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  1. Went for a drive with mates this morning; there's some absolutely incredible roads ~100km outside of Melbourne, the Reefton Spur being one of them - sensational! It's drives like this that remind me just how capable the car is, and how much I love it! It swallowed up the bends and made easy work of the straights, the supercharged mustang wasn't to be seen ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคจ Needs a wash now!
  2. Took mine out for an early morning run with some mates on some superb roads outside of Melbourne (the Reefton Spur of particular note - unreal).
  3. I went with the Corsa up front, Strada at the rear combination. I'd done a bit of reading, and heard that there might be a bit of noise. They've actually been spot-on. Occasional squeaking when it's not been moved or only driven short distances. As they've bedded in, it's very rare. Cheers @BD., @Jack-R. They might cost a little bit more, but worth the cash if you're into looks too ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. I went for a Tarox upgrade at the beginning of the year, with a 2-piece up front with aluminium bells, and black at the back. Decent quality, great with Strada and Corsa pads, with their braided lines too. I also think think they look better than the standard option ๐Ÿ˜ I've not tracked with them, yet, but they perform very well when out for a fast road jaunt and day-to-day. Would recommend!
  5. Here's mine on VWR springs, no spacers, but running DCC. Admittedly, I drive mine in 'Normal' most of the time, as 'Race' is way too firm for the awesome roads here in Melbourne!
  6. No trouble. I haven't used the timer as of yet... Need a Dragy or Vbox to do a comparison ideally. I believe so @YvanOn3 - I don't know much about PolarFis, but it plugs into the cars OBD port.
  7. Nice write-up, and absolute weapon you've got there Kieran! Have you noticed improved handling with the drop in tyre size in addition to the impressive 0-60 time? Keen to hear how you get on over at the Ring on the cups too!
  8. Thanks for the prompt @SpursMadDave - gave the inside a quick vacuum today, and snapped some pics of the P3. I also had an analogue boost sensor fitted, using a CTS boost tap to ensure accurate readings. Despite being a little bit gimmicky, I've found it useful keeping an eye on temps when out for a fast road run, along with boost of course, given its state of tune on the standard turbo. It definitely wasn't a priority purchase, but Autoinstruct had it on sale after Christmas, which was too good to pass up...
  9. I ended up ordering them from the Tarox website - https://www.tarox.co.uk/product/front-tarox-brake-discs-volkswagen-golf-mk7-r-bespoke/ Very sensible indeed. That 360mm kit will always be a niggle in the back of my mind ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  10. Cheers Dave. Need to get another day at Phillip Island locked in to give them a proper test!
  11. I was pondering the same thing a while back @DenW - I made some enquiries with Tom @ Retro Resus, but the high costs plus conversion to the Aussie Dollar wasn't justified for me, especially with 1 maybe 2 track days a year, and predominate fast road driving. I ended up with a tasty upgrade nonetheless, courtesy of Tarox: 2 piece F2000's up front F2000 rears Corsa front and Strada rear pads Braided lines Decent fluid Went for an evening blast up some mountain roads last week after bedding in period - I can confirm they perform as well as I'd hoped! Much better than stock, along with great service from Tarox too!
  12. As per usual, it's been a while since I've updated this thread. Plans for more stopping power finally came to fruition. After much deliberation on whether to go for a BBK or simply upgrade, I decided on the latter due to affordability, not wanting to run spacers, and actual usage a BBK would get (1 or 2 track days a year max). I ended up with: 2-piece Tarox rotors up front, in F2000 guise F2000 rears Corsa pads up front Strada pads in the rear Tarox braided lines New R caliper covers RS3 brake ducts At the time of fitting, I also had a P3 gauge fitted, along with an analogue boost line (no pics yet), along with some more custom tuning on the EC and TCU for further drivability. Car is running sweet now, with brakes bedded in - lots of dust from the set-up however. Starting to think silver Prets might be a good idea...
  13. Black Prets on mine too! I'm actually thinking of going the other way @Fletch..gti When the car is clean they look spot on, but doesn't take long for brake dust to ruin that!
  14. Another BCS Turbo-back owner here! I echo all the sentiments here about it being a quality system. Admittedly, a cold start is slightly louder than factory, but not in any way obnoxious, just, purposeful? I'll leave a bit of inspiration here... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. Welcome to the forum! Lots of good advice available here. I really like Tornado Red, especially a 3-door too! I wish they shipped 3 doors here in R format ๐Ÿ˜” Look forward to seeing how it progresses!
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