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  1. GGSL

    Insurance with Lease Car

    Because you're not the owner you're more likely to take risks I'm assuming is the logic
  2. GGSL

    Exploding Sunroof

    Even if an impact has caused it, if it's anything short of a brick (which you probably would've noticed) then I wouldn't think the roof would just shatter like that? Could be wrong. Either way, the fact there isn't any protective tape or anything holding it together is actually pretty dangerous. Could easily do eye damage. I'd try and get them to replace for free on those grounds, as well as the evidence earlier in the thread of multiple reports of the same thing. Hopefully this hasn't ruined the car for you
  3. GGSL

    Clutch slipping at 23,000

    The clutches are really pretty poor. Not sure based on your wording, but if they're offering free labour to fit one, bite their hand off. And go for an aftermarket uprated one, sachs or helix. It's not even just a golf R thing, pretty much all performance VWs these days have weak clutches.
  4. GGSL

    New Member Just Signed Up.

    I've not got DCC, the ride is fine for me (although I'm on the 18s). The thing that puts me off the prets is that as Dave says they're really fragile. You'll see loads of accounts of them buckling/cracking on here. Some people reckon the cheaper replicas are actually tougher, so worth keeping in mind when looking.
  5. GGSL

    New Member Just Signed Up.

    Spec is pretty generous as standard, it's more down to personal preference. You'll see a lot of basic ones though, most cars you'll see at that age are ex-lease. Leather is pretty rare, it wasn't a cheap option from factory
  6. GGSL

    Winter tires

    If you need your car in the snow, then it's definitely worth having a spare set of wheels with winters in my opinion
  7. GGSL

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    Just personally can't extract the same fun as I can with a proper shifter sadly Luckily my commute is pretty quiet (and has no speed cameras), meaning I can actually drive the car pretty spiritedly
  8. GGSL

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    The salesman on the drive was pretty keen on showing me how much 'better' the auto was, so apart from the block shifting (which I wasn't aware of), I did try it out fairly extensively. Ended up leaving it on sport+ (I think it was called that). Can appreciate that when in manual it doesn't intervene and shift up for you on redline though, unlike VW's DSG. Does seem like a decent bit of kit for what it is, but again, the paddles do absolutely nothing for me. It's like playing a game or something, not driving.
  9. GGSL

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    I don't find it a problem in traffic, but if I was commuting in rush hour everyday maybe my tune would change.
  10. GGSL

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    Once you're used to the acceleration, it offers absolutely nothing in the way of fun for me whatsoever. Test drove an M140 with the zf, was bored within 10 mins, which takes some doing on a car with RWD and a straight six. Don't see how intelligence is required to operate it. By choosing an auto you rob yourself of the simple things like heel/toe that make driving fun.
  11. GGSL

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    Bought a manual because autos are boring.
  12. GGSL

    My new watch

    Very nice
  13. GGSL

    'Racing Green' Golf R

    280?! Absolutely Insane, That's half the price of a metallic coat on a factory order in the UK.
  14. GGSL

    How old are we all?

    20, had the R since 19. I don't think the need for speed ever leaves you, hopefully I'm still driving a performance car when I'm 70!
  15. GGSL

    Approved used after tune

    Surely they check for the TD1 flag, seeing as they've approved it for warranty