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  1. Was down with my local Revo dealer called TG Performance in Bangor and they now have the capability to do the MQB DSG software. Drop me a PM and I can get them to contact you if you are interested.
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    November 2014 26500miles Manual extensive list of modifications; Revo Stage 2 Software Milltek Downpipe with Race Cat Revo Carbon Intake Racingline Turbo Elbow Bilstein B14 Suspension 19”x8.5” Team Dynamics Prorace 1.3 Wheels in Satin black with Yokohama tyres Genuine VW Black Mirrors Splitter Wrapped Black Detailed in February 2017 by PMG Autocare using G-Techniq Crystal Serum Pro and Exo V3.


    - GB

  3. Have you had any problems or slip?
  4. Do you have it running any different software or mods?
  5. Would any of you guys have had any experience of the HS Tuning clutch kit which uses a TTRS pressure plate and a sachs friction disk?
  6. I bought some black wheel bolts off eBay for my 1.3's and imo they look better than the plasticy covers.
  7. Springs cough cough springs!!!!!
  8. Forge are now doing a full turbo intake pipe which looks similar to the turbo technics one only £25 cheaper. I've a few on the way.
  9. Revo has set performance modes for the mk7. Not adjustable boost timing a fuel now. That ended at the tfsi engine.
  10. I got a run in a non dcc R with H&R springs before going for bilsteins and tbh it was 100%.
  11. Team Dynamics is a trading name of Rimstock. Rimstock manufacture a lot of wheels for car manufacturers. What is it you you are looking exactly? I might be able to help. If it is Pro Race 1.3's then they are about 3-4 months away as they don't have any castings ATM.
  12. I would go with PMG over detailni, proven product and proven company with correct insurance. You will love CS Pro and EXO.
  13. I'd personally go with NGK but that could just be brand snobbery
  14. 06K905601M is the NGK version of 079905626M which is made by Beru.
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