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  1. Gotta love the BBS ...I went with 235 tyres.. where did you get the blue badges from..eBay?
  2. Been going a bit nuts on the Auto finessse stuff lately
  3. Thanks buddy..wheels look great with that colour ..Eibach is another I’m considering
  4. Hi guys.. I remember seeing that some makes of springs drop more at the rear than the front..I’m running 235x35 19 on a 8.5 rim with a 48mm offset with no spacers..can anybody give me some advice on springs that drop slightly more at the rear than the front..I’m also trying to avoid any rubbing issues but quite prepared to do the front fender mod, just don’t want to get into rolling arches.. thanks for any advice
  5. Syvee

    Newbie alert

    Yes buddy 19x8.5 with 235 35 tyres..just trying to work out what springs to go for now 👍
  6. Syvee

    Newbie alert

    Hi pal BBS here..just fitted today 😁
  7. Yes mate 19 x8.5 et48 with 235 tyres....I’m waiting for somebody to pipe up about springs as I’m not sure yet which to go for without rubbing issues but it’s probably going to be Eibach..rear needs to come down slightly more than the front
  8. BBS fitted..vast improvement over the Cadiz just need to get it washed now..and lowered, I went with 235 tyres and a 48 offset, the wheels are 8.5 wide do you think I’ll be ok with Eibach springs with no rubbing issues?
  9. Thanks..I think the anthracite will go well with the Lapis 👍
  10. Little update..after a supply problem my idea of going with GMP Italia Atoms has been changed and I’ve gone for a different set of wheels which have now arrived ...also had some cleaning stuff turn up 👍
  11. After the conversation we had the other day 😂.. from what I’ve read with the mods you have you shouldn’t be that far off stage 1 off the shelf power in terms of bhp.. you’ll probably not put as much torque out as a stage 1 map but Burger and George have a very good reputation...you'll be fine to run map 2 as that’s set up for 99ron fuel which we have plenty of here in the UK..as just a piggy back without any mods people have seen around 350bhp with your bolt on bits and a few logs to George I reckon you should see 370ish ..sure somebody will correct me if I’m wrong 😁..bonus is that it’s transferable so can be sold on of bolted to your next vag ride 👍
  12. Tender age of 46 here..mental age is a bit lower tho 😁
  13. Wild One on the right Rough Rider on the left...both are re-issues from about 5 years ago..I always wanted these in the 80s and could never afford them..I did have the Ford Ranger at one point (painted in Fall Guy colours of you are old enough to remember) but that got lost in time.
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