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  1. Adrian Flux have just quoted me £427, with a £325 excess, renewal through IAM Surety is £342 with £250 excess.
  2. LV declined to quote me as I have a set of Winter wheels and tyres, the reason that the Winter s are 18" and hence a different size to my Summers at 19", could almost understand if they were larger, but smaller wheels with the same rolling radius.
  3. Just seen this Josh, are you local?
  4. Both my previous Golfs Mk5 & 6 seemed skittish, when I got them, I was advised to up the pressures to 2.6bar/39psi and this cured it, so I did this immediately with my Mk7 R, never been troubled with cross winds though, occasionally if a large vehicle passes close by in the opposite direction it can be buffeted a bit but that is expected.
  5. Try this: https://www.screwfix.com/p/laser-locking-wheel-nut-remover-2-pack/1889j?_requestid=539278
  6. Thanks Speech, I did not see that on the site.
  7. Has anyone fitted these, do you require spacers? Though I saw that someone has on here, but cannot find the post. TIA
  8. Perhaps I should be promoted to Colonel then.
  9. Mine is my nickname from school. based on my surname (went to a Grammar school, where they used your surname), although mine has an 'e' in it.
  10. I have driven down that road, the road he came out of is a B road, there is restricted vision at the junction.
  11. I believe Timpsons can provide new keys, but do not cut blades that you supply.
  12. My average has recently increased by 5MPG, it has just gone over 6000 and I have put my 18" winters on, not sure which is responsible, the mileage or the smaller diameter wheels.
  13. I refer the honourable gentle to my previous post, the most likely cause is Nickel Sulphide inclusion in the glass, over the years I have seen this many times in toughened glass used in buildings, the first incident is usually put down to vandalism or accidental damage, but after a few more incidents, they get an expert to investigate. Having said that even if this is the cause, getting VW to stump up is likely to be difficult, but they could pass the cost onto the sunroof manufacturer.
  14. Nickel Sulphide (NiS) inclusions are a known issue for toughened glass, resulting from the presence of nickel contaminants in the glass melt reacting with sulphur, most likely from the furnace fuel. During thermal toughening, these inclusions undergo a crystalline phase change to a smaller form and are fixed in place within the glass upon cooling. Over time the inclusions grow and can eventually impart enough stress in the glass to cause spontaneous failure.
  15. Your speedo would under read by 3.5%, so show 58 at 60 and the ride height would increase by almost 12mm, as well as losing a similar amount of arch gap.
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