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  1. I've always wondered about this.
  2. I did eventually get the oil changed. It took a couple more phone calls to the lease company and eventually got through to someone who put me through to the garage and they just booked it in. They also changed the pollen filter and did a "health check" and even emailed me a pointless 2 min video of them checking the tyre tread depth. So it's definitely due when the oil light comes on and worth doing (particularly if you're paying extra on the lease for maintenance!).
  3. The grip level on these Rs does seem to drop off quite quickly once temperatures get close to zero, at least with 'standard' tyres. It always surprises me as I get used to how well they grip when it's warm.
  4. I've been having the exact same issue on PS4s when driving round certain roundabouts or pulling out of a junction fast. Had the car a year (but PS4s are all about 6 months old) and it's only just started happening while temps have been down to about 4c so put it down to that. Tyres are all 36 PSI. It never feels out of control so expect it's just the Haldex struggling to adjust as quickly as it does when it's warmer.
  5. Well if that's the case, some poor sod will get a surprise if they buy an ex-lease R in a year or so! I'm not changing it myself as I pay £7 a month for maintenance on my lease.
  6. So that's why it's called Turmeric Yellow.
  7. I don't think it's the lease company as the lady I spoke to phoned the dealer a further 2 times after I booked it in and said they are certain it's not due. But I'm going to have to take it somewhere else as it now keeps beeping and saying "Oil Service Due!" every time I get out the car so perhaps they can disable that.
  8. My R has done just over 11,000 miles and the oil service message has started popping up. I've twice tried to book it in with VW for an oil change (via my lease company) but they say VW keep declining it saying it's on flexible servicing and isn't due until about 18,000 miles. I've explained there's a message saying oil service required in 800 miles and that it's an oil service and not a full service but they insist it doesn't need an oil change. Is that correct? Why would it say it needs one if it doesn't?
  9. I find the standard sat-nav fine on y 7.5 when combined with a 4G USB dongle. I have Carplay as well but prefer the VW maps over Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze.
  10. Is it possible to remove the centre storage tray in order to get behind it (the one with the 4Motion logo on it)? I managed to lose a small bit of paper down in the slot between the climate controls and the flap 🙄 Thought it would end up in the tray but seems to have been lost.
  11. From reading his post, I get the feeling he doesn't!
  12. fatherted


    I went back to using the M7350 which has worked flawlessly for months but now that won't connect either. Same SIM card, WiFI SSID etc. as before but has just decided to stop working and I just get the no data connection message even thought my dashcam connects ok.
  13. fatherted


    Borrowed an E8372 today but can't seem to get the car to connect to it even though it works with other devices and the same SIM card in the M7350 works fine. The Wi-fi seems really flaky on these cars.
  14. fatherted


    I've been using an M7350 also but a bit disappointed that it runs out of power after several hours and I have to fiddle around with it every morning to turn it back on before I drive off. I like it being on all the time for Dashcam cloud access for security reasons. Which battery pack do you use? I'd love to have something that I know would stay on all night.
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