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  1. Yes, reduced headroom on the 7R, my first had a pano roof and my current one hasn't. The first had noticeably less headroom.
  2. This. Some really good deals to be had on 7.5 Rs now, and nearly new S3s
  3. If I was in a position to be able to afford something like this I'd think I'd probably go for the GTI Clubsport , as much power as my current R , lighter and i think looks good on the 19s.
  4. Yes me at the moment, it started doing it about 3 weeks ago, whenever it is used it stops randomly in different places, but never in the flat position.
  5. Me too. Suddenly the washer bottle will not hold any fluid after the cold snap so a leak has arisen. Need to investigate.
  6. Looking forward to see a review, pics even, of a standard non-performance pack R.
  7. Performance Pack brings two additional driving modes, Drift and Nurburgring Special.
  8. I rate G Kacher very highly, in my opinion he's one of the best motoring journos out there. he gives it 5 stars, basically apart from dodgy touch screen it gets full marks in every way.
  9. CAR magazine - Georg Kacher review , absolutely loves it ! "and for speed, on every kind of road, it's on another level" Average consumption over test 19mpg though 😒
  10. I presume the Sachs and Helix organic clutches are pretty similar, anyone any idea ?
  11. Exactly what I was thinking, lazy, poorly constructed, typos etc.
  12. Those wheels look big on the car, perhaps they are 20s. although no mention of that anywhere in the specs.
  13. What are everyone's thoughts on the wheels, both sizes? Personally I dislike both designs. 18s are too fussy looking and the 19s too spindly with a silly twist !
  14. Looks are definitely not growing on me, the opposite actually , i'm finding them more repulsive the more I see them. Those wheels, oh my days, whoever signed those off...
  15. So after 2 years of having my sound actuator unplugged I decided it was too quiet and fancied a change, so I have re-connected it. BOOM ! Wow, I forgot what its like in Race Mode, the whole cabin becomes a boom box, bass bouncing off every surface, rattles everywhere, the windscreen is literally shaking! I'm currently using Individual Mode with Engine in Sport and Interior Sound in Eco, which is a pretty good compromise, however I fear it may not be long before the plug is pulled, again.
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