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  1. Big.h


    Been doing track days for a few years. It’s good albeit bloody expensive. Would like another road bike though. Photos blatantly stolen from no limits. 🤭
  2. Explains why they can easily handle 500+ bhp. Good read.
  3. No in the next town along about 5 mins down the road. Although they do have do have some rather nice watches!! or had as the case may be....
  4. This was by me. Total scum bags and in broad daylight too.
  5. What year did they change to the aluminium block?
  6. I’m using millers nanotech oil and I’m seeing averages of around 95-99’c
  7. Im guessing the gains will be minimal if any at all you wouldn’t notice a difference. Also I know Will @VRSNorthampton does his own spec low pressure turbo that kicks out about 450/470bhp which is just a bolt on cheaper than the TTE470 too, with the TTV5 etc your going to need a fuel pump as well more £££ if if I was going to go stage 3 with a big turbo etc on standard internals I’d be running some sort of water/meth injection to keep the temps down.
  8. You could buy a scorpion or BCS downpipe and Wagner Intercooler for just the price of the Akro downpipe. Ludicrous how much they want for that.
  9. I’m sure the guys at VRS use this oil.
  10. Big.h


    LV here too there mod coverage is really cheap I was pleasantly surprised for once.
  11. Try it in individual mode with engine in eco it's not to bad at all like that. Then when you want to give it the berries switch it to normal or race.
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