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  1. Yes that's his, he called round on his way from collecting it, apart from a few bug splat's on the front after a 2 hour drive the Car did look amazing. In the end he did not have the full detail. I think it cost him 900 plus the wheels/brakes.
  2. I can definitely say, since the last update no problems at all with VW maps. Did a trip to Cornwall which I did before the last update and it worked a treat.
  3. I think your problem of getting a good will off VW will be down to not having the 40000 service done at dealer, even though genuine parts are used. That's how most manufacturers view brand loyalty. Don't let it stop you trying though.
  4. Have you ever scanned or had the car scanned for faults, could be an intermittent fault with a door switch or sensor.
  5. It does do this if Stop Start kicks in and park is enabled, its because the driver door has been opened.
  6. I use it to mainly select different albums switch to radio or media and read out text messages.
  7. Yes that's basically it. Plus the final payment fee of £10 I think it is.
  8. My dealer told me they preferred me to do it the first 14 days because it's less bother for them. Main benefit for the you is you pay less interest because the PCP is cancelled before it starts so just pay per day.
  9. I must admit I use voice control on my standard unit all the time. It was an optional extra though. Mainly change albums with it or change from radio to media and vice versa, plus ask it to read text messages. It works ok but not as good as fords where I could give all command's in one sentence.
  10. You can exercise your right to withdraw (cancel) with in 14 days and only pay daily interest or request a settlement figure after 14 days and 58 day's interest. And keep the benefits.
  11. Yes you can but not on the info unit display at the same time. The maps on the pro have 3D buildings for some area I believe.
  12. Glad you sorted. Sometimes SD cards corrupt if connection is lost or unplugged from PC etc. Still readable by some devices but need error checking for others. There is usually an option to disconnect the card but most of us don't use it, me included.
  13. Mine is MY18 so could be a change then.
  14. Have you tried the other SD slot? Did you use the Remove safely option?
  15. Have you tried a reboot of the system by holding the power button in for 10 seconds, worth ago if not tried. My latest Maps folder is 12.5 GB with 5887 files and 862 folders, June released.
  16. Just make sure the slot is wide enough, my one with a 9mm slot is to narrow.
  17. On the Facelift the valves aren't controlled by S, so do not revert to closed on restart. As long as Race mode or individual with engine sound set to Race they are open on restart.
  18. My mates got is Type R booked in, in about 2 weeks for the full detail I let you know how he goes on.
  19. For the majority of time I just have the pocket GPS world app running on on my phone. Its set to auto start when connected to the cars Bluetooth and lets me know when approaching cameras etc and if I am over the limit.
  20. I do same as slider, works no problem.
  21. When I collected my car I was asked what sort of mileage/driving type and was advised to be on the fixed service plan which I wanted anyway.
  22. Yep gear box in D. I tend to leave in race now mind you and use the DSG in D, it seems to give a better throttle response and still get the valves open.
  23. Not true on my 7.5. If I use individual and set engine sound to race the valves open regardless of DSG mode.
  24. This is how I have found the settings. DCC - Suspension control (if you have it) Drive - Gearbox (DSG in eco drive or sport but reverts to D on restart) Engine sound - Soundaktor volume and in race opens exhaust flaps.
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