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  1. It's been 16 months and I've just discovered the climate control menu! Don't know why I've never pushed the button before...
  2. I didn't go to VRS, some cars vary greatly on the stage 1 apr map (I mean the exact same file), how does this work?
  3. I wondered this when I got mine done. The guy was changing parameters and he car delivered more power and torque than average and his expectations..
  4. Grant


    I feel the new RS5 would destroy a stock R..? I've pulled some good lengths on the new S5 with the R at APR stage 1
  5. They are wingbacks not sportster - similar style however
  6. The are an option on the MK6, which is what he's referring to. I would find a car with the seats already if you can! They're very expensive second hand and I hardly see them come up for sale (MK6 Recaros). I have standard R32 seats in my R32 and upgraded them to the full leather MK5 Recaros (same as MK6 without the suede) and they were far better! But I do have a large back.. I sold them separately when trading in my R32 for my R and the ride to the dealer in the standard seats was not fun!
  7. I had a rattle/vibrating noise from the airbag at the drivers knee area vibrating again a metal bracket behind it.. wedged foam in between them and never happened since. But yes, a video would help!
  8. I've prescribed plenty of night driving glasses (yellow lenses) to taxi drivers and HGV drivers especially. Some love them some don't see a difference. An anti-reflection lens will only make a difference if you didn't have the coating already on current glasses, it won't change anything if you don't have glasses. The reflection is reduced between the lens surfaces so if you don't have specs - don't get anti reflection glasses.
  9. And you just flick through them, no button or option I'm missing?
  10. I've not had that.. but my performance monitor always defaults to the G meter in the middle no matter what i change it to it doesn't save for the next time i start the car.. is this a feature? Or a not so feature feature ..
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