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  1. Car.crash

    Police in pursuit, then this.....

    You ok hun?
  2. Car.crash

    What did you do to your R today?

    Rgm make those. I cant seem to find anywhere that sells them though. Shame really as they are the best around.
  3. Car.crash

    LV= Very Happy

    £140 windscreen excess was excessive from them but the original quote was cheap enough I guess. Autoglass came out and done a fine job.
  4. Car.crash

    Important Traffic Announcement

    A few weeks prior it happened on the neighbouring m40 where 3 died. Police were clearly aiming for a safe resolution. They did good.
  5. Car.crash

    What should my first power mod be?

    My pal has the apr intake setup but no map. He’s no faster than mine with a standard intake. Tuner bullsh1t imo unless mapped.
  6. Car.crash

    Important Traffic Announcement

    I saw it. Pissed up driver in a van going wrong way in outside lane. Police hit him and spun him out.
  7. Car.crash

    Dynaudio or no?

    I’ve had both. I found the dynaudio shook and rattled the car to bits. I really wasn’t happy with it
  8. Car.crash

    Attempted break in for car keys?

  9. Car.crash

    Attempted break in for car keys?

    I don’t wish to go into detail about my security on a public forum but add these to a high security lock and you’ll not be opening the door from the outside unless you’ve a battering ram. They only work if your in though. Add 2 to every door for night security.
  10. Car.crash

    What did you do to your R today?

    Fitted my brake cooling deflectors ready for snetterton.
  11. Car.crash

    Replacement Brakes

    Had my discs and pads swapped at vw last week. £590 all round.
  12. I may be up for going. Was at Ford fair today and it was packed. Wish the vw could fill he venue like the ford boys. Also did bugjam but that’s not a show for me.
  13. Car.crash

    Ordering a jb4

    Thanks guys 👍