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  1. Well I did get a reply albeit not an entirely clear one but I've bought one hoping it's the semi-rigid type without the "wings". I'll update again when it arrives. Still no joy on the warning triangle though.
  2. I got Bridgestone S005s on my 19" non-PP car and at first I was disappointed when I saw them but after driving nearly 300 miles now I don't actually think they're that bad and certainly not bad enough to change them before their time. One thing I think the reviewers have got right is that DCC is a must have option. I have it on mine and it makes the ride very plush should you want it to be. Of course hitting a bad pothole will always be jarring no matter what.
  3. Just FYI but I have contacted this VW dealer as they are showing a MK8 boot liner without "wings" but it seems to have the same 5H0061161 part number as the one that does; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265155480042?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I've asked them to confirm whether it is the semi-rigid type and not the rollable foam type. Will post back when they reply.
  4. I did think of that myself but I want to revert to the "R" one when the time comes.
  5. Thanks again and a quick google doesn't bring up anything so I'll keep trying.
  6. Yes that's the one I was looking at online as I prefer the semi-rigid ones as I had the foam type one in a previous A3. I probably won't bother with one now.
  7. Thanks. Both mine came with "R" logos but want o get a spare with just the standard VW logo.
  8. Many thanks for that and will perhaps try another dealer for the triangle.
  9. Quick question to those in the know. Is the VW boot liner part number 5H0 061 161, which is also hopefully the semi-rigid rather than flexible foam one, the right one for a MK8 R? I contacted a VW dealer and he said it will fit with the variable boot floor in the up position which I assume it always is due to either/both the 4 Motion and HK systems. I also asked about the Warning Triangle part number 1TO 860 250 C and he advised that it didn't appear on the VW system. Is it definitely the "C" suffix version that I need? I've seen an "A" version online but nothing, in the UK at leas
  10. Looking good but I would say that as I'm picking my identical looking R tomorrow. It also looks like you're the first, going by the poll on the other thread, to get Goodyears on a non Performance Pack / 19" Estoril car so there's perhaps a glimmer of hope for me yet!
  11. I got my Stage 7 text this morning text too and yet I was BW18. In fact it's only been 9 weeks since I placed the order via DTD and less than 8 weeks since receiving my order number from James. It seems like a complete lottery!
  12. Yes just got the text too! Can't believe how quickly it's happened and feel a bit bad for those with really long and unexplained waits.
  13. BW18 was last week and it's already at the dealer's PDI centre? That's really quick! Mine was BW18 also and had the stage 5C confirmation this morning.
  14. Exactly the same as mine. I think someone on here mentioned that deliveries to Sheerness were plentiful so perhaps that's a reason for the quick delivery.
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