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  1. My wife's previous car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0, so we switched to a Golf R Estate to save on fuel...!
  2. It depends how long you have been stopped, I think. Mine will definitely begin moving after a complete stop without me having to touch anything.
  3. Yes, it does. I've driven long distances on A roads and B roads, through traffic lights and even roundabouts, without touching the accelerator or brake pedal once. You do need an unsuspecting lead driver in front of you though...
  4. Google Maps and navigation works brilliantly with Android Auto and an Android phone.
  5. When the sensor turns your lights on, the satnav screen dims to nighttime mode. When the lights go off, it reverts to daytime mode. I think you can turn off this behaviour in the settings. I have noticed that in auto headlight mode, my R turns the lights on and off much more frequently than my other car does.
  6. The ACC is bloody brilliant. Normal cruise control can only really be used on motorways and dual carriageways, even then only if they are relatively clear. ACC can be used on almost any road, especially if you have a "lead car" in front of you. I drove 20 miles the other the other day, and never touched the brake or throttle, even through roundabouts and traffic lights.
  7. Works fine for me, but one annoyance is that my hand won't fit in the storage compartment with the USB socket to plug the cable in. I have to fiddle it in with one finger from both hands.
  8. I would still choose a manual in a weekend performance car, but in an everyday car, the DSG is brilliant.
  9. My other car is a Subaru BRZ for which Subaru specify 0w20 oil. At the first service, the main dealer replaced it with Shell Helix 10w40. I complained, got a refund and took it elsewhere.
  10. Really? Well I didn't know that! So the fruity noise I hear when I switch to Race in my Estate is purely from the Soundaktor? I'm a bit upset about that. Does the Soundaktor have a mechanical element to it or is it purely noise enhancement through the speakers?
  11. I paid my dealer £215 to activate App Connect. It's a rip-off, but it's worth having IMO. I have an Android phone and a Google Play music subscription, and being able to use Google Maps navigation and play just about any track in the world via voice command is brilliant. Also Android Auto does a much better job of traffic warnings and dictating SMS messages etc.
  12. I did my first long motorway run in my R Estate yesterday. The combination of DSG and ACC is brilliant. I barely touched the brake or accelerator once, even during sections with heavy traffic. Without auto, you'd have to change gear and resume ACC frequently, but when the car can change gear itself, and even brake to a standstill, it's superb.
  13. I'm curious. Eco mode will coast with the engine at idle, but won't that use more fuel than being in-gear with no throttle (as the fuel will cut)? Is it because the engine braking effect, even in a high gear, costs more fuel than running at idle?
  14. I'm a bit cynical about these "engine flushes" that main dealers always seem to tack on. Firstly, you've no proof that they've actually done it, and secondly, I am sceptical that there is any benefit for modern engines with modern oils and fuels, which have their own detergent additives.
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