been very pleased with its capabilities. More noise would just spoil the driving experience. We also like the "inconspicuous" concept, especially in it's "resale Grey" colours! Maybe if we were 30/40 years younger we might think differently, but..........
  13. delticdave

    Do you like the sound of a stock Golf R?

    I'm going to be the odd one out here, I'd like the std exhaust to be quieter........ Why, 'cos I can still hear it inside the car when cruising at motorway speeds & after spending a high-mileage week oop north, I found it annoying. (It's not the Soundaktor, that's been reset to 15% on the estate & 10% on my hatchback.) I swapped the Skoda for my R yesterday & the exhaust + road noise is very noticeable even a cruising speeds. After a week or so I'll get used to it, I'll spend more on petrol but will enjoy the performance / handling improvement! DC, still searching for a quiet performance car..........
  14. delticdave

    DSG Health Check

    Quite possible. Experiments to be arranged. ASAP. I usually revert to the temporary manual mode when negotiating twisties, ups & downs, (even in Essex....) or feel the need to change pace without using the kickdown switch (so infradig .....) or the brake pedal. Just like I did back in the dark ages of manual driving, but with less effort.... DC
  15. delticdave

    DSG Health Check

    Maybe I'm wrong (yet again.....) but if I select a different gear whilst in D, using a paddle & then decide I want to revert to D, pulling & holding the R/H paddle it shifts up to D6. I've not driven my Golf recently, (been away in the estate & currently using my Skoda) but I'll experiment again when I swap cars. DC