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  1. done my rear tyre tonight in a pothole nice inch tear / pinch against the rim , space saver until tomorrow and of course £160 lighter
  2. had mine done today at clp automotive sheffield £90 happy enough with that
  3. Fantastic mate park up get to you room get on it then bed and you're there I love going on the boat
  4. Good place to stay is Pyrenees motorcycle tours on French side of Pyrenees they can sort you good routes to ride fantastic accommodation food beer etc col aubisque and col d aspin need to be ridden as well
  5. Did Portsmouth to Bilbo very similar so if you're in that neck of the woods the n260 jaca to pamplona is a must one of best roads in Europe
  6. had a 1098s myself 2007
  7. I'm not a fan of riding in the cold but been all over Europe over the last 15 years on bikes got africa twin adventure sport now ideal for steady rides going to do norway in the next couple of years probably do nc500 this year
  8. cochem germany is fantastic stop over place on way back fantastic town fantastic roads and fairly close to the ring
  9. july is fine most of the alps will be quiet it really is august thats busy as europeans have shut downs in august , late july will avoid most snow only pass shut when i went 20 th july 2 year ago was col du galibier , col du llseran snow on top but roads clear
  10. im meant to be doing 2 weeks on the bike to dolomites but im thinking doing it in the car would be amazing in this car
  11. might add id avoid switzerland as too expensive and ridiculously insane speeding fines
  12. combe laval in the alps is stunning the passes are good but keep some time for black forest region lovely driving roads most roads are better than the b500 italian dolomites are epic
  13. August can busy round Europe due to their holidays July or September is the way to go been touring Europe for years on bikes
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