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  1. Don't even dream about 18K miles without an oil change !! That is madness unless it is leased in which case it will be long gone before the trouble starts. First change for me always 1K miles and subsequently every 10K or once a year.
  2. Thanks Dave, Did as you suggested and it's OK now. .......probably till I use the S/N again. Why do things have to be so complicated?All they need is a S/N off soft button. Thanks again.
  3. Can anybody suggest how to turn off the Sat Nav on a 2019 R. I don't need it all the time and the maps in the instrument display are not wanted all the time. I have had a look in the manual to no avail .
  4. You can get really cheap gloss black Chinese ones on ebay or amazon and although they are not OEM they do fit and if you don't like them just throw them away !
  5. Think the black car suits silver wheels and mirror caps. It does seem to be a growing fashion to have black rims but I hate them although the brake dust issue is minimised. As no doubt someone will rightfully say, 'It's your car do what YOU want to it' ( even if it looks naf!!)
  6. Don't worry about taking your R thru a car wash !!! When the primer starts to show through there will be little left to rub down and therefore the respray should be cheaper........moral, there is an up side to everything!
  7. I'l look forward to that then!!! Got mine in October and just clocked 750 miles. Need to get out more me thinks !!
  8. Norbert

    Oil temp

    Mine is a WTLP and Ido wonder why after a long steady run of 40/50 miles the oil and water do not show the same temp. I have had cars with analogue gauges in the past and the oil and water temps always read the same after a while although the water always heats up faster. Is there perhaps a thermostat in the oil cooler ? My understanding is that the water radiator is there to cool the engine and also the oil so why are the temps always different even after a prolonged run.(usually 90 c water and 98/100 oil ) Can anybody please explain the disparity in the temperatures.
  9. I hang my wheel woolies (that sounds like a disease!) up in the garage to dry but not sure if I like wheel related cleaning items in a bag with the wash mitt. Despite your best efforts,you never know what naughty pieces of grit get transferred to the mitt.
  10. Got VW Finance for mine £1500 off then paid it off two weeks later. Nobody batted an eyelid. Ford do it regularly to shift their non RS models
  11. Here is my R now with 150 miles on the clock.Lovely car and much nicer to drive the my Mk3 RS
  12. They are genuine VW wheels so might be the TCR ones. Sadly they are not a build option but will cost you about £1100 from the dealer.They are on the VW web site along with a few other examples.
  13. Just to keep the pot boiling, here is my new R with 18 inch VW Rotary Alloys......no Cadiz in sight (they are in the boot)!!
  14. Think the delivery date is pessimistic. I ordered mine 22/8/19 and picked it up 24/10/19. Dealer seemed surprised it was so quick as they said about December time for delivery !! You may have it much sooner than you think.
  15. Thanks I've ordered one and will convert to an R (I think!!)
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