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  1. Again many thanks for this.
  2. Blimey that's a treasure chest of TPI's! I don't suppose you could post what TPI number 2062397/3 relating to the wireless charging of iPhones 12 and 13 says as I have this issue too. Thanks again.
  3. Likewise thank you too for posting this. I'll quote the TPI number: 2060861/5 at my dealer tomorrow for my booking on Friday.
  4. Thanks ever so much for taking the time to post this as it's actually the one gremlin which is really annoying me even though I'm always the driver but my regular passenger doesn't half get the hump during these colder months!
  5. Annoying to hear that the 1890 update doesn't fix the passenger seat heating issue. As my car is going in on Friday for this update if you could post any details on what other update your dealer does in this respect just so that I can advise my dealer before the car goes in. Much appreciated.
  6. Thanks for posting your experiences with the 1890 update. I'll be pleased if it only fixes the passenger seat heating issue!
  7. That's also a good deal for someone if they can/do as that spec is now £43K due to the subsequent price rise and reduced deposit contribution. Why are you cancelling?
  8. Mine goes in next Friday for the 1890 update but in the meantime I'm sure that many on here, myself included, would be interested to hear if common gremlins appear to be fixed or not and hopefully no new ones! Thanks.
  9. I've had the 91CM update, which fixed the double pop, and I'm booked in for the 14th to get the latest 1890 software. I'm hoping that this fixes the passenger seat heating issue as well as I think it's software and not hardware related. Mine was working fine until either the 91CM recall or other OTA update seemingly made it go haywire. It can't be a coincidence that a few others on here also reported this issue at a similar time meaning that it's unlikely that the same sensor failed at the same time across multiple cars.
  10. Thanks for this and even though I've ordered a M240iX I have just booked my 8R in for 14 January to have this update done.
  11. Yes had that one a couple of times. It's as you have experienced as in turn off and come back to it a bit later and it works again. Actually I wonder if the slew of OTA updates yesterday/today might be more meaningful than usual as the one tonight did list it as being fixes for background systems rather than for the shop or legal information. Just a thought as these might be those updates which can be sent OTA which are included in the reported latest software version supposedly coming to a VW dealer, via a technical bulletin, near you.
  12. Whilst my R has only suffered the usual software related gremlins, which haven't helped with the ownership experience, these will no doubt be rectified in time. However the two things that will never change about it are that it's a 5 door hatchback with a 4 cylinder engine whereas my last two cars were both 2 door coupes with 6 cylinder engines. I just didn't appreciate quite how much I would miss these two "features" and especially the latter. Had the M240iX been available in March when I ordered the R it would have been no contest for me at least.
  13. Yes I have read that on some of the US BMW forums as cars are starting to be delivered over the pond given that it's being manufactured in Mexico. No UK orders arrived yet but the BMW configurator does have a generic warning of potential features not being available. I won't be selling the R until the spec of the M240iX has been confirmed as being present as I've ordered quite a few technology options. If bits are missing it will then be case of seeing which ones they are and what compensation is being offered for them or cancel.
  14. It was and hence going for it and ordering now as I suspect it's going to be awhile before it arrives and there's likely going to be price rise(s), like the R, between now and then. I'm genuinely happy to drive the R until it arrives and will see what the market's like then.
  15. Yes last night. It showed up with no less than 6 updates which were apparently in relation to the shop and legal information. Likewise I thought I would stay in the car whilst they updated, as they usually only take a few minutes, but this time the progress bar got stuck 2/3rds of the way along and I gave up. I haven't been back in the car since. I've decided to fix the issue myself by ordering an M240iX today. I suspect the day it arrives will be the day when the gremlins finally get resolved by VW!
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