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  1. GGSL

    You guys get the good stuff

    I think it's to do with the fuel quality, the 306hp is rated using 98 octane, whereas the 292 is rated at 95 octane. Could be wrong, but that's what I've been told
  2. GGSL

    Restricted mode

    I don't believe this exists on the standard car, but I'm sure revo remaps add the feature.
  3. GGSL

    New member glasgow

    Nice Brief mate, love a MK6
  4. GGSL

    Short list

    I considered most competitors, the S3 which I found too numb, drove the focus RS but found the suspension too firm, wrx sti, I felt like I was driving a 10 year old car. The M140I was outstanding, I was very close to choosing that, but the all weather grip meant I couldn't pass up on the R. Didn't fancy having a car that I couldn't drive hard whenever it rains, which is pretty often.
  5. It's never been a law I don't think, it's always at the discretion of the officer/operator that catches you. Common sense would say that 75 in a 70 or something is certainly not dangerous and not worth prosecution
  6. GGSL

    Spielberg vs Prets( sorry !)

    Not sure about the spielbergs strength, but the prets are supposed to be really weak which puts me off them completely. I quite like the spielbergs, would look better with a powder coat in my opinion.
  7. GGSL

    Any Glasgow owners?

    Never heard of them, seem legit enough from their website. Nice wee 8p S3 up
  8. GGSL

    Engine blown

    I think it's fairly common, especially with major engine failure. They'll definitely go over it with a fine tooth comb, just making sure it's never been modified etc. Also one to look out for with manuals is that it's never been shifted into too low a gear causing the engine to go over max rpm - if it's ever happened the ECU will have a very detailed record of it.
  9. GGSL

    Manual BCS Res-Delete

    Does it drone in eco as well? I really do want the better noise but I do 500+ miles trips a few times a year so worried the drone might drive me mental
  10. GGSL

    Manual BCS Res-Delete

    I've got a Mk7 with standard exhaust. About 3k RPM+ there is a slight crackle on overrun, shifting at redline gives a nice pop as well. Sound is hidden a wee bit but the soundaktor. Would imagine a res delete would amplify it a bit, the only thing holding me back from getting one is the reported drone at motorway speeds.
  11. Moves off a hell of a lot easier than my previous FWD cars, but still corners and brakes just as poorly while on summer tyres. In the winter just gone I was buzzing to get it out in the really bad snow, but it was too deep for the low bumper . Key is winter tyres though, a 1 series on winters would be better than an R on summers.
  12. GGSL

    Under 25 with Golf R

    I've never had adrian flux provide anything even close to competitive on any car I've had - only decent quotes I get are from Admiral group/Direct line group. With elephant currently, paid about 1300 back in March when I was 19 with 2 years no claims. 10k miles, social and commuting, no mods.
  13. GGSL

    Mods that you regret

    How so? Does it drone badly or is the sound just not that good?
  14. Was a 2017 Polo GTI, and yeah using google play music on a Oneplus 3 worked on that with album art and the tracklist for a 200+ song playlist. I don't have USB/AUX either which is a pain, not sure if a converted for the VM connection thing would work?
  15. So I've noticed that when using bluetooth to connect my phone to the car, it doesn't have the tracklist. Album art doesn't seem to display either. My Polo had this so thought it would work on this as well. Anyone had this and managed to fix? 64 plate car and using an android.