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  1. I think some of the problem comes from People Like Stoff Needle on 5th Gear, who immediately get into a car and turn the traction control off, 'as it interferes with their ability to control the car'. Lesser mortals copy them and come to grief.
  2. My thoughts, but as it was free, thought I would ask. Know anyone with a Mk6 want one?
  3. I have been given a Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar by a friend as he has sold his Mk6 R before fitting it, Does anyone know if it will fit a Mk7 R?
  4. Saw on The Repair Shop the other day, the craftsman was cleaning pipe on something called a Vibraphone, these were round, looked like chrome pipes, using a oil lantern wick and Brasso, , have a look at it if you can on Catchup, I am going to give it a try, obviously foes not work on the ends but may make the rest easier to clean.
  5. Had mine (NSR Outer) replaced at the dealer only charged £20 for the fitting, total bill £218
  6. I doubt that would have made any difference, I had a cyclist crash into me and my wife with two young children on a pedestrian crossing when he ran a Red light, he kicked me and threatened my wife, we called 999 whilst he was still shouting abuse and threatening us, the operator said she would record it as a Road Rage incident, but would not send any response. Fortunately a householder and a taxi driver came along and the cyclist then rode off. I complained to Sussex Police about the response, which they sent for 'Local Resolution', about 6 weeks later I had a letter saying that the operator h
  7. Just checked, no recalls showing for my 2016 Golf, you can check here: https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk My experience is that manufacturers try to avoid recalls by slipping in these issues during normal servicing, there was an potential issue with the fuel pump on the Mk5 that could result in fire, but the dealers just dealt with it quietly during service, but as I was on long life service, it was 18 months before it was picked up.
  8. Fitted the full length plastic front undertray, seems quieter already, will see if there is any improvement in consumption, fitted the full set of aerodynamic aids on my Mk6 GTI and they definitely made a (small) difference.
  9. Not had the R done, but ran one on my Mk6 GTI and my Mk5 GT TDI, both for over 6 years each and no issues whatsoever. Not the most extreme maps, more like OEM+. I had no need to use then but I know of a guy locally that had some issues and they were very supportive and dealt with it superbly.
  10. I suffered a similar problem with my Mk1 Escort Mexico, the Mexico badges on the wings were constantly being stolen, bought so many new ones, I was surprised not to be invited to the local Ford dealers Christmas party.
  11. My late 2016 DSG also has the metal cage
  12. I watched a video with some Dr from VW driving and using the touchscreens, he was wandering about in the road ever time he used it.
  13. PCD is 5 x 112, OEM wheels are ET50. Some 17" will fit but not all, depends on the design of the wheel. I run 19" for my Summer tyres and 18" for winter.
  14. I picked up one from ebay, the number is 3G0 919 866 E, obviously an older version, but as you can update it, not an issue. The card for the Discover Nav holds the licence software so is apparently limited to 6 updates, 6 x 6monthly updates = 3 years, is what I was told.
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