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  1. When you clean or exchange the pump you need to recalibrate it or the voltages will still be off.
  2. A deal has been struck and I’m now the proud owner of this.
  3. That’s some great help right there. Thanks so much for taking the time to write that. I’ll take that on board and use that. thankyou.
  4. So my golf has been in and out of the local dealership for 5 times over oil leaks on my engine within the last 12 months. All the time it’s been under warranty and they always take at least 2 weeks to investigate then repair and give it back to me. Everytime the car continues to leak from different parts of the engine. I’ve had 2 sumps, timing cover replaced, oil filler cap, oil cooler, cam cover and possibly some other parts. Total time without the vehicle is 4-5 months now 2 of of which is covid related so that isn’t their fault. On one of the visits the car was taken without my permission or knowledge by a technician to be used for personal errands when it should have been on a ramp and I found it parked on his driveway by my tracker. The last time it was in I was assured the car was fixed. 60 miles later and it’s now leaking coolant from not being put back together properly as well as numerous hoses and clamps not even done up or connected. On top of that the tailgate has been damaged where they have been pushing it around. Upon inspection it seems most if not all the previous oil repairs are now leaking again. I’ve lost all faith in the car and the garage now. What are my options here guys? I feel I’ve given them reasonable time and attempts to fix the car but each time it’s just worse. At the present the car is at another branch of the franchise. What should i do?
  5. Henry for sure. You can’t break it, he never dies.
  6. They better had. my car was fixed by my local dealer for the same problem for the 4th time. It only lasted 2 days and broke again so I’ve been without my golf since mid February. 5 months of no car within 12 months isn’t acceptable. They’ve got some explaining to do when they open in 2 weeks.
  7. Car.crash


    I’m on day 8 of this bug now. been in isolation at home since weds night. started off with a sore throat and mild fever and cough. progressed through the week into a crazy tight chest and lungs burning. I’m asthmatic but this has not triggered my asthma. ambulance came out in the night as I couldn’t breathe and they were here within 10 mins. all was ok and I was allowed to stay home. normally I’d have been taken in as a precaution but as you’d imagine they are full so only the worst will be taken. feeling much better today and have a mega painful chest but after a chat with the doctor she reassured me I’ll probably be ok. Just like to say thankyou to any key worker right now.
  8. Mine came loose. Luckily I saw it whilst washing the car. Could see it sliding around. I used no nails double sided tape and It’s been fine. I don’t leave my mirrors on so I can rule that issue out.
  9. Can’t help on the downpipe. but in regards to the intercooler mark all the bolts before you undo them. it’ll make everything line up nicely on refit and also keep the radar in calibration.
  10. I’ve got a set of originals that have been powder coated black.
  11. I got a set off cm wheels. £400 delivered for black 18’s. direct fitment and no spigots or special bolts needed. just torque up to 135nm I think on the bolts and your good.
  12. Calvin has made that golf from being the most famous and fastest car to a old slag. it’s now ruined for me purely from him earning a living off it each month.
  13. You’ll not find a better mat than the weathertech ones. https://www.weathertecheurope.com/uk/floorliner-digitalfit/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIh8Lo_97l5gIVTbDtCh33KQ1qEAQYASABEgKVwfD_BwE
  14. Swapped all 12 driveshaft bolts. I reused the originals and one snapped. absolute headache to get it out. they are stretch bolts and one time use as I later found out.
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