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  1. The new RS3 engine and DQ500 conversion would be my choice no idea of the cost but it’s got to around the 10k mark.
  2. This would be my preferred choice also however not the cheapest!!!
  3. Speak to Will at VRS he’ll steer you in the right direction.
  4. I’m sure I read on here that APR discontinued the stage 3 package due to running issues.
  5. That looks like a render to me if it is that low it’s def on air.
  6. Plenty out there running 500bhp ok without built blocks and clutch packs. Will at VRS was saying is about 10k to build one of these engines properly.
  7. It’s not bad to be fair I use it in comfort most of the time. Am eyeing up a set of Bilstein’s though the reverse rake on springs drives my OCD crazy!!
  8. Thanks for the info 👍
  9. How tight is it on the front? Flush fit or would you still get a bit of tuck if your low? Apologies for the thread hijack.
  10. Ah seriously frustrating I bet with all the time and energy that has been poured into the project. Any idea why is was doing what it was doing?
  11. Can’t wait to see it run up the strip!!!
  12. I bet it’s savage when it comes on boost!! What are the rev’s capped at?
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