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  1. Might ask them when I pop back for a little test drive Looks nice the grey and black wheel combo.
  2. Its PCR , Peter Cooper Racing , VW Dealers in Southampton (Hedge End , Shirley) , Portsmouth and Chichester. It used to be the Peter Cooper Hedge End , but now it is Prestige Cars along with PCR Not sure if they custom tune or use a generic one. Might have to ask them as im down near there tomorrow as im taking my car in to get an annoying rattle sorted. https://www.prestigecarspc.co.uk/welcome-peter-cooper-racing/
  3. The A45 might be a bit too spicy for me. 300bhp is plenty quick for me. The A45 will be at least 380 and the A45S will be 410+. The A35 seems to tick the boxes for me but just the pricing is silly for what it is trying to compete with. Just middle of the road Joe here with a mortgage and a kid. I brought my R when the little boy was 1 years old. Now he is 3 and I got all that to look forward to.
  4. Bit of a broad statement really. I mean I love cars , but as we are not all multi millionaires here or we wouldn't be pondering about the mentioned above, or let alone plonder about a purchase of a car on forums. Originally I wasn't even considering the R but the right deal came at the right time. I was looking at the GTI and a few other cars back then. I love my R , apart from a few nunaces mentioned over the years , but I got the itch to change and the A35 has pipped my interest. Unfortunately for me and I'm guessing most others here are limited to a various degree on what they can splash our on a car. If money was no object I'll prolly get something like a GTR or a Senna. I consider R owners to be privileged to be in the position to run an R however they have funded it.
  5. Crude but WD40 seem to work well on tar spots.
  6. Well I don't 'need' to change as the R is alright apart from going to the dealers every few months. Yeah cars are a waste of money I get that 100% , but I got a gut feeling that my R will start falling apart after the warranty period. Its about to go for its second thermostat housing and water pump change , and the suspension is starting to do the creaky creaky again. Im totally not going to pay RRP of £46K and will only deal if I get it at least the £38-39K which should be doable. With the value of my R coming at about £20K ish , the cost to change here isn't so bad if I can get a deal say at £38K , which makes that about £18K which is totally doable. However there is the Brexit and depreciation to think about as well,but that's another conversation.
  7. What options did you go for ? I'm considering all the options ticked for mine . But I can't decide on the colour. The yellow that I test drove was just too loud for me and I'm not keen on the black. All the other colours seem to suit the A35 with the aero pack well .. decisions decisions ...
  8. The A45 and the A45 S are not coming until least 2020 and are way over my budget if specced out with the options I like. I.e All ofvthem. The A35 is £46K RRP with all the options ticked so I can't see the A45 being this side of £50k I can't see the Golf R Mk 8 either coming soon and from I have seen it doesn't look promising. I'll see what happens on Friday ... Might have to say good bye to my R which has been pretty good to me apart from the multiple thermostat and water pump issues and squeaky suspension arms .
  9. Forgive me , I have sinned a bit as this weekend I have been testing out the A35. Thoroughly enjoyed the test drive to be honest and the comfort , even with the passive dampers are good. Had the privilege to drive a yellow one in the full premium plus pack with the aero pack, and man do you get some looks when driving around and through the villages. So.…. the question is do I change …. or some of you folks can talk me out of it. Anyways the last few days I have been speccing one up , and I think I will go for a full loaded one to make sense. Not decided on the colour , but I will NOT go for the Yellow or the Black. The blue was winning the race (the colour that I saw on the road that pipped my interest in the 1st place) , but I kinda like the look of the silver version. Anyone gone for an A35 here ? Pros / Cons etc etc. Going to the dealer on Friday to see if we can come to a deal.
  10. Prolly lost about £8-9K in almost 3 years is acceptable for me. Anything over 50% of its value after 3 years is good in books. Like some , i purchased my R in 2016 with loads of optional spec for about £30K. A dealer will take my car as part ex for £21K which isnt too bad and im sure ill get near abouts if i sold it privately. I tend to buy new , and consider the cost to change and if it works out , i go for it.
  11. Might be @Majinvash Red R , as he is around the Fareham area
  12. On my R , i used the Normal Mini Fuse taps to wire mine. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B078BQTBNK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07FM1DTTV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I used that on my missus new car to utilise the OBD instead of going into the fuse box. Depending on what brand of dashcam you are getting , im sure there is a version for it.
  14. Thats a load of horse manure. The blade can be replaced as it can be knocked out by hitting the black bit of the keyblade joining the swing bit. If helps if you have the other key to match it they should be able to cut it without issue at all .
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