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  1. Gold crapper last seen in a R...... CCTV released in hunt for golden toilet stolen from Blenheim Palace http://news.sky.com/story/cctv-released-in-hunt-for-golden-toilet-stolen-from-blenheim-palace-11825715
  2. 1978 FIAT 127 1050 CL August 1985 Second time around I passed. I sweated so much my hands where slipping on the steering wheel . Would never be be able to pass today I have been practicing the online tests with my 18 year old son who is learning to drive I’ve failed so many times !
  3. mac351c

    Boring F1

    For me you never know when it’s going to be a good or bad race and as limited to highlights today watched the BMX world championship in Belgium, IMO better ..... 😃
  4. Good deal ....... Costco will shortly be doing a special on Michelin which I got last time around it worked out at £318 for 4 x ps4 225/40/18 including fitting.
  5. Damm expensive 67” two part race ramps worth every penny and so safe to use . the clearance is amazing.
  6. Costco have a Michelin offer on at the moment £100 off 4 tires = ps4 x4 = £340 ish fitted buy the best it’s worth it for your safety and others
  7. So my mk7 16 reg r etaste (low mileage) throws up a stop start error message on the dash and yes the stop start no longer works any more , I booked it in to my local VW dealer to be looked at and they got back to me with the problem they found . The vacuum sensor pipe between servo and engine is at fault , according to the chief tech person the pipi was contaminated with water 💦 ! (Sensor damaged) I have haven’t heard of water in a vacuum pipe before , so anyone have any thoughts on this , as it’s baffled me on how water can get in . Thanks
  8. mac351c

    R Estate

    Carbyfed nice wagon wheels really suit it. What wheels are they ?
  9. I have used quick glo for restoring chrome work on my classic cars for years , tried it on the r exhaust tips and the carbon build up melted away leaving a as new shine within seconds
  10. 🙂 I felt sorry for the other car driver trying to exit this junction , must have crapped themselves see the car coming head on
  11. Thanks for the comment ,at first didn’t realise what you meant , thinking doesn’t everyone drive properly! You only have to look at the clip to see the middle lane hoggers !
  12. Today driving on the M25 in my R managed to record this idiot HOW CAN YOU DRIVE ON TO A MOTORWAY THE WRONG WAY FROM A ROUNDABOUT ?
  13. That’s a nice job well done , what sort of cost did you pay to have it done ? cheers
  14. For anyone who has decided to buy a Thinkware dashcam there a discount code TWCV2017 https://thinkwaredashcam.uk Enjoy
  15. mac351c

    Utter Scum

    Way back in the the 80's I had a flat share in London with a chap from South Africa who told me all about car jackings in SA and how they would stab or shoot you to get your car. Now it's here ! Only the other month (as reported on this forum & national press) a similar event happen in my area . pure scum 'hope they caught soon. be safe folks
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