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  1. I did them together (Unitronic), but honestly there is more day-to-day enjoyment to be gained from the TCU tune than the ECU tune. It just improves driveability so much compared to the lethargic standard DSG map. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  2. I went from 19" to 18" and am kinda regretting it. The sporty responsiveness that I loved so much has been subdued such that there is now a little play when I turn the wheel. I went to 18" on both sets of wheels, but now I'm wishing that I would've kept my summer setup as 19". Though if I ever took road trips I would probably put the 18"s on temporarily because of the harsh ride.
  3. Agree 100%. I had 19's and downsized to 18s. OEM Contisport 5Ps we on the 19s and I now have both Conti DWS06 and Michelin PS4S on sets of 18" wheels for fall/winter/spring and summer, respectively. I miss the 19's for summer as they were laser precise on turn-in and gave insane levels of lateral security when darting through traffic. What I don't miss is their harshness over bumps, potholes, and frostheaves, and while I hate to admit it, moving to an all 18" setup was the right call for where I live. The 18s produce a perceptively softer, more comfortable ride on both my summer and all-season tires and I can tell there is much more sidewall flex on turn-in, even in the PS4S tires. Good for imperfect roads. Not good for driving confidence. I've gotten over it though on the PS4S since they have tremendous levels of grip.
  4. Where is this dead spot you speak of? Immediately after mashing the accelerator? When you're on boost? Could be any number of things, but yes a tune or a JB4 + pedal box will most likely solve your issues.
  5. Ahhh I didn't realize there was a difference, my bad!
  6. Whoops sorry about that. Click on the first link in this thread: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?7114074-MK7-Golf-R-Maintenance-amp-Reference-Pack(PDF-s)
  7. http://tiny.cc/2pukuy It is every 6 years or 60k miles per the service schedule.
  8. This does not sound normal to me. You should check with your APR installer and see if they have any updates or fixes to this issue.
  9. Do you guys even have used car dealerships? Or do people just get all their cars by stealing them?
  10. Either battery problems, voltage drop issues (alternator), or ECU issues. Lets hope it's not he latter
  11. How will YOU drive the car? Would love to hear your predicted traffic situations, % of time on B roads/tracks/highways, etc. In my opinion, DSG all the way. They are not jerky at low speed, just a little less smooth than an auto box.
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