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  1. Pretty happy with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3, usually a few deals on them also.
  2. Just discovered how s**t the standard wiper blades are ! I replaced them with Bosch A864S and oh my god they're amazing compared to the standard ones! About £18 a pair from Ebay sellers and worth every penny.
  3. I would also like to know more about the gunk that clogs the filter, what is it , is it an emulsion where dirty water or other liquid gets mixed together with the oil and spat out? Has anyone got access to a laboratory ? Certainly agree it is a regular service item.
  4. Yes, on mine that cured it, pressing firmly underneath it, but it was obviously difficult to do whilst driving. Sometimes only manifested after a 20 minute drive, so it was a pain in the a**e when i took it to the dealer as their usual test drive wouldn't cause it.
  5. All the houses round by us are 1930s and the garages are slim, save for using a tape measure i don't think a Golf would fit. It it did you would have to climb out the boot ! As you say, 90% of folk tend to use them as storage these days. We have a large chest freezer in ours, courtesy of my wife.
  6. I've successfully fixed many irritating "noises" in the cabin of mine, but the latest one has me foxed. Its a buzzing, like a swarm of bees, coming from the carbon look strip on the passenger door. If you tap it with your finger the whole strip buzzes and vibrates. Trouble is its not removable to get behind so i'm at a loss. Grrrrrrr.
  7. I was like that with my last one, the knee airbag was driving me crazy to the point where i would try and take my wife's car everywhere. When i finally managed to find where the rattle was coming from it was a massive sigh of relief....until the passenger a-panel rattle started...
  8. I had the driver's knee airbag rattle in my previous R and it sounded just like what you describe, however it was there all the time. Is it just over rough roads or smooth as well ? Have you tried having a prod around under the steering column when it's doing it, safety permitting obviously.
  9. I think so. Most houses have garages but whether a Golf would fit in is debatable.
  10. 2 more attempted break ins (one successful) in neighboring roads to me for Golf Gtis in the last 3 days. Both were lock snaps. You need 3 star locks and PAS24 handles preferably (we had budget anti-snaps fitted and they got past them easily). I honestly can't believe the extent that this is happening, its really upsetting.
  11. Hi there aren't any Ghost stickers unfortunately. So no clue there is a device fitted.
  12. GAP insurance would cover any financial shortfall if yours is a leased vehicle. Bugger all use if you own the vehicle.
  13. Hi, "how many cars have you heard of that have been stolen or having an attempted theft that had a steering lock fitted?" Me, read post above, have Disklok fitted and other deterrents, it bothered them not a jot and they still broke in (snapping our anti-snap lock).
  14. I saw that CCTV footage, it was in Kings Heath. I am also "on the fence" regarding getting a Ghost. The thefts round by us (also Birmingham area) are getting increasingly more violent so i don't think it would take much for them to run upstairs with weapons demanding the start-up code. We had an attempted break in in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago, 4 masked men who arrived "tooled up", smashed through our front door (including using a chisel to get behind the snap point of our anti-snap lock), gained entry and were only deterred when a neighbour put all their lights on. I had a Disklok on and all the outside lights, CCTV etc you could wish for but it didn't stop them trying.
  15. LV do seem competitively priced, on the whole, but they stick on a high excess to make up for it ! To get anywhere near a good price for me they wanted a £600 excess.
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