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  1. Yes, passenger side worse on mine. I have inserted pieces of black sponge between the door panel and frame, particularly at the bottom by the speaker. It has helped a lot.
  2. Hi folks Twice now in a few days I have had a yellow triangle with exclamation mark inside come up on the MFD upon engine start, no further information displayed and it disappears when i turn the engine on and off . The handbook just states "central warning symbol", does anyone know what it means. Car is driving fine. Thanks.
  3. This. Its been too long, used to do it in my Elise a few years ago, up at crack of dawn and head for the hills, cafe stop for breakkie and then head back home for lunch. Ace.
  4. My previous R had a bad rattle from the sunroof. I used Krytox on the rear rubber seal and this cured it. I had to keep applying the Krytox about once a month. In the summer months I drove with the sunroof tilted about a cm which also cured it.
  5. Early 2016 car, limiter kicks in at around 55 mph in second.
  6. Hi mate what make of battery did Halfords fit please? Update: just looked on website, it is their own make of battery.
  7. Whats the best replacement battery chaps, any recommendations ?
  8. I use a few light swipes of a magic eraser every few months and it works a treat, it doesn't break up the surface of the leather but restores a nice matte finish. In between, every few weeks, I wrap/rub the wheel with a towel soaked in very hot water and wrung out, it brings out the oils from your hands. Never used a conditioner and never felt it necessary.
  9. Disklok made no difference to me either, they still broke in to our house. There have been a few cases by us recently where the scrotes have entered inhabitant's bedrooms demanding keys/codes. For this reason I am still on the fence regarding AWG, the attraction for me is when we go out for a day(s) in my wife's car leaving mine at home.
  10. Unless your partner's had claims !
  11. Pretty happy with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3, usually a few deals on them also.
  12. Just discovered how s**t the standard wiper blades are ! I replaced them with Bosch A864S and oh my god they're amazing compared to the standard ones! About £18 a pair from Ebay sellers and worth every penny.
  13. I would also like to know more about the gunk that clogs the filter, what is it , is it an emulsion where dirty water or other liquid gets mixed together with the oil and spat out? Has anyone got access to a laboratory ? Certainly agree it is a regular service item.
  14. Yes, on mine that cured it, pressing firmly underneath it, but it was obviously difficult to do whilst driving. Sometimes only manifested after a 20 minute drive, so it was a pain in the a**e when i took it to the dealer as their usual test drive wouldn't cause it.
  15. All the houses round by us are 1930s and the garages are slim, save for using a tape measure i don't think a Golf would fit. It it did you would have to climb out the boot ! As you say, 90% of folk tend to use them as storage these days. We have a large chest freezer in ours, courtesy of my wife.
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