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  1. Rear pads and disks using Brembo all in at a shade over £200 using an independent garage. 25k on the clock.
  2. I have cross climates on 18 inch Cadiz and they seem fine. Not had really bad weather to notice a big difference to the Potenzas but they feel grippier.
  3. I have an R and I am way past 50. Just love hot hatches since my Mk 2 Golf Gti I bought in 1990. Now going back to read my which Zimmer frame magazine.
  4. Interesting just read that the mk8 R might use hybrid technology. I’m clearly not driving keenly enough in my R given the above comments!
  5. Had a ride in a mate’s GTE yesterday. Felt as quick as my R. Was impressed. Only thing missing for me was AWD. Imagine that and over 50 mpg with hard driving. What’s not to like? What do people think?
  6. My local VW garage mentioned that they had a software update for the parking brake when providing a quote for my 3 year service. Trouble is a non VW franchised garage I use for another car is offering to do the same service for £200 less but they are not up to speed on this update. My parking brake is working ok as far as I know. Has anyone had the upgrade and is it necessary etc as the information on the VW site is crap. I am having the service done by the non franchised garage of course! Thanks
  7. Thanks for the replies. All makes sense. For me it’s a 40 mile daily commute of country lanes then through the city. Occasional blast especially if I have some idiot in a Corsa or similar attached to the rear diffuser. I do not race of course because that would be very wrong!
  8. In the last month I’ve noticed a drop in my average MPG from around 37 to 32 in the last month or so. I don’t think I’ve changed my driving style so I wonder if this as a result of colder outside temperatures? Anyone else experienced this? Not a big deal still enjoying the car after nearly a year which is a 64 plate manual.
  9. Here is mine. I think it is still alive.
  10. So my wife drove us back from the pub last night in the R. I asked her what she thought and said it wasn't as good as the Golf GTI Mk5 we had a few years back. She felt that car was livelier and less leaden. Interesting as I love the R because it's quick and revvy and more planted but it does feel a bit heavy. Anyone else owned an earlier Golf GTI. Does she have a point?
  11. Steering clear of ex lease cars? What a load of rubbish!
  12. Honestly all this snobbery about ex lease cars. Mine's a red five door poverty spec manual. Bought with 12k on the clock in February for just a pinch over £20k. It's very shiny and drives like a dream. I wouldn't worry just make sure you do your homework and get the best you can afford. I've not heard of many people regretting getting a MK7 R!
  13. Plan to keep mine for a while. Bought it outright for just over £20k in February. Now on 17k miles and nearly 3 years old. It's got to beat my all time record of a Mk 5 Golf Gti which I bought new in 2005 and owned for 8 years. My best car so far and the R is right up there!
  14. The seats are more comfortable than those in my Fiesta ST but a lot of people loved those Recaros. I do agree they are not the best and do give me a bit of back ache on long journeys but not enough to put me off driving the R.
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