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  1. Pipisskip

    Want some more sound...

    Another BCS Turbo-back owner here! I echo all the sentiments here about it being a quality system. Admittedly, a cold start is slightly louder than factory, but not in any way obnoxious, just, purposeful? I'll leave a bit of inspiration here... 😉
  2. Pipisskip

    xSCYTHERx Red R 7.5

    Welcome to the forum! Lots of good advice available here. I really like Tornado Red, especially a 3-door too! I wish they shipped 3 doors here in R format 😔 Look forward to seeing how it progresses!
  3. Pipisskip

    Stoptech 340/30 grooved discs

    I really wanted to go down the BBK route, a la @Msportman, but couldn't justify the spend. OP, have you had any more luck on your search?
  4. Pipisskip

    Stoptech 340/30 grooved discs

    After much research and deliberation, I've just put an order in for the bespoke Tarox front discs in F2000 guise, with matching rears, Corsa pads up front and Strada at the rear with their lines too. Looking forward to the kit arriving and seeing how they perform on road and track!
  5. Pipisskip

    “ Does It Come In Black? ”

    Nice read, Rams! As a Powervalve turbo back system owner myself, I definitely agree with your sentiments - arguably one of my favourite purchases. Any further plans for suspension work?
  6. Pipisskip

    Pretoria Colour

    Another gloss black owner here, albeit with LSG... A nightmare to keep clean, but when they are 😉
  7. Pipisskip

    Big brake kit for mk7 R

    Hey Legoless, I've been doing lots of research on this as I'm running the same wheel and want to avoid spacers when I eventually upgrade. From what I've found, the (new) Racingline, Tarox and HPA kits are the only options that work with Pretorias and no spacing. Someone might quote me correct with another, but the options are limited given the amount of offerings from Alcon, Vagbrem, AP et al. that do require them 😔 I'm in the midst of getting some pricing on two Super Sport kits from Tarox (345mm 10-pots + 360mm 8-pots) via Retro Resus that @Msportman kindly recommended.
  8. Pipisskip

    Lowering Springs Without Spacers

    Good to hear you've taken the plunge @ellixtt. Here's mine on VWR springs with a Whiteline rear ARB, no spacers. + BCS Not the best angle here, but now with PS4S' I think it sits just right...
  9. Pipisskip

    Stoptech 6 Piston 355x32mm Feedback

    Reigniting an old thread here, as I'm poking around looking for information on a brake upgrade. Ash, did you ever find out if this kit will definitely fit under a Pretoria without a spacer? I'm aiming for a kit early next year, with a few track days ideally lined up after, and want to negate the need for spacers if possible! Cheers!
  10. Pipisskip

    Chris' Wolfsburg Edition

    Been a little while since my last update! Few changes to mention; I had the BOV replaced with a diverter valve to remove the unwanted noise. I then visited Phillip Island for my first track day in the R - not the best quality photo, but, what a circuit! I had tuition for the day, which was definitely worth the investment. Having someone next to me providing guidance on entry speed, turn in, then balancing the car on throttle, finding the apex and being able to exit properly was confidence inspiring. The car performed superbly, with the standard disks/pads feeling the punishment towards the end of the day. Amazing how much fuel I was burning through in a 25 minute session too! Shortly after the track day, I decided to order an Integrated Engineering intercooler. Given the heat we get in Melbourne over summer, it makes complete sense to look after intake temps, and of course allowing for a potential turbo change in the future... 🙄 I'd also been researching new rubber. I contemplated a set of PSC2's, especially after speaking with a few people on the track day running them all year round without issue in the ever changing weather here. I also spent a fair bit of time searching on here/online/youtube before going down the sensible route and opting for the PS4S. Found a good deal online, but had to go pick them up... I got the rear wheels re-painted too, freshening them up as they'd not been looked after too well by the previous owner. I spent a few hours cleaning on Saturday in preparation for the Day of Volkswagen show yesterday. It was a good event, with a nice mixture of old and new. Not quite to the standard of some cars on display, but good to be amongst the community. I've managed to fulfil quite a few plans with the car this year, with a couple of ideas for next, including more stopping power! But, that brings us up to speed for now! Thanks for reading if you got this far!
  11. Pipisskip

    What did you do to your R today?

    Cheers @goodbadboy! Looking forward to putting the tyres to work once they're scrubbed in!
  12. Pipisskip

    What did you do to your R today?

    Went for a pre-work jaunt to pick up some new boots... Then had the rear wheels refurbed, and all 4 PS4S' fitted. Excuse the dirty tyre - they'll get a proper clean at the weekend with the car.
  13. Pipisskip

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Hey Allen, It's a BCS Turbo back system with 100mm tips. If you do a search on here, you'll find a quite a few topics, along with @nige bcs the man to speak to if you're keen on learning more. -Chris
  14. Pipisskip

    My Blue Jewel

    Excellent! I had some fun at Phillip Island with mine last week - mega day with Drive Events! Any track time planned for you, now you've got both the stopping and going power? 😉