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  1. GGSL

    Your previous cars?!

    Since turning 17 in 2015: 07 Seat Ibiza 1.9 TDI - First car. Quite a bit quicker than my mates corsas etc. Great car, gave it to my mum and she's still running it. Bought at 160k miles, now on 200k. Fiesta red edition 140 ecoboost - Bought when I got my first job at 18. Decent car, could've got so much better though. Not the fastest, and was not economical by any means. Got rid of it 9 months later. Polo 6C GTI - Since VW got a grip and added the manual back to the polo GTI, it was fun. Shame it had a clutch made of chocolate. Outstanding car, by many accounts quicker than the golf GTI. Had for a year before running insurance quotes and the premiums seemed to have doubled. Decided to check a golf Rs prices out of curiosity, and it turned out to be substantially cheaper to insure than the polo, and that was that. MK7 Golf R - Always wanted one. Unless you offer me a 911 there is basically nothing I'd rather be driving. Probably the last of its kind, since VW seem to be insisting on removing all fun by discontinuing the manual and making the next one a hybrid (?!).
  2. GGSL

    Brand new golf R insurance

    Run quotes on a price comparison site, I'm with elephant (part of admiral group), believe I paid around £1300 as a 19 year old with 2 years no claims. Who offers the best price depends on you and your circumstances.
  3. GGSL

    Dashcams the end of fun?

    Unless you overtook on a blind bend or something then I don't think it's something to worry about. Footage could easily be doctored/manipulated, don't see it holding up in court.
  4. GGSL

    Golf r to s3 saloon

    If you've got a dsg and don't care about driver involvement, may as well. Less fun than the R but a bit more luxurious.
  5. GGSL

    Tyre pressures

    Running 18s also, 36 front, 38 back.
  6. Anyone used these? Currently on camskill for 66 a corner for 18s. Have had a look at reviews online, there's a lot of conflicting info.
  7. GGSL

    Why did you buy a Golf R?

    I feel the same regarding the offering with a manual. When the time comes to move on, if there's no manual option for the new R I won't even be considering it. I wish the Rs were as rare here in the UK as they are are over there. It's the one thing that I dislike about it, everyone and their dog has one. Just makes it a bit less special.
  8. GGSL

    Finally signed up!

    I quite like the rear lights as well, prefer the look of the smoked cluster without them though. I'm not keen on the idea of the exhaust flaps being permanently open to be honest, quite like the setup as is. Very nice car though, is it a manual or dsg?
  9. GGSL

    Why did you buy a Golf R?

    I love subarus, but the golf interior and ride quality is on another level. Here in the UK the road tax is much cheaper on the golf as well. How did the Japanese drive put you off the sti?
  10. GGSL

    Why did you buy a Golf R?

    To me, no other car offers anywhere near the performance/comfort/refinement/practicality/fun as the R. Closest is the M140i, but I prefer AWD. I see no clear upgrade to this car, as I'd either lose the manual, or the refinement.
  11. GGSL

    Another tyre question sorry

    I don't bother with winter tyres. I just take in easy in low temps, and if the snow gets really bad I can just work from home. PS4s on my Cadiz, performance is as you'd expect from a summer tyre in the snow. 4WD gets you going, but you really need to take it easy when turning and stopping. Personally, I'm thinking about changing to uniroyal rainsport 3s, they're supposed to be good for the money, they're coming up at about half the price of the michelins.
  12. GGSL

    VW T25 camper project

    Very nice mate. What engine are you running?
  13. GGSL

    New owner - advice on issue

    If it gets diagnosed as faulty coil packs, I'd make sure you get the latest ones fitted, the older ones are renown for being poor. Also, are you running on super unleaded? I find it makes a noticeable difference over 95 octane stuff.
  14. GGSL

    New owner - advice on issue

    Does it happen in only the high gears? Clutch slipping maybe? Coil pack issues are quite common as well. I'd definitely get it booked in if it's under warranty, just so you don't end up with a big bill.
  15. GGSL

    Hello from Edinburgh

    Welcome mate! What spec have you gone for?