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  1. Juicetin

    Door Trim Removal

    Pressing on it fixes the buzzing. It seems like it would be a devil to get off so will try a bit of lube, cheers Edit: from looking at various posts online it looks like the fake carbon trim doesn't actually come off, its stuck on. So lube round the edge may be the only option
  2. Juicetin

    Door Trim Removal

    Hi guys, my passender side carbon look trim where the door handle is housed is buzzing like mad, does anyone know how easy it is to remove? I want to see what's going on underneath and apply some anti rattle felt. Cheers.
  3. Juicetin

    Home & Car Security

    Attempted break in at our house 2 nights ago. The scum x 3 attempted to smash front door lock and handle at 3am, presumably to get at my R. Anti-snap lock held out (just) and prevented entry to the house. Now seriously considering a Ghost, as well as other home security measures.
  4. Juicetin

    Clutch slipping at 23,000

    Hi MassMassa, can you give your impressions of the Helix please. I am considering one. Is it jerky, stuttery, how heavy is it etc. Many thanks.
  5. Juicetin

    'Racing Green' Golf R

    Thats really interesting. I wonder how many will opt for Curry Yellow or Traffic Purple ! I'd like to see Irish Green in the flesh.
  6. Juicetin

    How old are we all?

    Another 47
  7. Juicetin

    Cross climate + tyres

    I loved the feel of the F1's at 38psi but couldn't stand every bit of dash and door trim buzzing over every road surface. Its a fine line, I'm now at 36.5psi and all is pretty quiet but the trade off is some of the "dullness" having come back.
  8. Juicetin

    Cross climate + tyres

    I'm running F1 Assy 3's and agree with all of the above. What does "no difference to MPG so far, but marginally better" mean ? Due to a noticeable "dullness" to the driving experience presumably caused by softer compound and softer sidewalls, I inflated them to 38psi and this resulted in a big improvement, the driving experience felt "sharper". Unfortunately it also resulted in a large number of vibrations/rattles/buzzing in the cabin which I couldn't tolerate so i've dropped them back down again.
  9. Juicetin

    BMW M140i or GOLF R

    I'll start...how much quicker did the BMW feel in a straight line ?
  10. Juicetin

    How would your rate the Golf R?

    Think I'm a bad luck guy with rattles. My MK5, MK6 and MK7 GTIs all suffered with relentless ones and my MK7 R is barely any better. VW took my door apart a while ago to fix the window mechanism and it's rattled ever since.
  11. Juicetin

    How would your rate the Golf R?

    I'll go with an 7.5 I would like it to be a bit more fun and "edgy" (but accept the fact it isn't aimed at the likes of hardcore Civic Type R etc) I would like throttle response to be a tad keener (but it is an improvement on the GTI) I would like more exhaust noise I would like all the rattles, creaks and buzzing in the cabin to go away I would like the Mk5/6 GTI steering wheel or Audi S-Line
  12. Juicetin

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    Mine is 2016 and has done 15k miles and it was clogged with gunk. Midland VW said they had seen similar results with as lower mileage as 10k.
  13. Juicetin

    Interior rattle / rear armrest ?

    Underneath the centre arm rest, unclip and take off the black plastic cover and you will see another smaller black plastic cover underneath it. This can rattle, it does on mine and have put a couple of pieces of blu tack underneath to secure it, then put the top plastic cover back on.
  14. Juicetin

    4th Year / 40k Miles Service

    Out of interest, I asked Midland VW last Saturday what they charge for the 4th year major service as mine is due next year....£250 all in. Seems very reasonable.
  15. Juicetin

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    March 2016. Have to say I'm surprised it was so bad. Really impressed with Midland VW, super knowledgeable and professional.