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  1. Keyless entry? No thanks

    I think keyless thefts in the golf are are less common than say a focus RS, as it's not standard, so the people with the equipment won't necessarily be targeting these cars. That said, I'm purely going off what I've heard and have no statistics to back this up so could be completely wrong..
  2. Choosing the car!

    Don't know what kind of R owner is telling him that.. Drove an S3 which I found to be quite a bit less fun (although it was a DSG). Seems to me that the R has a nicer ride as well. Didn't really drive the S3 for long enough to say for sure though.

    Get this sorted mate? I had basically the exact same issue after having some work done on alloys. Was told they've seen it before on an A3, likely just an over-sensitive abs sensor. All errors bar ACC cleared for me within a mile of driving, turned engine off and back on again and acc error cleared.
  4. Fuel consumption

    If you're properly hammering it it's easily possible for the mpg to drop below 20. Cruising at 70 gives mid 30's for me in the manual. Best I've seen is 48mpg with cruise on at 55mph on a long journey.
  5. So got it up on a ramp, the suspension and steering components all seem fine. I'm thinking I got seriously lucky here. Still not gonna be cheap getting the side skirt and 2 alloys fixed, but a lot less than what it could've been. Mechanic remarked that it's a good thing it's a VW, if this kinda impact was on a vauxhall or something it would've been a loss worse. Although, it seems like the wheel bearing is now on the way out. Getting a rumble at 50mph+ so will need that replaced.
  6. I hope so, the fact I can't feel anything wrong with the car is hopefully a good sign. Quite impressive considering it was a pretty high speed impact. Will know for sure when I get a look at the undercarriage
  7. I would have thought so, it seems to be alright but will get it checked out anyway. Yeah, tell me about it. Will be taking it easy for a good while I think. That's a good shout about the wheel studs/bearings. I think I've managed to avoid a good bit of damage because it wasn't a side on hit, but I'll make sure I check everything out. Cheers
  8. I pretty much drove over the kerb. From what I can see the exhaust and both bumpers seem to be OK, it wasn't a particularly harsh/high kerb thankfully, but will be getting it lifted to look underneath. Didn't actually notice any noise from the tyre, and it does seem to be ok visually, but would imagine a bit of internal damage has been done. I'll be taking them to a wheel refurb place to see what they think about the alloy damage, the rear seems repairable to me, but with the front being a bit dented I reckon it may need replaced.
  9. Basically was driving along a road I don't know that well and ended up understeering and then hitting the kerb on an island in the middle of the road. I was going pretty quickly, at impact I suspect 40-50MPH. I'm a total idiot, feel free to let me know. The damage that I can see involves a scrape on the front bumper, slight side skirt damage, and a decent bit of damage to an alloy, slight scrape on another. After pulling over and making sure that it was drivable, made my way home. Seems to drive fine, no pulling off, steering, and the tracking actually seem OK. I'll be taking it to get jacked up tomorrow to check for any damage to the suspension etc, is there anything else I should be looking for? Maybe a cracked oilpan or something? Thanks.
  10. Mk7.5 Now Auto only

    Good on ya. It's unthinkable to me to have a hot hatch without a manual. Would have though that all of the enthusiast cars keep it as an option, at least until internal combustion is phased out. Disappointing to see VW are dropping it from the R.
  11. Looks like the manual has now been taken off the configurator on VW's site for the R, still there for the GTI. Wonder if they plan on making the Mk8 R automatic only? I'd certainly jump ship.
  12. Clutch Issue

    Is the clutch slipping at all?
  13. Yeah, I've replaced it with a new one. Will be taking videos from now on I think
  14. Look like i've posted this twice, think a mod needs to remove..
  15. Took the car in to the dealer the other day, for a squeal coming from the front wheels. They were useless, and after I drove home I noticed that one of the wheel centre caps is now damaged. The rest of the wheel is fine, no damage to any other caps. My mum reckons that someone's probably swapped my good one over with their shanner. I phoned up but of course they denied it, so ordered a replacement on ebay. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this kind of thing?