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  1. I did go for the R Estate specifically because it fits my golf clubs, my electric trolley, shoes, and assorted gubbins. The best thing I did was remove the false floor, which means I can get my golfing partner's clubs, and trolley and gubbins in as well. Not as good as my 2009 Skoda Octavia hatchback, in which I could get THREE sets! The new one is even more cavernous but so much bigger I'd need to move house to find a garage I could fit it in.
  2. 19 prets! Blimey! My R only has 4 wheels... 😉
  3. Agreed. It is also too far in so it is difficult to actually get anything in and out. My wife's VW Polo has two usb slots in the Stowage compartment in the lower part of the centre console. The one in the armrest is a real pain to access, even worse than the front one.
  4. A pipe isn't particularly eco. How about a flat cap instead of a pipe?
  5. I recently updated my maps to European Countries – Bundle 1 Updated: : 6/17/19 Since then, my car is very frequently showing the wrong speed limits. It shows 60mph on nearly all dual carriageways, except where there is a lower limit. It often shows 20mph on housing estates where there is no such limit. Today, it suddenly turned to 20mph driving along a 30mph road. There wasn't even one of those school signs that says "20mph when lights flash". Then later it stayed on 40mph despite entering a 30mph zone with visible speed limit signs. It used to have occasional glitches, but that was often down to either a poorly maintained road sign or to a here maps database issue which I corrected by submission. Now it is many times a day. I have checked the here maps database, and it is correct for the roads that my car shows wrongly. Is it just me? Is there a setting I have inadvertently changed (i have looked and failed to find one). I backed up the previous SD card database so will reinstall that if I cannot find out.
  6. Update. SECOND time I have had to put a brand new battery in the same keyfob SINCE the garage replaced it last August. So an average of 6 months per battery. The other one still has the original. No warning the first time, it just stopped working. This time I was playing around with the settings in the car, trying to answer a question in another topic, and spotted it had a low battery warning for the key.
  7. Only poor with huge 20 inch wheels. Great with standard size.
  8. From searches, it seems that there are lowline (straight lines) and highline (bending lines) versions. Mine (July 2017 - 7.5) has factory fitted non-bending lines. However, the manual for my car shows bending lines. VW said that is because the manual is generic, and those are only on cars that have park assist where the car does the steering for you. I believe the side graphic is supposed to indicate to you that this will be the area swept by your car if it reverses with the steering wheel at the current angle. I previously had a Volvo, which had bending lines on the rear view camera image, but they did not match completely with the track taken so they weren't actually helpful either. The factory fitted camera also has a red line at the bottom of the image, and if you stop on that line you'll be a foot or two away from the kerb you are reversing up to. It is like the warning buzzers that go solid when you are still a couple of feet away from a wall. People are scared that this sound means they have touched something. Hence cars hanging out over the front of car park bays.
  9. The windscreen wipers do not EFFECTIVELY wipe the top 4 inches or so (10 cm) on the top left of the passenger side sweep of the blade. It is OK in rain, but if the weather is just dreadful with dirty damp roads and crud chucked up, that bit is always streaky. If I have to wash off dust, it is streaky. I often have a passenger with me, and it is annoying. I've changed my blades initially to Bosch Aerotwins, and recently to PIAA Si-Tech. It hasn't helped.
  10. You can get it online on the vw Web site, but that needs a reasonable Internet connection The golf is the first car I've had for many years that I cannot download a full pdf copy of my manual for offline use. Ie for when I am likely to need it.
  11. I've never seen a welcome to car-net message on my 2017.5 R
  12. AFS Cornering light fault (intermittent until it went in for a service!). Whilst the warning showed every few weeks, the lights all worked correctly when I checked them. Anyway, at service the dealer identified the problem that I had told them about, which needed the front bumper removing to assess. They asked for the car to be booked in at a time when I could potentially leave it for a few days in case the fault was major. When it came to it the fault was quickly identified as needing a new N/S headlamp unit. Out of stock, on back order - one had to come from Germany! Thankfully it arrived in 4 days and was easily fitted. Also thankfully I had one of their few Polo loan cars, so I could actually get my golf gear in for the away competition I was committed to. Sadly, on the next long journey I undertook the Front Assist failed. I suspect that it hadn't been properly attached when they refitted the bumper. It caused the Adaptive Cruise Control to be unavailable. Another visit - the report said that "the radar had fallen out of its bracket". I'm still unsure why the warning message had the tyres in orange. I was very worried when Android Auto came on one day with a very strange display. Turns out I hadn't plugged the usb cable in fully. Whew. Also many silly little fixes having bought the car at 7 months old under the 'DasWeltAuto' second hand warranty scheme.
  13. I got the dealer to fit one when I bought mine. It now has an irritating lifted bit where the muck collects UNDERNEATH IT! Eventually I will get around to replacing it myself. I also bought some film and fitted it to the sills on all 4 doors. The car was only 7 months old, yet it already had scuffs and scratches on the passenger and driver sills. The clear film has hidden them completely, and as you say is easy to wipe clean. Here on ebay Hide Cover Up Scuffs and Scratches Door Sill Guard / Protector Transparent
  14. There is a combined pack available on ebay of 26" and 18" PiAA Si-Tech wiper blades for less than buying them individually https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PIAA-Si-TECH-SILICONE-WIPER-BLADES-SET-VW-GOLF-R-MK7-26-18-The-Best/323784651391?epid=17017580342&hash=item4b6311b27f:g:QM4AAOSwqNxcvEE1
  15. I had already changed to Bosch, and now remember seeing something about PIAA silicon blades elsewhere while I had a previous car. Thanks for the subsequent links. I will get some to try - can't be worse!!!
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