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  1. Within reason I'll always be up for trying new things... I'll give a Volvo a miss though Have fun.. but you probably wont haha 😂
  2. I was driving off from a driveway and my friend in a MK7.5 GTI was following. Bloody anticrash system kicked in and made me do an emergency stop! Worse thing was, my friend with the exact same system was driving behind me - DIdn't kick in and ended up running into the back of me! Brilliant system.........................
  3. Have a manual MK 7.5 and can say it won't hit 60 in second - More like high 50s at best. Rather annoying, as I feel like I am ALWAYS changing gear. I also know that the GTI manual has alot longer gear ratios... you'd think it be the other way round
  4. I used to be car salesmen for Volkswagen. I'll be honest, I've heard all this 'petrol head' talk before.. Not to tarred everyone with the same brush but i'd take it with a pinch of salt. If your hard on a clutch, which I agree with Andy is totally mechanical and i'd go as far as saying you'll be able to destroy it within 100 miles. I've got a Manual Golf R 7.5 and it's just touched 10k. No slippage from me and feels quite solid - I am very aware of the slipping issues, so I try to be somewhat forgiving with it and practice double clutching Cheers
  5. Noticed a lot of topics recently getting everyone involved in either how old they are, what they like about the cars or dislike etc.. Be interesting to see what you guys would consider for your next car? Will you be after another Golf R or even wait out for the MK8? Think I'll need something more sensible next for my mileage.. dare I say it a 120d 😞
  6. Massive range, shows how well this car can appeal to different ages.. have to get my dad in one!!!!!!!! 25
  7. Hi, I also have a Golf R MK 7.5 Manual. The answer to your question is yes, once is Race mode your R will give you the pops and crackles when either changing gear quickly or lifting off the accelerator. In Eco and Normal mode, I do tend to get a little burble but not the pops and bangs you experience in race. Get them banging whilst driving under a little bridge, it'll put a smile on your face.. Matt
  8. I have a Manual Golf R and have not seen 50MPG yet! Best i have had is over a couple of 40 mile trips where I have achieved 42mpg - Maybe the DSG pays for itself with the better fuel economy?
  9. Well the inevitable happened yesterday.. I was looking out of the office window and saw a GLC being parked rather badly reversing up to the front of my car. Before I knew it, the 'gentlemen' in the GLC has reversed into the front of my Golf R and the back of it moved up (as if you were trying to reverse with the handbrake still on). We have inspected the car and there isn't a scratch on it whatsoever. I've had the bonnet up checked underneath and also the grills with no damage apparent.. I have also checked the radar sensors, parking sensors and the car has been drive for 30-40 miles with no overheating issues etc. Is there anything else I need to be aware of? To top it off, the 'gentlemen' didn't have a care in the world... Matt
  10. About 5 of them in very similar spec within a mile radius! We've even started flashing at each other.. not sure who is who to be honest haha!
  11. Hello all, Just a quick update on what exactly has gone on with my Golf R and the paint defect. I have been speaking to my local dealer who are proving to be extremely helpful. They have seen the car twice, and the paint is starting to get worse and peel even further away. Photographs have been taken and a case has been put to Volkswagen with regards to this paint peel. Should be a couple of weeks till I hear from the warranty guys to find out an outcome. I'll keep you all updated Matt
  12. Hi guys, Thank you for your responses! Took it to an Inchcape VW yesterday. So happens I actually use to work for Inchcape a few years ago, and bumped into a couple of guys who are going to try and sort it out for me. They think it may well have been a stone chip of some form, but if you look VERY closely it is starting to come away further up. I appreciate I am being picky, but I can't help but think few months from now I will have no paint left on the bumper! A bit disappointed because I have had 4-5 white cars with this being the first one to have this issue.
  13. Hi everybody, Just a quick question before I start speaking to my local dealer. Basically, I picked up my Golf R on the 1st March and have had an enjoyable four thousand miles. When cleaning the car on Saturday, I noticed a black mark at the bottom edge of my bumper which I presumed was dirt. I suddenly realised it wasn't dirt and in fact the paint had chipped away from the edge. It's only small, and it's probably a 2-3cm thin line, but using the pressure washer I feel like this is going to progress. My thoughts are this has obviously come from wear and tear from daily use of dirt/grime being flicked up off the road - Surely on a £30k car the paint should be able to sub stand this? Matt
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