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  1. DCC (Big Difference)

    You wait until you get old, typos galore! Eco is weird, the car is faster downhill than rolling down in D, but getting back on the power could be smoother, + idling a 7/800 rpm when both clutches are open does use fuel. Not a big fan, prefer to drive gently in D if economy is important.
  2. DCC (Big Difference)

    Eco is too wallowy? Comfort maybe so but Eco is really about de-clutching / coasting & using as little power as possible. I wouldn't have bought my R (19"s) if it didn't have DCC, it does keep the ride in check, but the road noise is still terrible...
  3. Keyless entry? No thanks

    We live in the same county, & SWMBO's Limestone Grey seems to be virtually invisible, especially in car parks but my Red Hatchback is a bit more obvious. The Silver Skoda is the real sleeper though.
  4. Keyless entry? No thanks

    But, when I try & start my poverty spec R after using 'SWMBO's car, I keep stabbing black plastic.... Getting old is a bummer....
  5. Keyless entry? No thanks

    The key tin concept is great, as long as it's not obviously a key tin, & possibly not too easy to find. ( I "lost" my spare Mondeo keys for 4 years, 'cos they were hidden in a tin..... I was single at the time therefore quite liable to missplace things, at least that's my excuse....)
  6. Super unleaded vs Regular ??

    Indeed, we think that paddles rule......., even on the 252ps Skoda barge.
  7. Super unleaded vs Regular ??

    I didn't say always......... But, having collected a speeding fine / points last summer (58 in a 50 mph divided highway from the only working camera in the county, my bad of course..) I'm getting paranoid about speed cameras. There are some lightly policed roads in this area, but the traffic volume constraints keep the lid on really high speeds. Flat-out driving is nigh-on impossible, maybe sprinting away from stop-lights , but then you catch-up with the previous wave of traffic & revert to trundling. I've had some really slow trundles this week, other OAP's keeping to 80% of the limits on on dry country roads with just enough opposing traffic to make overtaking impossible, & at cornering speeds that wouldn't tax a Ford Anglia! Good for the economy though.... What does impress both of us regarding our R's is their ability to trundle without any problems / side effects but with instant shove available if required (& possible). DC
  8. Super unleaded vs Regular ??

    We're old, therefore we already drive gently........
  9. Super unleaded vs Regular ??

    This is the problem that we have, the only fuel in available in the town was in an ASDA supermarket. A new BP station has recently been built on the bypass, but they don't offer 98 octane fuel, & construction has started on a Sainsburys Superstore nearby, but I don't know what grades that they will stock. We will fill-up / top-up at a Tesco station if we are passing but aren't so keen on the 20+ miles round trip just to fill the tank.... Since her car was delivered with a full tank of 95, & we are quite happy with it's performance, it's quite possible that we wouldn't really notice the difference. My car is 2nd hand, so I've no idea what fuel has been used in its 1st year, but I've no problems with it's performance so far. DC
  10. Are we too old to own an R?

    Very true, maybe not just the ability to afford, but easier to justify the expenditure? We do get comments re. owning an R each, & our answer is twofold, we both really like the cars, & owning a hatch as well as an estate is "sensible"....... DC
  11. Running In Map

    Yes we do / did. but then we are very ancient peeps...... + 'tis very difficult to reach high RPM's in traffic. We ride the torque instead, it seems to keep us in front of the other oldies .......
  12. Are we too old to own an R?

    Too true blue. But, I'm still keeping the economy Skoda for when I can't afford the R's expensive petrol......... DC
  13. Fuel consumption

    The long-term averages for our R's are 30-32 mpg, can drop to 27 in town driving, best so far has been 38 mpg in the estate from Rugby to home keeping to the NSL on the smart motorways. The hatch has averaged 42 mpg coming home from Tunbridge Wells on a quiet Saturday but I really wasn't in a hurry....... Never bothered with Eco, nor Sport other than to experiment, both cars are usually in Individual mode & driven using the torque rather than spinning around to the red line. Quick enough to keep up with the traffic with quite a lot of performance in reserve for the red mist moments!
  14. Mk7.5 Now Auto only

    This is the official DVLA definition:- 23 Feb 2016 - 6.08: Vehicles with automatic transmission. A vehicle with automatic transmission is defined in regulations as `A vehicle in which the gear ratio between the engine and the wheels can be varied only by the use of the accelerator or brakes'. In general a vehicle without a manual clutch is regarded as an automatic. As for semi-automatics, (not often found in post WW2 cars), they can be defined as similar to an automatic, with the friction clutch being replaced by a fluid coupling. However the transmission cannot select / change gear by itself, said gear-changes have to be instigated by the driver. They used to be quite common in buses, with air operation of the selectors from air valves or electrical switchgear built into the "H" gate selector. Hoping that your injured toe will heal soon..... DC
  15. Are we too old to own an R?

    Hope you enjoyed the day, a brand new Mk 8 for a 70th seems to be a very good idea indeed. I'm 71 this year so it's too early for a Mk 8 for me, maybe next birthday..... DC