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    Hi, Long story short, i do a few miles, and generally tend to buy my cars low mileage, drive them for 6 months or so, and sell them on before losing too much money. I have had this one longer because i have genuinely loved it, and not got bored like i normally do. The car is a Lapiz blue 5 door, with 7 speed DSG gearbox. This is the 310PS facelift model. If you are on this site, i am sure you know why that is the one to go for. Factory options are Vienna leather, 19” Pretoria alloys in black, panoramic sunroof and the paint. Before collection i had the dealer install the voice control, because a button that doesn't work in a car really bugs me! List price would have been just under £40k, so no huge hike for road tax. It is a 2018MY and was registered in Dec 17 by VW group UK in Milton Keynes. i purchased it at 3 months old when it came off their pre-reg plan. Being a vw guy through and through i have had 30 odd Golfs, and was very specific about what i wanted, this was the best pre-reg i could find in the country at the time (It even has under-seat drawers on both front seats!). it currently has just over 21k on the clock, and i am using it, so it will rise. I have only run the car on momentum (prefer that to Shell) i have had 1 service done in it at VW (i know them, so it was done properly and not washed after) and it has 1 more service on the service plan that can be done at any VW dealer when its due. mechanically the car has had nothing done to it, no mapping, no boxes, nor res deletes, no exhausts, etc, and i have never launched it (not my thing). The car does currently have different paddles, but i will put the originals back on when it sells. The car is also currently on a cherished plate that i will remove once the car sells. The plates in the pictures were put on just for the pics and are what the car will go back to once sold. i think that covers everything, but please let me know if you have any questions. Obviously i have both keys, all the paperwork etc. I will not let the car go without cleared funds. If you wanted finance (hp) i can possibly get that arranged for you through a friend. Obviously it is subject to status. I am asking for £27,850. This is a proper car, that has been loved and looked after. My number if you are serious is 07397 567fivezerozero Thanks, Sean


    - GB

  2. Does it matter what you look like to other people?
  3. I think the mk4 r32 is a great car, and would love another, but even at the miles and condition of this one, i think it’s just over priced. Hey, its not my car, he can sell it for whatever he wants.
  4. 🤔 might want to get 2 pairs of Spielbergs... if you search the forums there are some guides on picking up a car, and i think there is even a checklist for you to take and tick things off. Good luck, the R is a great motor.
  5. Brand new information! I guess thats due to clearance issues with inner arch? Is there any way to improve it, because it is bad. Not as bad a my Mk4 R32, that required 8 point turns to get out of multi story car parks!
  6. I have an iPhone X, and it's ok. What's so great about them? Am I using it wrong?
  7. Thats on used cars by the way. New cars are different as they are subsidised by the brand to help sell cars.
  8. You should expect around 9.9% apr at vw with probably 2 free services included. Thats a 5% flat rate, and they could probably go down to around 3.5% flat (7 apr) if they wanted, but why would they. A lot will start at around 6% flat or 11.99% apr. Personal loans and HP agreements have many varied and different pros and cons. You want to be looking at the overall package you can get on the car, not get too hung up on apr. For example if the car is £2k too expensive, and you on an interest free loan, then you are still paying for it.
  9. No but what they can use against a gogw is not getting the 40k service done there. Usually a major service and one that earns them some decent profit. Goodwill is exactly that. They do it for customers who buy cars, extras, parts, services etc. All the things that make them money, and for customers who are likely to do the same thing all over again. I’m not suggesting right or wrong either way, but I wouldn’t count on goodwill to rectify the situation.
  10. Nothing wrong with paying for your car up front, you were not happy, you will get the money back. They could have took it on the day, but either way, no biggie. The car clearly wasnt prepped for sale, and your guy Ashley should have checked that before arranging a time and day for you to collect. If it was done before you got there, there is a good chance you would never have known and be driving a car already, that you were over the moon with. not all main dealers are like that, but it is a case of buyer beware. If you are not happy walk away.
  11. I used to change every couple of months, my average over the last few years is around 8 months. I want to try and keep this one for a couple of years if i can. I also have a project or 2 on the go at the same time as a daily. I have had a few BMW’s in the mix too, and even drove a merc GLC for a bit. Didn’t really like any of those, even though they were nice cars, they were just not for me. I think the normal change cycle is a little under 3 years for most people.
  12. A couple on my insta account, mainly my rallye though. Possibly 1 of my mk4 r32 @seanrallye
  13. Thanks, Its definitely a keeper. Doing a few things on it at the moment, and waiting on parts, but will be back on the road by the end of the year. Its one of my all time favourite cars.
  14. I have had about 30 or so golfs. I still have a mk1 gti a mk2 rallye, and my 7.5. I liked all of them, but the one that i wish i hadn’t sold was a mk4 r32. Great cars, not the quickest, but something about it was great. Much better than the mk5’s, i had a couple of those too. Never owned a mk3, although i did borrow a vr for a month or so.
  15. Love it. I am sure i have seen a pic of an oak green gti. That was lovely too!
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