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  1. Any Opticians on here?

    Nice! Do you enjoy it?
  2. Any Opticians on here?

    Still going paha! Want to have a phd by the time I'm 40 (27 now). Don't have the hands for ophthalmology, very cool job though been to a fair few theatre visits! What about yourself? Seem well-versed in optics, most don't know the difference OA OC DO OO etc haha!
  3. Any Opticians on here?

    The optic nerve of them!
  4. Any Opticians on here?

    Hmm took me to re-read but a smirk is what you got! 😬 All in the name of fun-dus!
  5. Any Opticians on here?

    I can see these jokes getting cornea and cornea
  6. Any Opticians on here?

    Previously a consultant (ABDO OA essentially) so glorified/cert retail really so I'd say I'm slightly more versed than the standard of optom I meet in terms of ophthalmic materials hah!
  7. Any Opticians on here?

    Consultant optom checking in! They look like they're scratched from being put face down.. but if thats just the photo then yes the MAR coat is breaking down. Most commonly occurs from a prolonged direct heat source as above. Best to keep in their case when not is use!
  8. Are we too old to own an R?

    Got mine at 26, will be paid off at 30 and I've had a teenager say "a Golf R when you're 30...?" This was the same teenager that felt my 2008 R32 would have been too old to keep.. Kids these days.. Then when he began to understand the heritage and unique-ness of the VR6, started to get quotes for insurance when it was for sale (to no avail 😄).
  9. Aftermarket styling

    I have Maxton splitters all round & de-chromed the front.
  10. Grant's Pure White R Journey

    Thanks man! It's from halfords, held on by 3M tape supplied and i always forget its there as my wallet stays in my pocket unless long journeys.. 😄
  11. Thanks for the credit haha! I have the splitters all round now, not keen on the black roof myself unless you have the pano. It's stock height on 18s and it does scrape on steer carpark slopes that I now avoid and I'm very careful with speed bumps.. But it looks awesome! Can confirm that it does not come off.. Fitted mine properly with the nuts and bolts provided - not the easier self tapping option - and its solid, acts like a snow plow!
  12. Downpipe Drone

    Man that's weird I barely notice anything - it's much louder than stock with acceleration but I don't have much of an annoying hum.. Certainly not loud enough to disrupt a conversation! I kind of want more sound hah! Sounds like your ear tunes into your exhaust instead of her 😉
  13. Downpipe Drone

    I have virtually no drone with custom res-delete - just a pipe welded and no extras.. Very tame compared to my res-deleted R32 I suppose!
  14. 7.5 have more pops and bangs?

    My 2016 has way more pops than my friends 2015 model too, which are non-existent, I got MIB2 and facelift frameless rear mirror as standard too.. Have a res-delete now so pops are ridiculous in 'race'. I think mine has the facelift pop map too!
  15. My R is too quiet

    This! Have a nice grunt from outside but a res-delete is a must!