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  1. Lustral

    Flip key metal blade snapped

    Thats a load of horse manure. The blade can be replaced as it can be knocked out by hitting the black bit of the keyblade joining the swing bit. If helps if you have the other key to match it they should be able to cut it without issue at all .
  2. Lustral

    Flip key metal blade snapped

    Timpsons , £20 , they supply the blade and can cut it for you. Used them recently to cut one for my other Golf key that my missus has bent some how. Works perfectly.
  3. Lustral

    Drive Mode Percentages

    Normal = 60% Individual = 25% - DCC = Comfort Steering = Normal Drive = Normal , but some times Eco Engine Noise = Eco Comfort =7.5% Race = 5% Eco = 2.5%
  4. Lustral

    What will your next car be?

    Possibly the AMG A35 , need to have a drive after the new year to convince me.
  5. I got the usb stick and the wallet last xmas. Both I don't actually use and just sat in my draw. The wallet is nice , but the R logo sticks out and catches on things.
  6. Lustral

    Coolant alert on 66 reg

    Mines going in to replace the thermostat and water pump on Monday when I mentioned about the drop in my coolant on my service last last Friday. They had a TSB out for it and they are doing the work. Mines a 66 plate and clocked about 17K miles now.
  7. Lustral

    Mercedes A35

    I’m very tempted on the A35 from what I have seen. Need to have a proper test drive when they are in the show room next year. The blue colour scheme looks good which I might go for , but it also suits the yellow as well. I’m wondering if I can spec up one how I like for under that £40K mark ...
  8. Lustral

    Android or apple

    iOS user since the days of IOS 2 , ala iPhone 3G. I too work in IT and I have use of both Android , iOS and until recently Blackberry OS. My daily drive is still an iPhone X and my work phone is a iPhone 8 , i tried to use a Samsung S7 Edge for a day and man there is just so much bloatware on the phone itself and it seems to install update after update. For some reason its incremental upgrades for Androids and not the whole package. iOS 12 seems to be a lot better than any previous iOS releases. We use Airwatch MDM at the place that i work and it seems better on the iOS than Android. Im sure its better on a more upto date phone , i.e Note 9 or S9s but for general calls and emails , the iOS seems to have the better experience. Ill buy an Samsung S9 and see if i can use it for at least a day. But i havent enabled the CarPlay option when connected to my R as it doesnt seem to do what i want it to , it seems to restrict a lot of the options when trying to use the infotainment and the iPhone together.
  9. Lustral

    Dashcam in ur R

    Installed one a couple of days getting my R , had the Blackvue DR650S originally but now im running a DR750S Its actually easy to hardwire it all in and can last about 2.5 - 3 days in parking mode.
  10. Lustral

    Car insurance

    Just renewed myself , Aviva £214 full comp , with protected NCD , Legal and Courtesy Car It has gone up £20 compared to last year as I have recently moved home.
  11. Lustral

    Coolant Leak / Thermostat Leak

    If yours is still within warranty , get it booked in and say there is a TSB on it and they will cover it hopefully.
  12. Lustral

    Coolant Leak / Thermostat Leak

    2 years old since yesterday. Mines one of the last Mk7.0s
  13. Lustral

    Coolant Leak / Thermostat Leak

    Mine went in for its second service and they mentioned that there is a TSB for the coolant leak on my R and need the car back on the 15th all day to replace the whole system. FOC as my car is still within warranty
  14. Lustral

    Pet Driving Peeves

    Potholes and Kerbs ... everything else is minor
  15. Never actually braked for me but there has been multiple warnings pop up on on the screen.