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  1. What a brilliant thread and a fantastic looking car, a real credit to you.
  2. that looks stunning, hope you’re able to get out and about in it very soon.
  3. I had to do this to me filler cap cover, quite common apparently, can’t remember where I read about it (may have just done an internet search but fit worked a treat.
  4. Could it be a broken wire where the loom comes from car into hatch ?
  5. I quite like the bronze with the blue 😎
  6. My 2020 TCR came with an Akra, looks and sounds awesome ,
  7. thanks Adam, Sounds like I’d better get one bought and fitted pronto, knowing that the sound quality is improved and the car still looks standard and the boot is still usable are massive plus points for what is a relatively low outlay (compared with going down the separate amps sub in a box in the boot and upgraded speakers you could easily spend a grand !!! It would or should sound better going down that route but the Helix option appeals to me.
  8. Had my TCR since 3rd October last year and I’ve never used the paddles!! Does that make me a bad person ? Maybe if I replace the tiny OE paddles that would encourage me to play with them ?
  9. Oh meant to ask, can I take it you’re still happy / impressed with improvement to the sound quality?
  10. thanks Rebecca, will do.
  11. hi Rebecca, I meant the basic guide on this forum , I’ve had a read and it does look like the Pro version is the one to get, is it an expensive to keep having to top up with credits ? Is there a certain “novelty factor” to having one or can it be used as a diagnostic tool as well .. On a different subject and as a moderator do you know if GE90 is still active on the forum as I’ve been reading his Helix sub thread and would like to rent his programming dongle. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi Adam, Doesn’t the Helix kit not come with RHD jumper switch ? Where did you get your jumper switch/lead come from please. If you could post a link that would be brilliant, thanks.
  13. Just found “the basic guide” on the forum, perhaps I should think/look before posting next time, my bad , sorry
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