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  1. Brilliant write up...thanks for this👍
  2. What did you get as a replacement?
  3. Put my new pretoria alloys on😁
  4. Not often you see these sort of things...nice touch sir👍
  5. Car actually sits quite nice on them👍 I really need to get mine lowered..so much nicer👌
  6. Well that answers that question....this has been driving me insane for the past few weeks😂
  7. Ok..thanks for the info👍
  8. I understand...no worries...as i say they will be going in the classifieds soon hopefully👍
  9. Wasnt intending these to gain any interest here..will be posting them in the classifieds as and when I decide to sell. Apologies for any wrongdoings👍
  10. Ill wait until theyre off the car and then decide what im going to do with them once ive got them cleaned up. Thanks for the recommendation for paisley freight as well👍
  11. Best thing to do is wait until I can get them off the car and get them cleaned up. Ill post some pics of them and see where were at price wise? What sort of price were you guys thinking out of curiosity?
  12. Haha...to be honest guys id have kept them myself but im thinking a wee holiday is in order soon and might use these to offset the cost of the prets.
  13. Bit far for a set of wheels to be honest😂. I can post them just paranoid about them potentially getting damaged in transit🙈
  14. Ahhh ok..never gave that a thought...i might just disconnect it to be honest and that way ill know for sure. Thanks very much for the input...much appreciated👍
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