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  1. Had my done at home as well, done it all online and booked the appointment time I wanted. The Autoglass Tech was great, done and dusted within 90mins.
  2. I believe it will limit engine power and not brake for you. Also you will have the ability to press the throttle to bypass the limiter. Sometimes you need to accelerate to avoid accidents.
  3. VW price match, get a local independent dealer quote for the same service and VW will under cut. https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/servicing/price-match
  4. My drivers side DRL packed up several months ago it turned out to be the starter/power supply that feeds them that was faulty. Got these replaced (there are 2 per DRL) under warranty and then good as new. My apologies as i am not too sure of the actual name/s of the components.
  5. Michelin Pilot Super Sports at 38psi on 235/35/19 Prets.
  6. Don't forget that VW also price match within 5 miles. I was quoted £647 for main service £329, brake fluid £64, DSG oil change £184 and Haldex oil change £70 at VW Sinclair. Local VW Independent dealer quoted £580, so VW Sinclair done it all for £550.
  7. Gruff

    New Golf R owner

    Hi All, A new Golf R owner here, I've had her nearly 2 weeks and absolutely love it.
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