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  1. The latest generation BMW HUD shows much more information, and with better graphics, than the MK8 R does.
  2. Perhaps its the way I'm inclined to drive a hot hatch, versus a mini GT type car, but the MK8 R did feel that little bit lighter and chuckable than the M240iX. I've not explored the BMW quite so much yet as I've only had it a matter of weeks and a few hundred miles though.
  3. The answer is yes to both your questions. I much prefer coupes, with six cylinder engines, so I was always going to like the M240iX more than my MK8 R which I couldn't wait to get rid of in the end due to the well known gremlins. The engine is a definite highlight and overall it is a step up over the MK8 R in all department's including price. I thought about waiting for the M2 but, like you, the M240iX is all I realistically need and it also means that you don't have to stretch to a full fat AMG, ///M or RS car to get an engine with more than 4 cylinders in a relatively small(ish) car which ma
  4. From what I've read online the M2 will not get XDrive and the M2 Competition won't debut at the same time as the M2 but sometime later (possibly a fair bit later like with the F87). I've had my G42 M240iX for a month and half now and I ordered the Pro Pack as it is MY22 car so it has iDrive 7 with the integrated dash and infotainment displays and physical HVAC controls. When the MY23 cars were announced they now come with iDrive 8 which has the less well physically integrated curved dash display and touchscreen HVAC controls like the MK8 R. I've not seen or used iDrive 8 but no dou
  5. I had HK in my MK8 R and found it perfectly acceptable but nothing to write home about. First thing I noticed when I drove my new M240iX home was just how good the HK sounded compared to the Golf. Far superior. If you find a car without HK don't let it stop you. My tip would be to get one with DCC.
  6. I really feel for you as I ordered in March 2021 and I collected it 9 weeks to the day. I've driven it for a year and 9.2K miles and just sold it yesterday and you still don't have yours! Hope you get some better news soon.
  7. It’s your car’s way of telling you it wants to be cleaned. Or, if you’re not a detailing fiend like me, just wipe over the sensors if you are then perhaps a trip to the dealer is in order.
  8. It gets worse. DTD updated the VED and list price increase from 1 April and are now showing the finance contribution from VWFS as being £500 down from £950. Expensive things these Golf R's! Got to love this line on their page as well; Quotes and offers are for cars ordered between 1st April – 30th June 2022 and delivered by 30th June 2023.
  9. Yes looks like DTD are now showing the 1 April 2022 prices and the base R is now £42,140 OTR up from £40,900 so no escaping the luxury VED. Option prices also up.
  10. Do you mind posting who your dealer is? Because my local one is the pits, as another member has already mentioned on here, and I would go further into Kent to avoid them! Thanks.
  11. Thanks as I wasn't sure if posting links to other forums was allowed. I did post asking him clarify what it meant and hopefully he will and it will just be case of not being to able option these items where they weren't already included in the standard specification.
  12. I would definitely be miffed if it didn't come with the LED Matrix adaptive headlights as they're excellent and standard equipment in the UK. Good luck and hope it's just for new orders only.
  13. Perhaps related but someone else has also just posted on another forum that they are now no longer able spec LED Matrix headlights as an upgrade to the RSQ3 and they have been removed from the configurator.
  14. The poster doesn't say whether it applies to new or existing orders but he is an ex VW Sales Manager who now works for a leasing broker so his info is likely to be good. VW UK will no doubt announce it along with the price rise on April fool's day pay more and get less no joke!
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