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  1. Instagram: FAT4Y Go follow me!
  2. Sorry Ill remove mine now
  3. Bigman

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Went for a drive after a wash..quickly regretted it after a huge eagle like bird dropped one..or a few on the bonnet and roof
  4. Bigman

    Mods round 2-VWR & Milltek goodies.

    Even more want now!
  5. Bigman

    Mods round 2-VWR & Milltek goodies.

    Wow I absolutely love those wheels!
  6. Bigman

    Air dryers & blowers

    I wouldnt bother with the Chemical Guys blower..its so loud
  7. Bigman

    Wow what a golf

    Wow that has some presence!
  8. Bigman

    shiny red R

    Wooo weee..that is shiny!
  9. God damn it! I want one!
  10. I used them ages ago and theyre nice guys.. don't know about mapping with them though..but i rarely hear bad reviews about Revolution
  11. Bigman

    BCS Powervalve resonator delete

    Awesome..you'll not regret it if you have a wife/baby lol
  12. Bigman

    How to tell if an R is mapped?

    I know Revo tuners take down your number plate so maybe best getting in contact with tuners to see if they have worked on the car?
  13. Bigman

    Brake caliper cover

    Is it easy to take the OEM plate off?
  14. Ahh..wonder can insurance companies use that as their way of getting out though?