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  1. Dealer told me this week that the new cars arnt allowed to use leather anymore and the stuff you’ve got isn’t real. This wltp crap he said. He said it’s all new cars now. Anyone shed any light on this?
  2. ive Spoke to George who has been very helpful this evening. Fingers crossed I can get it running. I’m excited to see what the hype is about.
  3. Yeh I accept things break and I’m not annoyed. Just want to get to the bottom of it all. Ive done the latest update and also tried some older software. Id like to try another obd lead but it’s a £45 gamble.
  4. All connections are fine. It is used. Im happy to buy replacement parts but I can’t get any help anywhere. I asked on the n54 support forum only to have my thread hidden from public eyes. I guess burger motorsports don’t like people to see their units can break. Very unusual behaviour
  5. I’m having a nightmare with my JB4 and can’t seem to get any answers or replies. basically I have the Bluetooth kit but the only gauges that display on my phone are the boost and current map. i can’t scan for error codes either. so basically my JB4 isn’t getting any info off the obd2 port. Ive no damage to the obd cable and continuity on each wire. yes I have got the small 4 pin plug in the right way around ive tried the latest software and tried some older stuff ive tried iPhone and iPad and still nothing. Surely im not the first person to ever have this issue. any ideas please guys?
  6. There’s a car out there missing it’s matching watch.
  7. Rgm make those. I cant seem to find anywhere that sells them though. Shame really as they are the best around.
  8. £140 windscreen excess was excessive from them but the original quote was cheap enough I guess. Autoglass came out and done a fine job.
  9. A few weeks prior it happened on the neighbouring m40 where 3 died. Police were clearly aiming for a safe resolution. They did good.
  10. My pal has the apr intake setup but no map. He’s no faster than mine with a standard intake. Tuner bullsh1t imo unless mapped.
  11. I saw it. Pissed up driver in a van going wrong way in outside lane. Police hit him and spun him out.
  12. I’ve had both. I found the dynaudio shook and rattled the car to bits. I really wasn’t happy with it
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