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  1. Just saw this on Facebook... it at least gives you a name to use if you want to get in touch with the bloke. 👌🏻😎
  2. So that’s something else I need to add to the list of things to buy... 😂
  3. Thanks for the reply, good to hear they’re doing well after a year. I’m not fussed about going low-low with the car, it’s going to be a daily driver. I just want a nice drop so it sits nicely on the 19” wheels. I just thought the B14s looked like decent quality option for a reasonable price. Also want to fit everything suspension related at the same time so the car is only off the road once, with one load of labour, one geometry set up etc. My current list looks like: Coilovers: Bilstein B14 Increased Camber Top Mounts: ??? 24mm Adjustable Rear ARB: SuperPro? Whiteline?
  4. Planning to collect a MK7.5 Estate this weekend and already thinking about mods to do to it. I've already got some wheels to replace the Prets, a front splitter and arranged to pick up a pedal box on my way home with the car. 😂 Being a huge hoarder, I’ve still got a set of KW V1 Coilovers and Koni/H&R springs from my old MK7 Hatch sitting in storage.. and they were both ok, but I believe they’re both useless on an Estate, so I need a new set up. Car is a daily, with occasional fast road use and an annual/bi-annual trip to The Ring/Spa so isn’t needing the best/most adjustable set up going.. a fit and forget solution will be fine. Bilstein B14 seem well priced, does anyone use them? I’ve done a search and can’t see that much about them. Are there any other options I should be considering? Or recommendations for which other parts I should be fitting at the same time; top mounts, bushes, ARBs etc? Cheers. 👍🏻
  5. It's been a while since I updated this thread (and my others!) but after a long year where I've had some big issues to deal with, I now subscribe to the 'life's too short' way of thinking more than ever.. so here are a few more recent pictures of the Golf, including the carbon fibre mirror covers which I bought for it: Untitled by rsgrant, on Flickr Untitled by rsgrant, on Flickr Untitled by rsgrant, on Flickr Untitled by rsgrant, on Flickr Untitled by rsgrant, on Flickr Untitled by rsgrant, on Flickr After thinking seriously about what I do and don't like about the Golf and what is and isn't possible for me to change, I added up what I'd like to do to the Golf to take it to the next stage: Remap Intercooler Different Intake Hybrid Turbo (might as well since I was travelling hundreds of miles for the map & it'd give peace of mind!) Custom Exhaust with Decat Downpipe Rear Diffuser to suit above Uprated Clutch and Flywheel Big Brake Kit ARB Upgrade ...I ended up with a big figure at the end of that list and while I would end up with a ~450bhp rocket that handled and stopped well, it was a LOT of money to lay out on modifications and every MK7 R that I've heard with an aftermarket exhaust sounds poor and doesn't suit the subtle nature of the car IMO. So I could potentially end up with a car I'm not totally happy with, which I don't expect after spending thousands of pounds on upgrading it. So after realising that the sound of a car is one of the things which I really value in a car (looking back at my history of cars, there's a lot of character in the noises that the ones I have fondest memories of made) along with the fact that I like RWD because it adds an extra dimension to the driving experience that you can't get with FWD and most 4WD cars... it kind of meant that my days with the Golf had become numbered, which was a sad realisation! B7 RS4, TTRS (I was very close to leaving a deposit on a Plus!) and C63 AMG were all ruled out as potential replacements for various reasons; to be honest I didn't feel like I really had many options left apart from an E9* M3 with a manual gearbox... and so the start of a semi serious/part time search for an LCI M3 with a nice specification and manual gearbox in either Coupe or Saloon flavour began. Fast forward about few months, I drove a white E92 LCI which ticked most of my boxes but I was left a little cold by it after looking through the history and finding that it didn't add up to exactly how it had been advertised to me in the pre-visit communication and then not finding anything else that took my fancy for the next wee while... I was even seriously considering a TTRS Plus but eventually realised that jumping into that might be the wrong thing to do and continued on my search for an M3. So fast forward some more and I turned up a 2010 M3 Competition Pack in quite a rare colour combination with a decent spec, low miles/owners, full BMW service history and the all important manual gearbox. E92 M3 Competition Pack by rsgrant, on Flickr A test drive, some negotiation, a lot of hard thinking and a cup of tea later saw a deposit left on it... I'm really going to miss the Golf, it is a fantastic car and has surprised me on so many levels; and this might very well turn out to be the wrong decision but as I said at the top of the post 'life's too short' to hold off and procrastinate over 'what ifs' so I've taken the plunge and will see what happens, you can follow that journey on the thread I've just made: https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=47&t=1701625&i=999999 Goodbye old friend... Untitled by rsgrant, on Flickr
  6. Out of interest, is the bottom grill (where the ACC box is) the same in both GTI and R bumpers?? Cheers, Grant
  7. Yeah I'm into that, YMB looks great in person and when the sun is out you can really see it pop too. Cheers, Grant
  8. Mine is never off... although it took a while to make peace with the fact that I'm pissing an extra couple of quid/MPG away by choosing to live such a decadent and extravagent lifestyle. Cheers, Grant
  9. It's very simple to get the new M3 to slide around and act like a hooligan if you drive with feet of lead, but modulate the throttle a little and I've found that you can make some pretty impressive cross-country progress even in shatty Scottish weather. I was very surprised at that after reading so many bad reviews of the pre-LCI version, I know the LCI version is meant to have addressed the issues but surely the difference can't be that large between two versions of the same car?! That being said, ours is a manual car which helps keep things more smooth compared to nobbers who get a DCT version, turn the gearchange ferocity up to insanity setting and then moan that the car is too lively and snappy. Cheers, Grant
  10. I've got no front ARB on my car at all just now, the original part is gathering dust in my workshop and has been for months. Cheers, Grant
  11. RS Grant


    Standard is 5w30 but I switched to 5w40 because I use my car on track. Cheers, Grant
  12. Was running KW V1 Coilovers that I bought almost new from another forum member who had zero issues with them on his car. There was a very small knocking/creaking noise over bumps or broken road/cobbles.. not enough to make me want to stop the car for fear of breaking something, but juuuuust enough to make me go slowly insane and want to kill myself. So I bought some H&R fixed springs/ Koni adjustable dampers, got them fitted and within 30 seconds of driving out of the garage, the noise they made was a huge thud/bump and did make me want to stop the car cause it did sound like I was going to break something. Got the car back up on the ramp in the garage and saw witness marks where the front ARB had been coming into contact with the driveshaft (IIRC?) on bumps. Since I was on a veryyyy tight timescale for a track evening that day and as it sat, the car was undriveable anyway, I got the front ARB removed which cured the problem and have since been driving around sans-ARB ever since. Have had it on track and at The Ring, with absolutely no detriment to handling or capability, at least that I could feel anyway. I am sometimes tempted to refit the front ARB with longer links to see if that gives me enough clearance, however, as I said before I'm pretty sick of suspension issues on this car and tend to subscribe to the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' school of thought. Cheers, Grant
  13. Well this sounds like it'll be batshit insane once finished, keep up the good work! Cheers, Grant
  14. Knocking suspension did my nips in with my R when I pissed around with suspension on it, so I genuinely feel your pain. Cheers, Grant
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