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  1. The seats were cloth. Which are pretty nice to be honest. Id prolly keep it with the clothes , don't fancy speccing leathers for £2.6K nor the Akrapovic for £3.1k.
  2. Yeah but I have the usual 4 year itch for a change ... Lets see what the dealers can come back numbers wise. I was pretty open with them saying I can get a good price from DTD and showed the numbers that he needed to get close to.
  3. So then , the car they gave me for a few hours was pretty loaded with the Performance Pack , DCC and Akrapovic exhaust. 1st thing that striked me was the interior seem to work better with the blue and grey inside. But the centre console is a bit dull and naff. This thing is deffo a set up from the 7 / 7.5 in terms of performance. Its just quicker in any situation. Also it is a bit more playful around on the corners and you can actually get it to step out. Not sure if It should do that but the car has Bridgestone Potenza S001 tyres I thinks. Although it did pop and bang, it didn't seem to feel as loud or regular as the Clubsport that I have driven previously, but still mega fun. The DCC options are vast and I would say the most comfortable setting on the Mk8 is even more plush than the Mk7 in Comfort DCC with 19s, but it might be the tyres etc etc. Had a go in that special mode and it seems that you have to do the gears yourself or in sport mode. The only thing I didn't try is launch control, but im sure that will be brutal. Well will I change from my Mk7, unlikely unless I can be persuaded by a good deal. The dealer actually would give me a decent price for my current R actually more than WBAC, however he said the lead times are at least November.
  4. Yeah will do. I usually get to solo on my test drives from this dealer so it’s all good. The only time I think I was accompanied on the drive was when me and the wife was looking at a Skoda lol 😂
  5. So I got a call from the dealer that I didn't recommend (see thread about dealers to recommend or avoid) to come and test drive the 8R this coming Monday. They mentioned that they can give me the car for a few hours on my own to give it a proper test drive. Anyone else test driven the R to sway their decision either way ? I recently test drove the Clubsport and wasn't that impressed to be honest and the interior was pretty bad. So I don't expect the 8R to be any better in the interior but hopefully it will be a lot better drive. It could be a very expensive Monday
  6. Also purchased it after my 3 years had ran out, not had to use it, but its in place for peace of mind as I got a feeling if I don't upgrade to a 8R things will start failing on it. I.e my wing mirror glass fell out a few days ago
  7. I have the gun metal ones on my R. Had them on since I have buckled the OEM Pretoria’s. Still prefer the OEM Pretoria’s but for £500 a set the CM ones are good value.
  8. I specced mine from new and I’m a bit of a sucker for ticking most, if not all the optional extras. My current Mk7 is pretty specced out , almost all options apart from leather and pano roof which both I didn’t want. I’ll prolly have to do the same when ordering my next new car, which if it is an Mk8 R it will cost me. DCC is a must especially on the 19s and it adds another depth to the car.
  9. No Discovery Pro infotainment option on the R configurator as well ...
  10. Looking at them side on , they look pretty bad and doesnt really fill the arches properly. Ones with the Estoril alloys might make it look better.
  11. It didn’t wow me but I didn’t expect it to coming from a R experience. I couldn’t wait to get my R back to be honest. Looks like I’m spoilt by the R sure footedness. Especially for £37K it’s too close to the R in price as well. I think I will need to test the R Mk8 next.
  12. A bit more play with the car , really don't like the buttons on the steering wheel and twice already I have hit the heated steering wheel button. However the shape and the feel of the actual wheel is nice . I think the car I got has no options but they have replaced the standard wheels with some 19" Brescias. The ride on them is not that bad to be honest , but personally I feel if you are getting a Clubsport or R Mk8 get DCC. Also they don't fill the arches that well and look sunk in. The pops and bangs on this car is pretty playful as well as I can pretty much do it on demand and they are certainly a lot louder than my R. I don't like not having a gear lever as I prefer to do the manual shifting on it as opposed to using the paddles. The paddles are a bit more useful vs the standard ones on the Mk7 R. Even when the gearbox is on sport mode , its actually useful now and not revving to the red line in 2nd. The seats are pretty nice and comfy , prolly better than my R cloth sets.
  13. So I got a Clubsport on my drive at the moment .... so a quick drive back from the dealers and yeah it is a familiar place to be with the tech fest going on there. 1st thing on my OCD is how scratch-able the plastics for the Park brake and the centre console, not good. As expected it is so easy to brake traction. (9C and slightly damp here) I do like they have made the throttle response better and actually different in the modes. Ill go and have a bit more play with it shortly. Not sure why they have put some 19 Brescia wheels with Dunlop Maxx tyres instead what it should come with.
  14. I got a GTI Clubsport for a day tomorrow. I think it is a demo car hopefully with most or all the options on it. I dont really have any expectations for as i coming from an R. Ill be prepared to be wowed though. Looking at the vids and reviews , i think the interior will annoy me the most.
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