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  1. Cheers Glaze. I left it in Morrie from Reflection Perfection's capable hands. It came out looking superb - the pics didn't really do it justice. It's been over 18 months since I had it done, and comes up nearly as good as then when it's had a wash. Crystal Serum Ultra is ๐Ÿ‘Œ Cheers Simon! What I'd do for a blast on those roads, Dave! I hear you though, and always have that little niggle in the back of my mind - that and the zero tolerance for any kind of fun on the roads here by the rozzers!
  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading through this thread - some eclectic rides! I'm also a keen rider with a couple of steads alongside the R. The Road bike: A 90's Clamont frame from Australian Frame builder Geoff Scott. Lovely Columbus steel frame with some stunning lugs. Decided to go down the old with a blend of new with the build, with an Ultegra group-set and Mavic rims. It's my daily (I'm lucky to be able to commute along the Yarra river in Melbourne to work and back each day), but also enjoy getting out for a longer ride at the weekends. The MTB: A 2017 Canyon Spectral Al 7.0. Lovely piece of kit this. Full SRAM groupset, including Eagle drive-train, Renthal bars and Mavic rims/hubs. Plenty of decent trail here in Victoria - spent today getting nice and muddy at Wombat State forest! I really enjoy riding both; reading through this thread hasn't helped with the niggling that I 'need' a carbon disc road weapon for those special weekend rides! Cheers all!
  3. Thanks @R3DM - They were fairly pricey I must admit (although a lot cheaper than their cheaper BBK option). I ordered them from here. Got stung by Australian customs too which was pleasant. Try not to look at their 360mm kit - stunning! Very timely question. I just popped up the road to pick up a curry and they were noticeably noisy on the short journey. It's pretty chilly here at the moment, even for a brit, which didn't help. Luckily, it's normally used for a bit of a weekend blast otherwise it'd drive me mad. Maybe Strada's would be the way to go? From memory, the Corsa's don't have any the anti-rattle shims either, although i've not noticed any issues here.
  4. Another recommend for an upgrade. I went down the Tarox route when I did brakes earlier this year, with F2000 discs (2-piece up front), Corsa Front and Strada rear pads, lines, and RS3 ducts. Noticeably better than stock, with zero fade when out on a fast road run. Yet to test them on track though! @expor gratuitous pictures, just in-case you're still considering the 2-piece ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Thanks Ptraynor, Phil. I occasionally wonder whether I should do the Prets in silver for a change, but when it's clean, I love them in black again! Agreed Rick. Admittedly, I've not spent much time driving RWD machinery, and I'm no Colin McRae, but having all 4 driving does provide confidence, with the PS4S's providing me with some faith it'll hang on too. The Mustang has just had the same tyres and a full set of coilovers thrown at it, so it'll be even more of a weapon now!
  6. Went for a drive with mates this morning; there's some absolutely incredible roads ~100km outside of Melbourne, the Reefton Spur being one of them - sensational! It's drives like this that remind me just how capable the car is, and how much I love it! It swallowed up the bends and made easy work of the straights, the supercharged mustang wasn't to be seen ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคจ Needs a wash now!
  7. Took mine out for an early morning run with some mates on some superb roads outside of Melbourne (the Reefton Spur of particular note - unreal).
  8. I went with the Corsa up front, Strada at the rear combination. I'd done a bit of reading, and heard that there might be a bit of noise. They've actually been spot-on. Occasional squeaking when it's not been moved or only driven short distances. As they've bedded in, it's very rare. Cheers @BD., @Jack-R. They might cost a little bit more, but worth the cash if you're into looks too ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. I went for a Tarox upgrade at the beginning of the year, with a 2-piece up front with aluminium bells, and black at the back. Decent quality, great with Strada and Corsa pads, with their braided lines too. I also think think they look better than the standard option ๐Ÿ˜ I've not tracked with them, yet, but they perform very well when out for a fast road jaunt and day-to-day. Would recommend!
  10. Here's mine on VWR springs, no spacers, but running DCC. Admittedly, I drive mine in 'Normal' most of the time, as 'Race' is way too firm for the awesome roads here in Melbourne!
  11. No trouble. I haven't used the timer as of yet... Need a Dragy or Vbox to do a comparison ideally. I believe so @YvanOn3 - I don't know much about PolarFis, but it plugs into the cars OBD port.
  12. Nice write-up, and absolute weapon you've got there Kieran! Have you noticed improved handling with the drop in tyre size in addition to the impressive 0-60 time? Keen to hear how you get on over at the Ring on the cups too!
  13. Thanks for the prompt @SpursMadDave - gave the inside a quick vacuum today, and snapped some pics of the P3. I also had an analogue boost sensor fitted, using a CTS boost tap to ensure accurate readings. Despite being a little bit gimmicky, I've found it useful keeping an eye on temps when out for a fast road run, along with boost of course, given its state of tune on the standard turbo. It definitely wasn't a priority purchase, but Autoinstruct had it on sale after Christmas, which was too good to pass up...
  14. I ended up ordering them from the Tarox website - https://www.tarox.co.uk/product/front-tarox-brake-discs-volkswagen-golf-mk7-r-bespoke/ Very sensible indeed. That 360mm kit will always be a niggle in the back of my mind ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  15. Cheers Dave. Need to get another day at Phillip Island locked in to give them a proper test!
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